Look No More! 39 Report Card Comments for Attendance

It’s report card time, and you’re seeking report card comments for attendance.

You’ve landed in the right place.

It’s frustrating dealing with habitual tardiness, absenteeism, or irregular attendance from a student, and documenting the occurrences can be even more stressful.

These report card comments for attendance will save you time and frustration while communicating exactly what you need to express regarding the punctuality and attendance of students.

You will surely find these remarks for good and poor attendance helpful.

Attendance Report Card Comments

Following you will find a variety of report card comments for attendance habits.

  • _____ is always punctual to class.
  • _____ has excessive absences which are causing a reduction in quality work.
  • I encourage _____ to arrive to class on time so that he doesn’t miss bell work.
  • _____ frequently arrives late from lunch and/or other classes.
  • I am concerned about _____ lateness. He must arrive prior to the bell as his tardiness causes disruption.
  • _____ is regularly on time for class.
  • _____ has so much potential. However, frequent absences and lack of consistent work have affected his progress significantly.
  • _____ is purposely late to class.
  • Though ______ is given plenty of opportunities to complete missed assignments due to absences and/or tardiness, he rarely takes the time to do so. 
  • _____ is frequently late to class and misses important morning work exercises. 
  • I recommend that ______ develop a habit of punctuality. 
  • _____ is often late for class, and this is causing his grades to slide quickly.
  • Though _____ has a final grade of (insert grade) in (insert subject area), this mark is not reflective of her potential and is a direct result of numerous absences.
  • _____ ‘s frequent late arrivals to class are often a distraction to others.
  • Excessive absences are having an adverse effect on your child’s grades.
  • ______ minimal progress in (insert subject area) is the result of frequent absences.
  • I am concerned about ______ progress in the area of (insert subject area) due to frequent absences this past quarter/semester.
attendance report card comments
report card comments for attendance
  • _____ poor attendance has resulted in a poor grade in (insert subject).
  • The quality of ______ work is affected by frequent absences. 
  • ______ is often absent or late during test days, and this is affecting his academic progress significantly.
  • Numerous absences this semester have negatively impacted _____ because she often fails to turn in missed work.
  • _____ may require after-school tutoring to make up for too many missed days.
  • Regular attendance is essential for _____ in meeting her SMART goals.
  • _____ has perfect attendance!
  • Let’s meet next week to discuss solutions to _____ frequent absences/tardies.
  • _____ has outstanding attendance.
  • Though _____ hasn’t yet reached (insert learning objective), her stellar attendance record reflects her dedication to achieving her academic goals. 
  • _____ has an excellent attendance record. 
  • Although her absences are medically excused, the missed work has still had a negative impact on her work performance. 
  • _____ attendance has improved significantly.
  • _____ arrives to class on time.
  • _____ has been absent (insert percentage) percent of all school days this year resulting in low work performance.
  • _____ deserves a class reward for perfect attendance!
  • Even when _____ is absent, she always seeks missed work the day she returns.
  • _____ is a recently-enrolled student, and her attendance has been great.
  • _____ has had perfect attendance this quarter/semester.
  • Even though _____ has had several absences this semester, he has submitted missed work on time.
  • _____ is having a hard time completing missed work assigned when he was absent.
  • _____ excused absences due to medical reasons will allow her work performance from this quarter to be assessed at a later date. 
  • _____ misses valuable information when absent.

Attendance Report Card Comments: Q & A

How do you encourage student attendance?

To encourage student attendance, incentivize showing up to class on time by giving positive reinforcement such as rewards.

Also, don’t “reward” tardiness by starting lessons late or waiting to begin the class until every student is present.

Final Thoughts: Report Card Comments for Attendance

Now you have a ready supply of attendance report card comments that save time and frustration.

Remember to pair these remarks on attendance with encouraging comments and clear next steps.

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