Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Could Base Your Students’ Academic Progress, Growth, & Success On More Than a One-Time Performance State Test?

The Quick Assessments Toolkit is a collection of creative informal assessments and data tracking tools that authentically measure elementary learners’ academic progress over time.

No more relying solely on a one-time performance state test.

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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


You have students who work hard and perform well in your class but do poorly on the state test.

To make matters worse, some students who hardly put forth effort end up doing well on the state test.


You and your students sometimes feel anxious, low, like a failure, and on the brink of a break down…

Because their success and yours will be measured primarily by how well they perform on the state test.


You’re itching to measure your learners’ growth, and proficiency throughout the year using alternative forms of assessment.

However, for whatever reason, you end of just “teaching to the test”.

Imagine Being Able to Authentically Measure Your Learners’ Academic Growth All Year WITHOUT Relying Solely on a One-Time Formal Assessment…

Quick informal assessments that you can use daily, weekly, and monthly to measure real growth and effort

Instant data to help guide your instruction so that your students are continuously improving

On-going feedback for students so that they know exactly in which areas they need reinforcement

Motivated students who take pride in being in the driver’s seat of the learning process

A collection of authentic classroom documentation that proves that your learners are truly succeeding


Quick Assessments Toolkit

A collection of kid-friendly informal assessment tools to easily measure academic progress and proficiency during the school year so that you have a comprehensive view of what they know beyond a state test

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What Makes the Quick Assessments Toolkit Different?


Any Curriculum

Kid-friendly informal assessment templates, exit tickets, checklists, and rubrics for any curriculum.

All Subjects

Ready-to-use templates for use with reading, writing, math, science, or social studies material.

Growth Focused

These templates highlight academic growth, progress, and success beyond “teaching to the test”.

Track Data

Data tracker sheets plus anecdotal note templates help you and students document progress all year.

By Using the Quick Assessments Toolkit, You’ll Have…

  • A collection of authentic classroom data that supports the teaching and learning process.
  • Ongoing, real-time assessments to measure progress over time, not just a one-time performance.
  • Powerful data that can be used to guide instruction through differentiation.
  • A rounded view of what your elementary students actually know BEYOND the results of a standardized test.
  • Instant results revealing what they “took away” from the lesson so that you can target areas of reinforcement.
  • The ability to easily track students’ academic progress and success daily, weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly so that improvement plus growth is an on-going process.
  • Students who are accountable for their learning so that they realize that they, too, are in the driving seat of the learning process.

Here’s What’s Inside…

Student Data Tracker Sheets

(Value $9)

Using these charts, learners document their progress at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.  A reflection journal helps them to reflect on strengths and weaknesses.

The end-of-year portfolio template guides learners in collecting evidence to support and celebrate their academic acheivements. All of these data tracking tools keep students accountable and you in-the-know!

Exit Ticket Templates

(Value $9)

25+ creative and quick exit ticket templates that take no more than 5-7 minutes to complete and provide you with instant data.

Included are self-reflection assessments, emoji exit tickets, reader response sentence starters, prompts, general templates for use with any subject, plus more! Use any of them right away in your next lesson!

Informal Assessment Templates

(Value $15)

55 templates that you can easily bake into your guided reading or guided math lesson. Templates include choice boards, reader response bookmarks, anticipation guides, graphic organizers, and more!

All give you a snapshot of what they “took away” from the lesson. This data serves as great documentation to use for parent-teacher conferences.

Rubrics & Checklists

(Value $10)

20+ kid-friendly rubrics/checklists for independent reading, literacy centers, retelling, narrative writing, 6+1 Traits of Writing, math problem solving, and conduct, just to name a few.

These assessments guide students in reviewing their work for grade-level expectations along with helping them to self-reflect on how they can improve academically.

Literature Circle Role Assessment Templates

(Value $12)

20 literature circle role templates for students to demonstrate their application of reading and writing skills while working independently or within a book club.

Roles include Inference Detective, News Reporter, Math Specialist, and Sketch Artist plus lots more! This is great data to have on hand when planning for future instruction.

Did Someone Say Bonuses?

Student Awards

What’s the fun in documenting progress if you don’t celebrate the wins?!  These 78 ready-to-use award templates show your students that you recognize their efforts and hard work!


Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

No need to reinvent the wheel. These 17 ready-to-use parent-teacher conference forms help you prep for the big event without all the hassle. Save precious time.


Cut and Paste Report Card Comments

Keep comments at your fingertips with this collection of over 400 words/phrases… everything you need to communicate with parents about their child’s progress.

Ready to Skyrocket Students’ Academic Progress, Growth, & Success Beyond a State Test?

  • Student Data Tracker Sheets (value $9)
  • Exit Ticket Templates (Value $9)
  • Informal Assessment Templates (Value $15)
  • Rubrics & Checklists (Value $10)
  • Literature Circle Assessment Templates (Value $12)
  • BONUS: Parent-Teacher Conference Forms (Value $8)
  • BONUS: Student Awards (Value $10)
  • BONUS: Cut & Paste Report Card Comments (Value $11)

Total Value = $84


Today’s Price = $19

Hey! I’m Missi…

I’m guessing you’re here looking for tools to help you assess your elementary learners in more ways than just through a standardized test.

I feel ‘ya!

For 15 years, I taught grades 2-5, and one thing that saddened me each year was the obsession with state testing. A child’s achievement for the year was based on that one score. So unfair!

That’s why I created the Quick Assessments Toolkit … simple tools to assess student growth and proficiency over time instead of only focusing on a one-time standardized assessment.

You’re gonna love it!

This Toolkit is For You If You…

  • Want your kiddos’ to show growth and success beyond a state test.
  • Desire other forms of assessment to show your students’ academic growth.
  • Need a continuous stream of quick data to help guide future instruction.

This Toolkit is NOT For You If You…

  • Are satisfied with solely measuring your students’ success with a once-a-year standardized test.
  • Have little or no interest in alternative forms of assessment.
  • See no need to measure learners’ progress and proficiency over time.

If You’ve Made It This Far…

You owe it to yourself and your students to take the teaching and learning process BEYOND standardized testing.

The feedback from these assessment tools will help your learners improve week by week and month to month because learning is an on-going process.

Your worth as a teacher and their worth as students is more than a score on a state test.

Frequently Asked Questions…

For Which Grade Levels Are These Templates?

The student data tracker sheets, exit ticket templates, informal assessment templates, literature circle role assessment sheets, and rubrics/checklists were designed with the 2nd through 5th grade learner in mind.

However, early middle school teachers may find value with the Quick Assessments Toolkit.

The same applies to the bonus items.

How Do I Access the Files?

After purchasing, you’ll immediately receive a link to download your Quick Assessments Toolkit, which comes in PDF format. A small number of the templates also come in an editable Power Point format.

All of the templates are contained within a zip file for easier transfer. To access, simply double-click the zip file, and you’ll see all of the individual products there!

To secure lifetime access to your documents, immediately download them onto your computer device so that you have them on hand whenever you need.

Due to security reasons, the download link will expire 1 week from the date of purchase.

Do You Offer a Refund Policy?

Because of the nature of instant digital products in PDF format, no refunds are allowed.

Are the Files Editable?

The majority of the PDF files are not editable.

However, a small number of the templates (e.g choice board, anticipation guide) come with a Power Point editable copy so that you can type in your own customized questions and statements.

How Many Pages Are Included?

You’ll have access to over 250 pages of templates and tools to assist you in tracking your students’ academic progress, growth, and success throughout the school year.

No more digging around online to find needed resources.

You’ve got access to a variety of tools right at your fingertips.

What’s more, you’ll receive 3 awesome bonuses!

How Large is the File?

The entire Quick Assessments Toolkit file is roughly 6.6 MB.

Have a Question?


Click the yellow “Have a question?” box in the bottom right hand corner, and I’ll respond as soon as I can!

Grab the Quick Assessments Toolkit!

  • Student Data Tracker Sheets (value $9)
  • Exit Ticket Templates (Value $9)
  • Informal Assessment Templates (Value $15)
  • Rubrics & Checklists (Value $10)
  • Literature Circle Assessment Templates (Value $12)
  • BONUS: Parent-Teacher Conference Forms (Value $8)
  • BONUS: Student Awards (Value $10)
  • BONUS: Cut & Paste Report Card Comments (Value $11)

Total Value = $84


Today’s Price = $19

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