51 Great Quick Writing Ideas

If you’re looking to integrate writing into your lessons but have limited time, try a few of these helpful quick writing ideas.

With everything a teacher has to do in a day, it can be hard to pencil in a few moments of writing time.

Add to that students who constantly never know what to write about.

Well, now your problems are resolved!

Using these helpful quick writing ideas, students will be able to generate topics for writing and begin producing content much faster.

Writer’s block will be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

What’s more, these quick writing ideas spark the imagination, improve writing skills, and help students pull the words in their minds onto paper.

So add these quick writing ideas to your collection of writing activities.

Quick Writing Ideas

1. If you were put in charge of planning the school’s lunch menu, which healthy foods would you serve each day?

2. Explain how music is a form of art. 

3. Imagine that spiders take over the world. What types of things will they make humans do?

4. Describe the flag of your country or state.

5. What type of adventures and challenges will you face if you become a frog for one day?

6. If you could eliminate any school rule, which would you choose and why?

7. Share, step by step, how to build something.

8. Describe jealously. Provide examples of what this emotion looks like in action.

9. Tell a memory of when you were disappointed in yourself. How did you make yourself feel better?

10. Summarize your favorite indoor recess game.

11. Tell ways to give more recognition to unappreciated individuals.

12. Why do we celebrate holidays? What is the significance of doing so?

13. Devise an action plan for selling snacks after school. 

14. Write the pros and cons of being polite towards a bully.

15. What would you do if you found a treasure buried in your backyard?

16. Should students be required to help raise money for a local charity? Why or why not?

17. What traits would make you a great news reporter? Explain.

18. From your knowledge, what are the benefits of reading daily?

19. What would persuade someone to move to your city? Explain. 

20. Write a guide about how to prepare for a spelling test. 

21. What are the pros and cons of distance learning?

22. Explain step-by-step, how to conduct a science experiment. 

23. How does a list of quick writing ideas help one to generate words for writing?

24. Explain how to use context clues to define unfamiliar words. 

25. Come up with solutions for preventing residents from littering. 

26. Do you think state testing is necessary? Why or why not?

27. Write about a fun memory from Spirit Week last school year. 

28. Tell about an April Fool’s Day joke that you played on a friend.

29. Share a memorable moment from the school’s talent show this year or last.

30. Create a how-to guide for the substitute teacher so that she is well-prepared for the day. 

31. Explain why many people prefer junk food over healthy food. What tips can you give to help them make better choices?

32. Describe your favorite place in the whole world. 

33. Write a how-to guide that offers tips for how to calm down when angry.

34. What recommendations would you give to the teacher for rearranging the desks?

35. Draft a diary entry from the point of view of a mosquito. 

36. Share some ways that fractions are around us. 

37. Tell what life would be like if everything was made of candy. 

38. Share your greatest achievement in the last year. 

39. Explain how to memorize basic math facts quickly.

40. Write a new section or chapter of your favorite book.

41. In what ways can you give back to your community?

42. Why do you think people sometimes use humor to lighten a situation?

43. Share the funniest sitcom or cartoon you’ve ever watched.

44. Describe yourself using only positive characteristics.

45. Would you rather be a pro athlete or a professional singer? Why?

46. Write about a time when you tried to impress someone by making a joke. What was the result?

47. What’s the best way to spend a gloomy-weathered day?

48. What does it mean to have a good sense of humor?

49. Write a love letter to your favorite article of clothing.

50. Share everything you know about zoos.

51. Which is more hectic…your morning or afternoon routine? Explain.

Final Thoughts On Quick Writing Ideas

If you’re seeking writing prompts to inspire, you’ll discover that these creative, quick writing ideas will serve you well.

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