Quick Report Card Comments for Kindergarten Students

It’s time to write kindergarten report card comments. 

Demonstrate how well your kindergarteners mastered social and academic skills this school year using this quick list of remarks – written especially with the kindergarten teacher in mind. 

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Quick Report Card Comments for Kindergarten

  • _____ is able to retell the main idea of a story that’s been read aloud.
  • _____ stands quietly in line.
  • _____ listens the first time instructions are given. 
  • _____ identifies numbers from 0 to 20.
  • _____ can write numbers 0 to 20. 
  • _____ has no issue sharing materials, such as blocks and crayons. 
  • _____ demonstrates a good grip when holding a pencil or crayon.
  • _____ takes turns. 
  • _____ regularly plays fairly with peers. 
  • _____ separates from a parent or caregiver with ease. 
  • _____ knows his/her address and phone number. 
  • _____ demonstrates letter/sound relationships.
  • _____ spells simple words independently using pre-phonetic knowledge.
  • _____ writes from left to right of page, top to bottom. 
  • _____ can spell his/her first and last name.
  • _____ is able to count by 1s until 100 is reached. 
  • _____ skip counts by 10 until 100. 
  • _____ shows an interest in reading. 
  • _____ comprehends concepts of time such as tomorrow, today, and yesterday.
  • _____ has knowledge of the basic colors of pink, red, white, blue, yellow, orange, green, and black.
  • _____ writes consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words.
  • _____ adds numbers with sums up to 10. 
  • _____ knows how to complete subtraction facts with numbers 0 to 10. 
  • _____ consistently follows 3-step instructions such as line up, grab your pencil, and choose a book.
  • _____ follows classroom rules.
  • _____ struggles (or does well with) paying attention for short periods of time.
  • _____ cuts along a line with scissors. 
  • _____ ignores the teacher or aide when he/she is giving directions. 
  • _____ can recognize and point out basic shapes. 
  • _____ uses oral, written, or drawing communication to express an opinion. 
  • _____ is able to recognize and record the letters of the alphabet in both lowercase and uppercase forms. 
  • _____ excels in the area of (insert any kindergarten standard).
  • _____ has made significant progress in the area of…
  • _____ is struggling with (insert any kindergarten standard).
  • _____ has improved tremendously in the area of …
  • _____ needs improvement in the area of…

Tips for Drafting Kindergarten Report Card Comments

As you draft your kindergarten report card comments, consider adding qualifiers and/or adjectives that make each statement more or less positive.

Examples of qualifiers to use with kindergarten comments…

  • Easily 
  • Has difficulty
  • Shows limitations with…
  • Rarely
  • Routinely
  • Typically
  • Frequently
  • Occasionally
  • ______ struggles to (insert any grade-appropriate task).

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Remarks and Phrases for Kindergarten Students

You’ll all set to save time and still have quality report card comments for your kindergarten learners using this quick list.