Look No More! 25 Report Card Comments for Attendance

Your search for attendance report card comments ends here.

You’ve got a deadline to meet, and you have zero time to waste searching for the “just right” words to say to parents.

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It can be frustrating dealing with habitual tardiness or absenteeism from a student, and documenting the occurrences can be even more stressful.

But as educators, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do, right?

This post is my file of school attendance report card comments – save yourself some time by not reinventing the wheel.

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Comments on Attendance and Punctuality for Students

  • ______ has so much potential. However, frequent absences and lack of consistent work has affected his progress significantly.
  • ________ poor attendance has resulted in a poor grade in (insert any subject).
  • The quality of ______ work is affected by frequent absences. 
  • I highly encourage _________ to arrive to class on time so that he doesn’t miss bell work.
  • ________ is regularly on time for class.
  • I am concerned about ________ lateness. He must arrive prior to the bell as his tardiness causes disruption.
  • ________ is a recently-enrolled student, and her attendance has been great.
  • I am concerned about _______ progress in the area of (insert any subject area) due to frequent absences this past quarter/semester.
  • _____ is frequently late to class and misses important morning work exercises. 
  • Though ______ is given plenty of opportunities to complete missed assignments due to absences and/or tardiness, he rarely takes the time to do so. 
  • ________ has had perfect attendance this quarter/semester.
  • Even though _______ has had several absences this semester, he has submitted missed work on time.
  • Although her absences are medically excused, the missed work has still had a less-than-positive impact on her work performance. 
  • ______ excused absences due to medical reasons will allow her work performance from this quarter to be assessed at a later date. 
  • _______ attendance has improved significantly.
  • _________ is a very smart child. I am concerned, however, that he is often absent or late during test day and this is affecting his academic progress significantly.
  • _______ numerous absences this semester are even more profound as she often fails to turn in missed work.

More Attendance Remarks

  • Regular attendance is essential for ________ in understanding the learning concepts well.
  • ______ has outstanding attendance.
  • _______ minimal progress in (insert any subject area) is the result of frequent absences.
  • Though _________ has a final grade of (insert grade) in (insert subject area), this mark is not reflective of her potential and is a direct result of her numerous absences.
  • Excessive absences are having an adverse effect on your child’s grades.
  • _____ has an excellent attendance record. 
  • I recommend that ______ develop a habit of punctuality. 
  • Though _______ hasn’t yet reached (insert any relevant learning objective), her stellar attendance record reflects her dedication to achieving her academic goals. 
  • ________ Is often late for class, and this is causing his grades to slide quickly.

A Few Tips for Drafting Report Card Comments for Attendance

Write in an encouraging tone.

Some kids are frequently absent or tardy for serious reasons, and we want to be sensitive to that. Write in a tone that’s positive and hopeful.

Ensure parents that you’re looking out for their child’s best interest, and you appreciate all the efforts they’re giving to have the child in class regularly and on time.


If your administration doesn’t normally take a look at your attendance report card comments before delivery to parents, have a trusted colleague review your comments before submission.

Though we’re human, glaring errors, even 2 to 3, communicate poorly, and more than anything gives the impression that the teacher didn’t carefully read through the comments before sharing.

What has worked really well for me is to write all of my comments, let them marinate for a day or two, and then proofread them with fresh eyes. Works like a charm!

Highlight next steps.

When delivering not-so-cheery news, always couple it with an actionable next step. We want parents to know that we’re always reaching towards solutions plus focused on progress. That’s key!

If you have chronic late or absent student, it might be a good idea to speak with the counselor to determine how best to move forward with communicating to parents about the issue.

Or if you’d rather do some creative problem-solving yourself first, test out these practical solutions to chronic absenteeism and lateness.

Note what you’re doing to support the student.

When students are absent or late often, they miss valuable instruction and assignments.

Catching up is no fun for them or you, so if you’re one to do so, make the “making up missed work” process as seamless as possible.

Here’s what I do…

As one of my classroom helper jobs, I had a substitute helper.

He or she is responsible for collecting and organizing all missed work of any student who is absent; the work is placed in a designated folder.

Once the student returns to school, the substitute helper makes sure the child receives the work.

Now of course you’ll monitor this process, but it’s nice to share with parents that you do have a procedure in place to get their child caught up.

Report Card Comments for Struggling Students

Sometimes, those students who have a hard time regularly attending class or arriving to class on time struggle academically.

If that’s a situation that you often run into (I’m sure you eventually will if you haven’t already), it’s essential to have report card comments on hand for learners working below grade level.

Report card comments for attendance and those for students who are weak in some areas make a good match.

Wrapping Up – Report Card Comments for Attendance

This quick, meaningful list of report card comments for attendance saves time and headache.

Pair these attendance remarks with encouraging comments and clear next steps.

Now you’re all set!

To save even more time, check out my entire collection of report card comments for elementary students.

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