61 Great Poetry Writing Prompts for Students

To get students’ creative juices flowing, use some fun poetry writing prompts. 

Generally speaking, students are accustomed to being assigned standard writing prompts that focus on one of the core writing genres. 

However, the poetry genre is oftentimes left for the end of the school year (usually during National Poetry Month) or only incorporated during special events.

But why not enjoy poetry on a regular basis using poetry writing prompts?

Students will be able to practice their poetry writing skills throughout the school year instead of through isolated activities. 

Here you will find a variety of fun poetry writing prompts that will help you do just that. 

These interesting prompts will help students apply poetry skills, tap into their creativity, and think outside the box. 

These poetry writing prompts are especially great for those students who may not be as strong academically when it comes to conventional writing rules yet thrive in a creative environment since writing rules are more relaxed. 

So include these writing prompts for poetry in your collection of writing activities. 

Poetry Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem that introduces you as a person. It doesn’t have to rhyme.

2. Use an acrostic format to spell out your favorite animal, and list what you like about them.

3. Write a haiku poem about your favorite sport.

4. Use rhyming couplets to write a poem about happiness.

5. Write a poem about your favorite season.

6. Create a poem where nearly every word begins with the letter “A.”

7. Write a poem about feeling lonely. It should flow, but it doesn’t have to rhyme.

8. Compose a poem from the point of view of your pet.

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9. Write a humorous poem from the point of view of your kitchen sink.

10. Listen to your favorite song, and construct a poem about the images it conjures up.

11. Write a poem about your favorite meal and the memories you associate with it.

12. Compose a poem set in your most recent dream.

13. Use at least three onomatopoeias to write an adventure-packed poem.

14. Draft a poem about your role model.

15. Write a poem detailing what you want to be when you grow up.

16. Construct a witch’s spell.

17. Make up a poem about someone saving the world.

18. Write a poem about the sights you see on the way to school.

19. Consider how it feels when someone says something mean, and write a poem about it.

20. Use alliteration at least five times to write a poem about all your favorite things.

poetry writing prompts

21. Write a descriptive poem about what it feels like to fall asleep.

22. Think about the last conversation you had, and write a poem about it.

23. Write a poem about a clear night sky.

24. Think about a time you felt really safe. Write a poem about the atmosphere and feeling.

25. Compose a poem from the point of view of an elephant in a zoo.

26. Write a poem about being underwater.

27. Draft a poem about flying through a rainforest.

28. Write a poem about driving in a futuristic car.

29. Create a poem about the last movie you watched.

30. List 10 words associated with school. Then compose a poem that includes the words.

31. Use figurative language to describe something beautiful.

32. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a snowman.

33. S.N.O.W.M.A.N – Create an acrostic poem using the word snowman. 

34. Compose a poem about a cat superhero.

35.  Write a poem to your mom telling how much you appreciate her.

36.  Compose a poem about your favorite food.

37.  Write a poem about a sunny day.

38.  Draft a poem that highlights your uniqueness.

39.  Write a greeting card message that’s a friendly poem.

40.  What’s your favorite type of poem and why?

41.  Draft to haiku about friendship.

42.  Write a poem about a mermaid.

43.  Make a list of 8 words related to your favorite season. Now write a poem about it.

44.  Write a poem of similes.

45.  Explain how poems are different from picture books.

46.  Write a poem that only has 8 syllables in each line.

47.  Compose a poem about your state.

48.  Write a poem from the perspective of a lamp.

49.  Compose a poem about a coin.

50.  Interpret your favorite poem.

51.  Write a poem to a letter of the alphabet.

52. Write a poem about your pet or favorite animal.

53.  Compose a poem that celebrates your hair.

54.  Write a poem about the ocean.

55.  Write a poem that thinks the custodial staff.

56. Utilize at least three onomatopoeias to write an adventure-packed poem.

57. Explain how to respond to a poetry writing prompt that receives good feedback.

58. What are the benefits of responding to poetry writing prompts?

59. Compose a poem about Black History Month but be sure not to mention the theme by name.

60. Compare and contrast two different types of poetry.

61. Create a poem that would be a perfect fit for a Valentine’s Day greeting card.

Final Thoughts: Writing Prompts for Poetry

Now you have a fun collection of poetry writing prompts to use during writer’s workshop.

Students will enjoy thinking outside the box!