51 Best Physical Education Report Card Comments

It’s report card writing time, and you’re looking for physical education report card comments.

Eliminate the frustration of drafting comments by using these physical education report card comments that save teachers time.

No matter the grade you teach, you’re sure to find comments to help you communicate how well students are performing in P.E. class.

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Physical Education Report Card Comments

Utilize the following physical education report card comments to describe students’ behavior, participation, and skill-set in P.E class.

  • _____ is motivated to do well in physical education class. 
  • _____ shows respect towards peers when playing games.
  • _____ is progressing well with (insert any P.E learning standard).
  • Overall, _____ is doing a fantastic job meeting grade-level expectations in physical education class.
  • _____ interacts respectfully with peers. 
  • _____ always treats others with respect during play. 
  • _____ shows respect and care for P.E equipment.
  • _____ shows perseverance when not successful the first time at learning new P.E skills.
  • _____ listens to the instructor without interrupting.
  • _____ consistently follows directions, procedures, and rules. 
  • _____ works well with a team. 
  • _____ actively participates in physical education activities and lessons. 
  • _____ is easily distracted by others in P.E class. 
  • _____ shows an ability to work well with others. 
  • _____ transitions from one physical activity to the next without issue. 
  • _____ displays good sportsmanship.
  • At all times, _____ fully engages in the lesson. 
  • _____ demonstrates proper form and technique when doing exercise. 
  • _____ knows that effort and practice are needed to improve skills. 
  • _____ often demonstrates use of tactics when playing sports and games.
  • _____ listens attentively to the teacher’s instructions. 
  • I suggest that _____ learn to be more gracious in defeat. 
  • _____ always arrives promptly to class.
  • _____ responds appropriately to verbal and oral cues for stopping and starting. 
  • _____ demonstrates ability to play games and activities within set boundaries. 
  • _____ is always prepared with the correct P.E. uniform.
  • Some days, _____ puts forth more effort than others. The lack of consistency is affecting her progress in P.E class. 
  • _____ continues to perform well with (insert any P.E. standard). 
  • _____ embraces sportsmanship.
  • _____ considers and respects others’ feelings. 
  • _____ is reluctant to take part in team activities. 
  • _____ resolves team conflicts in a way that’s socially acceptable such as through talking or asking the teacher for help. 
  • _____ shows more confidence during team sports.
  • _____ shares space and equipment with others. 
  • _____ is overly competitive. 
  • _____ exhibits a good physical level.
  • _____ is still performing below grade-level expectations in physical education class. 
  • _____ respects the differences in physical abilities between self and peers. 
  • _____ responds to losing and winning with understanding and dignity. 
  • _____ has shown skill progression in all areas.
  • _____ shows quick thinking during team activities. 
  • Quarterly, _____ sets physical education goals and accepts feedback. 
  • _____ applies safety practices associated with physical activities. 
  • _____ makes appropriate changes in performance based on feedback.
  • _____ routinely exhibits appropriate form for various sports. 
  • _____ confidently knows when and why to use specific tactics/strategies within a game.
  • _____ is meeting grade-level health objectives.
  • _____ demonstrates strong athletic ability.
  • _____ has good attendance to physical education class.

Final Thoughts: Physical Education Report Card Comments

Make report card writing go faster using these quality physical education report card comments.

Using these P.E comments, you’ll effectively communicate how well students are progressing in various areas.

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