21+ Amazing Prizes for Students In Elementary School

Looking for ways to celebrate your elementary students? If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

Here you will find a list of the best prizes for students in elementary school.

Let’s face it. Students sometimes need an extrinsic incentive in order to meet targeted goals.

That’s where these student reward ideas come in.

Use these fun prize ideas to keep elementary students motivated in putting forth their best efforts in the classroom.

Whether you’re seeking small or bulk prizes to put into your reward box, this list includes a variety of good prizes for students in elementary school.

Prizes for Students in Elementary School

1. No Homework Pass

2. Read In Library

Allow students to read in the library at a time that’s normally off limits to other students. Of course, coordinate this with the librarian.

3. Principal Reads to Class

Have the principal make a surprise visit to the class to read aloud a favorite book.

While there, you could even have students show off some of their best work to the principal.

4. Extra Computer Lab Time

5. Mystery Prize

Gift students an unexpected surprise they’ll love. Tangible rewards work great for this.

6. Teacher Assistant

For a day or a class period, students help the teacher with light administrative tasks.

7. Read Aloud to Class

During reader’s workshop or at the end of the school day, a student reads his or her favorite read aloud book to the class.

8. Student Mentor

The student reads a story to a younger student.

9. Help Design Bulletin Board

Students will help design and decorate one of the classroom’s bulletin boards.


One of the most useful prizes for students in elementary school is cool bookmarks.

Create a set using Google Docs or Word. Consider adding a cool quote, positive affirmation, or meaningful image.

11. Special Seat

Whether it’s the teacher’s chair or a special chair that is normally designated to a specific task, consider using that space as a prize idea.

12. Dress Up Day

Choose a fun theme, and students come to school dressed appropriately.

13. Arts and Crafts

There is often little time in class for art activities. So why not make it one of your class prizes?

14. Special Note Home

Parents will love receiving a positive message about their child.

15. Choose Classroom Job

For a specific time period, students get to choose whichever classroom job he or she would like to perform.

16. No Shoes

For a class period, the student is allowed to take off his/her shoes while completing class work.

17. Gum Chewing

Allow students to chew gum while working in class.

18. Classroom Cheer

For those students who appreciate public praise, perform a fun classroom cheer and clap in their honor.

19. Prize Box Trinket

If you have a prize box, students draw a prize from it.

Trinket ideas include slap bracelets, pencil toppers, cool erasers, stickers, yo-yos, and key chains.

Find tons of ideas for filling your prize box over at the Oriental Trading Company.

20. Extra Recess

21. Lunch With Teacher

This reward is arguably one of the most popular prizes for students in elementary school.

How special some students feel having lunch with their teacher!

22. Reward Coupon Book

Create a book of reward coupons that students can redeem throughout the school year.

23. Music While Working

24. Write On Whiteboard

Students love drawing and writing on mini whiteboards.

Final Thoughts: Rewards for Students in Elementary

Now you’re all set to recognize the accomplishments of your class using these fun prizes for students in elementary school.

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