25 Great RAFT Writing Prompts

Integrate writing and reading in a non-traditional way using RAFT writing prompts.

These writing assignments provide students context for writing purposefully and fluently for an audience.

What Is the RAFT Strategy?

The RAFT technique, great for both fiction and nonfiction texts, aims to demonstrate what students know about a topic.

This flexible method helps students to understand their role as a writer, the audience they will address, the format in which they will write, and the topic that they will share.

The RAFT writing strategy helps students understand content from various points of view and present the information in many formats.

Approaching writing this way prompts students to analyze concepts, ideas, or events through different lenses and voices.

What Does RAFT Stand For?

  • R stands for Role. – Who is the writer’s voice, and what is her/his point of view?
  • A stands for Audience. – To whom is the writer writing?
  • F stands for Format. – What form will the writing take?
  • T stands for Topic. – What’s the subject of this piece of writing?

RAFT Writing Prompts

RAFT writing prompts are written assignments that encourage students to write about topics from a perspective other than their own.

RAFT writing prompts engage critical thinking and creativity as students use their imaginations plus knowledge to mold information in new ways.

Following you will find many great RAFT writing prompt examples.

Example #1

Role: Butterfly

Audience: Flower

Format: Book report

Topic: Life cycle of a butterfly

Writing Prompt: Write a book report from the viewpoint of a butterfly that explains to a flower a butterfly’s life cycle from egg to adult.

Example #2

Role: Travel Guide

Audience: Tourists to your city

Format: Tourist Guide

Topic: The best sights to see in your city

Writing Prompt: Create a travel guide that highlights must-see locations in your city to current and prospective tourists.

Example #3

Role: Student

Audience: Pen Pal

Format: Friendly letter

Topic: Getting to know you

Writing Prompt: Draft a friendly letter that introduces yourself and asks questions about the pen pal’s life, hobbies, interests, etc.

Example #4

Role: Presidental Candidate

Audience: Country’s citizens

Format: Speech

Topic: Issues that will be solved if elected

Writing Prompt: Write a convincing presidential campaign speech that outlines what types of issues the candidate is promising to solve if elected. Mention any prior experience that supports his or her position.

Example #5

Role: Pet Owner

Audience: Local Community

Format: Lost Dog Advertisement

Topic: Dog is missing and owner needs help finding

Writing Prompt: Create a “missing dog” ad that provides characteristics of the dog and tells what reward will be given to the person who finds it.

Example #6

Role: Teacher

Audience: Parent

Format: Kind Note

Topic: Child’s good behavior in school this week

Writing Prompt: Write a kind note to a parent of a child who has demonstrated good behavior at school all week.

Example #7

Role: Restaurant

Audience: Patron

Format: Menu

Topic: Special of the Day

Writing Prompt: From the perspective of a restaurant, persuade patrons to purchase the delicious “special of the day”. Describe all parts of the meal.

Example #8

Role: They’re

Audience: Student

Format: Comic

Topic: understanding the differences between and how to use these homophones their, they’re, and there.

Writing Prompt: Sketch and label a comic that explains the differences among the homophones their, they’re, and their.

Example #9

Role: Cloud

Audience: Lightning

Format: Legend

Topic: The origins of lightning

Writing Prompt: Write a legend that explains the origins of lightning from the viewpoint of a cloud.

Example #10

Role: Bed

Audience: Pillow

Format: How-To-Guide

Topic: How to make a bed

Writing Prompt: Draft a how-to-manual that explains in detail how to make a bed.

Example #11

Role: Astronaut

Audience: NASA

Format: Scientific Log

Topic: Making entries about each planet you visit while in space

Writing Prompt: Make a scientific log that details key information that you gather after visiting a planet.

Example #12

Role: Poet

Audience: Student

Format: Poem

Topic: How to use figurative language to bring writing to life

Writing Prompt: Write a poem that teaches students how to use figurative language such as similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, etc. to bring clarity to writing.

Example #13

Role: Library

Audience: First-Grade Classroom

Format: Book Recommendation

Topic: Type of book that would be great on a first-grade classroom shelf

Writing Prompt: From the viewpoint of a library, share a good book recommendation that should be checked out for a first-grade classroom.

Example #14

Role: Flower

Audience: Sun

Format: Love Letter

Topic: Showing gratitude and appreciation

Writing Prompt: As a flower, draft a heartfelt letter to the sun, thanking it for giving you growth and life.

Example #15

Role: Student

Audience: Classmate

Format: Post-It Note Response

Topic: After-school plans

Writing Prompt: Outline or scribble on a post-it note your after-school plans. Ask if your classmate would like to join you.

Example #16

Role: Letter E

Audience: Letter Z

Format: Book of Positive Affirmations

Topic: Seeing your value even if not greatly used

Writing Prompt: Make a book of positive affirmations that encourages the letter z to be thankful for his contributions to the alphabet system. Emphasize the fact that lower usage does not equate to less value.

Example #17

Role: Earth

Audience: Moon

Format: Reader’s Theater Script

Topic: Characteristics of the eight planets

Writing Prompt: From the perspective of Earth, draft a fun reader’s theater script that teaches the moon about the characteristics of the eight planets.

Example #18

Role: Waterfall

Audience: Tree

Format: Interview

Topic: Life story and a typical day in your life

Writing Prompt: Generate a list of interview questions (with responses) that you would ask a tree if you were a waterfall. What is a typical day like in its life? What is its life story?

Example #19

Role: Elf

Audience: Rudolph the Reindeer

Format: Biography

Topic: Santa’s life from birth to now

Writing Prompt: From the viewpoint of an elf, tell Rudolph Santa’s life story, starting from the day Santa was born up until the time he became Mr. Claus.

Example #20

Role: Notepad

Audience: Pencil

Format: Grocery List

Topic: Ingredients needed for a Thanksgiving feast

Writing Prompt: Create a grocery list from the viewpoint of a notepad that includes everything needed to make a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner.

Example #21

Role: Journalist

Audience: Senior Citizens

Format: News Article

Topic: Attendance at a local event this weekend

Writing Prompt: Draft a news article informing and inviting senior citizens of the local community to a special event this weekend.

Example #22

Role: Square

Audience: Cube

Format: Email

Topic: Reaching out to a “relative”

Writing Prompt: Write an email from the viewpoint of a square that reaches out to a “relative” it hasn’t spoken to in a while explaining how they are connected.

Example #23

Role: House Plant

Audience: Self

Format: Diary Entry

Topic: Day without sunlight

Writing Prompt: Write a diary entry from the perspective of an indoor plant sharing its day without any sunlight.

Example #24

Role: Ant

Audience: Sloth

Format: Motivational Speech

Topic: Tips for being more productive

Writing Prompt: Produce a motivational speech from the perspective of an ant that offers tips to sloths on being more productive on a daily basis.

Example #25

Role: Human Body

Audience: Junk Food

Format: Complaint

Topic: Effects of a poor diet

Writing Prompt: Write a complaint about the negative effects of junk food on the body. Explain how junk food changes the body.

Final Thoughts On RAFT Writing Prompts

Students improve their writing skills, creativity, and critical thinking skills when using the RAFT method.

These RAFT writing prompts provide students with opportunities to put into practice this meaningful writing technique.

So try a few of them in writer’s workshop soon.

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