61 Great Quick Write Prompts for Students

Help students generate ideas quickly using these helpful quick write prompts.

Quick writing prompts are sentence starters that help jump-start students’ writing.

These prompts spark reactions in the mind of writers so that they can brainstorm ideas more fluidly.

What’s more, quick write prompts stimulate thinking, develop confidence in writers, focus students, frame writing, and eliminate the issue of students not having any ideas to write about.

Utilizing these quick writing prompts, students will write for 2 to 3 minutes. Afterward, they’ll have a seed that they can fully develop in a later writing piece.

Enjoy using these helpful quick write prompts with students to kick-start their writing.

Quick Write Prompts

These good quick-write prompts engage even the most reluctant writers!

1. Describe a place where you feel safe.

2. What is something you have a hard time tolerating and why?

3. Share three of your strengths and one weakness. Describe how you can improve on your weakness.

4. Tell about a day in your life that you will never forget.

5. Explain why you like your favorite music.

6. Write about a time when you felt left out.

7. Describe three qualities that you absolutely love about yourself.

8. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would you change and why?

9. What things make you happy?

10. Describe your favorite board game.

11. Share a lesson you learned from a mistake made in the past.

12. Explain your favorite hobby.

13. Describe your after-school routine.

14. What is the most important thing you do every day? Why do you think this?

15. Share your action plan for reaching any big goals this year.

16. Tell about your favorite spot in your home.

17. Would you rather have really long legs or really long arms? Why?

18. How are you similar and different from your best friend?

19. Write about an odd dream you had recently.

20. What would cause you not to be friends with someone any longer?

21. Share an embarrassing moment.

22. If you could choose one season to live in for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

23. Would you rather sleep in a hammock or a sleeping bag? Why?

24. What physical trait do you most like about yourself and why?

25. Write about what makes you special or unique.

26. Describe a teacher that has had the greatest influence on you.

27. What fond memory stands out in your mind?

28. Share a memory of when you felt proud.

29. How do you work together with someone who likes to do things differently?

30. What is your favorite class or subject? Why?

31. Describe what you think your life might be like when you’re 100.

32. Tell a memory of when you were frightened.

33. Summarize your favorite brain break activity.

34. If you could make changes to your neighborhood, what would they be and why?

35. Share a memory of the best school field trip that you’ve ever experienced.

36. Describe the best place to relax.

37. Write about a fun memory in P.E. class.

38. So far, what has been your favorite year in school? Explain why.

39. What makes a good friend?

40. Describe a very delicious snack.

41. In what ways have you changed over the past year?

42. Describe excitement. Give examples of what this emotion looks like.

43. What does a cafeteria sound like during lunchtime?

44. Write about what a typical weekend is like with your family.

45. Retell the funniest joke you have ever heard.

46. Share a hidden talent.

47. Describe your favorite place to play or hang out.

48. What things annoy you most? How do you deal with these annoyances?

49. In what ways have you changed since the beginning of the school year?

50. Share the benefits of utilizing quick write prompts.

51. If you had to go a week without any technological devices, how would you keep yourself entertained?

52. Describe a circus to someone who has never seen one.

53. What’s your favorite day of the week and why?

54. How does your mood change throughout the day?

55. Write about a time when you struggled with something new.

56. Tell about one of the most beautiful scenes you have witnessed in nature.

57. Share a time when you felt confident.

58. If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

59. Describe what your city looks like on a rainy afternoon.

60. What’s the kindest thing you’ve done for someone?

61. Which season is your favorite and why? 

Final Thoughts: Quick Write Prompts

Using these quick writing prompts, students will no longer worry about what to write. They’ll be so engaged with pulling words from their minds.

If you found these quick write prompts helpful, download this quick write prompts writing paper.

It’s a convenient way for students to record their quick writes.