Free Printable Professional Development Log for Teachers

If you’re trying to keep up with your meeting notes and professional development hours, take a look at this simple, yet very helpful professional development log that is printable and ready-to-use.

Using this resource, you will finally…

  • Keep track of professional development hours.
  • Record meeting notes from workshops, faculty meetings, activities, and/or team meetings … all in one place. 
  • Be able to review and reference notes easily. 
  • Stay organized when it comes to professional development trainings. 
  • Have a designated place to document the actions of your professional growth plan.

This log includes…

  • stylish cover page,
  • personal information sheet,
  • username and password entry section,
  • meeting note worksheets,
  • reflection worksheet,
  • SMART goal reference guide with a template to write down goals.

Simply print, hole punch, and add to your lesson plan or meeting binder. The PD log is now ready to use.

Following are the details of each section. 

Professional Development Log

1. Personal and Login Information

The first page of this document is a place to record personal information such as name, date, etc. 

Also helpful is an area to record usernames and passwords of online courses and workshops.

No longer have to guess your passwords and become frustrated with the failed attempts!

professional development log for teachers

2. Professional Development Attendance Log

Next is the actual attendance log.

This is the place to record the total number of hours of each professional development workshop. There is also space for the date, name of the activity, and provider.

professional development log for teachers

3. Meeting Note Sheets

During professional development activities, it’s sometimes helpful to record notes. In this log, there is a place to write meeting notes. 

There are three sheets per workshop. Choose between lined and unlined templates, depending on your preference.

These meeting note sheets make it easy to stay organized, keeping all of your notes in one place for easy reference.

Simply make additional copies for each workshop.

professional development log for teachers
professional development log for teachers

4. Reflection Sheet

Taking time to reflect upon the learning after attending a professional development workshop is a good habit.

On this reflection sheet, there is an area to record any lingering questions you still have. 

  • Is there anything you need to be clarified?
  • What part of the professional development training was confusing for you? 
  • What would you like to ask the instructor afterward? 
  • Do you need to follow up on anything?

Also on this reflection worksheet is space to outline your next steps. 

  • What will be your implementation plan? 
  • How will you incorporate in the classroom what you just learned? 
  • What steps will be taken to implement these new strategies?
professional development log for teachers

5. SMART Goals Reference Guide

This bonus resource simply serves as a reminder of what criteria SMART goals should contain. 

professional development log for teachers

6. Teacher SMART Goals Worksheet

Ideally, the SMART goals that teachers establish for themselves guide them on what professional workshops to attend throughout the school year.

To keep track of written goals, record them on these SMART goal worksheets. There is space to write six goals. Photocopy more pages if needed. 

professional development log for teachers

Final Thoughts

Why use sticky notes and a piece of notebook paper when you can use this stylish record form for professional development?

This log is meant to help you stay organized and on top of professional development. 

It’s effective for tracking all of your PD hours and teacher meetings. You may even receive compliments from your peers!

Download PDF of PD log for teachers.