51 Amazing Persuasive Writing Prompts for 5th Grade Students

Motivate 5th graders to take a stance on a subject using these persuasive writing prompts for 5th grade learners.

These journal prompts encourage fifth graders to confidently express their opinions and help them to strengthen their writing skills.

So add a few of these persuasive writing prompts for 5th grade into your lesson plans this week.

Persuasive Writing Prompts for 5th Grade

1. Should students sit-in on parent-teacher conferences? Why or why not?

2. What are your thoughts about birthday parties held during school hours? Do you think it should be allowed or disallowed?

3. Should schools encourage students to brush their teeth right after lunch?

4. Do you think schools should be strict with the dress code?

5. Is it still necessary to learn cursive writing? Why or why not?

6. Should school extend until the summer? Explain.

7. What is your opinion on fifth graders receiving an allowance for completing chores? Do you think it’s a good idea? Why or why not?

8. Should we have a class pet? If so, what kind fits best with the classroom environment?

9. In your opinion, do you think persuasive writing prompts for 5th grade help you to express your thoughts and develop your writing skills? Why or why not?

10. Should students sit wherever they want in class? Why or why not?

11. Do zoos protect or harm animals? Why do you think this?

12. Should there be a limit to how much time children watch TV each day? If you think so, what should the limit be and why?

13. What are your thoughts on bikers being held accountable for wearing a helmet?

14. Should cell phones be allowed in classrooms with elementary students?

15. Is tap or bottled water the better choice? Why?

16. Should children be forced to play with someone known as a bully? Explain your thinking.

17. Do you think homework should be given every night? Why or why not?

18. Should schools require students to wear uniforms? Explain.

19. Persuade someone you know to adopt a pet that has no home.

20. Should stores require shoppers to bring their own grocery bags? Why or why not?

21. Convince the principal to extend recess for any extra twenty minutes every Friday.

22. Should schools sell junk food to kids after school? Why or why not?

23. Persuade your mom to let you have dessert after dinner tonight.

24. Should every child learn to play a musical instrument? Why or why not?

25. In your opinion, should candy or gum be allowed in the classroom? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

26. Should elementary students be required to learn a second language? Why do you think doing so or not doing so is a good idea?

27. How do you feel about people learning how to cook when they are children? Good idea or not?

28. Should schools require standardized testing? What are the benefits and downfalls of state testing?

29. Convince your family to take you to the restaurant of your choice.

30. Imagine that you are running for class president. Give reasons why your classmates should vote for you.

31. Should the school have an A, B, C, D, or F grading system or simply Pass/Fail? Explain your thinking.

32. Convince the teacher to organize reading buddies with another grade level.

33. Should the teacher eat lunch with students every day? Why or why not?

34. Should fifth graders be allowed to have social media accounts in order to communicate with friends? Why or why not?

35. Persuasive writing prompts for 5th grade students should be eliminated from the school’s curriculum.

36. Which career is best and why?

37. Persuade a friend to try a new food.

38. Yoga should be taught in P.E. class.

39. Persuade a friend to attend a sporting event with you.

40. A laptop is better than a desktop. Do you agree?

41. Persuade someone to pick you to be on his/her sports team.

42. Soccer is better than basketball.

43. Every grade level should raise money for a local charity.

44. Spelling tests should no longer be given.

45. What’s the best time of the year?

46. State testing should not occur in fifth grade.

47. Junk food should not be sold at school.

48. Students should be able to check out library books from the school during the summer.

49. Persuade a friend to sleep over this weekend.

50. Convince your dad to prepare your favorite meal.

51. Fifth graders should have special privileges.

Final Thoughts: Persuasive Writing Prompts for 5th Grade

Now you have a collection of persuasive writing prompts for 5th grade to use during writer’s workshop.

For support, teach students how to respond well to these prompts.

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