Persuasive Writing Prompts for 4th Grade: 51 Superb Ideas

Here you will find a quality collection of persuasive writing prompts for 4th grade students.

These high-interest persuasive prompts empower students to express their opinions, improve writing skills, foster a growth mindset, and analyze ideas.

Utilizing these persuasive writing prompts, you will motivate students to take a clear stance on an issue.

So be sure to include a couple of these persuasive writing prompts for 4th grade in your instruction this week.

Persuasive Writing Prompts for 4th Grade Students

Even reluctant writers will be motivated to respond to these persuasive writing prompts for 4th grade.

1. Should the school week be shortened to four days? Why or why not?

2. Persuade the teacher to participate in a game or sport with the class during recess.

3. Should smoking be illegal? Why or why not?

4. Do you think that responding to persuasive writing prompts for 4th grade students helps you to develop your writing skills and to express yourself? Why or why not?

5. Should students be allowed to choose their teachers? Explain.

6. Your table group has won the privilege of choosing the next grade level field trip. Convince your tablemates why your destination choice is best.

7. Persuade the teacher to allow the class to work outside for one class period.

8. Which meal options should be added to the school’s menu and why?

9. Write a non-fiction book recommendation that will convince anyone your age that it’s worth checking out.

10. Should children be allowed to each sweets every day? Why or why not?

11. Your best friend is upset with his parents and tells you that he will run away. Convince him not to go through with it.

12. Should schools be really strict with bullies? Why or why not?

13. Two lucky fourth-grade students will have a chance to eat lunch with the teacher next week. In a letter, convince your teacher why you should be one of the chosen ones.

14. Convince a classmate to be your partner for the science fair.

15. Persuade your best friend to go see a movie of your choice.

16. In a letter, convince your parents or guardians to allow you to have an extra hour before bedtime.

17. Write a letter persuading your parents to buy you a new pet.

18. A classmate is afraid to play a new sport during recess. Give him some good reasons to try it.

19. Draft a letter to the mayor convincing him to solve the litter problem in the community park.

20. Make a persuasive argument to your parents, telling them why they should allow you to paint your bedroom walls a different color.

21. Should fourth graders be required to learn a second language? If so, which one? If not, why not?

22. What are the pros and cons of responding to persuasive writing prompts for 4th grade?

23. Persuade your teacher to read your favorite read aloud book during reader’s workshop.

24. Do you think that the amount of hours children watch television should be limited? Why or why not?

25. What are the pros and cons of wearing school uniforms?

26. Convince your parents to take you to a particular place.

27. Write a letter convincing your parents why you should have a certain pet.

28. Do you think art, music, and p.e classes are just as important as math, reading, and writing? Why or why not?

29. Make a respectful argument suggesting a change of a particular classroom rule.

30. Convince your parents to give you an allowance for doing chores around the house.

31. What is your opinion about having seat belts on school buses?

32. Should all students be required to bring a lunch from home instead of eating in the cafeteria? Why or why not?

33. Is it really necessary to teach social studies or science in elementary school?

34. Everyone should respect adults.

35. Convince your friends to sign up to be in the science fair.

36. Which fruits are best for one’s health?

37. Sugary beverages should never be served in school.

38. Write a letter persuading your parents to take you bike riding this weekend.

39. Convince your parents to let you stay outside and play for 30 more minutes.

40. Pancakes are the best breakfast food.

41. Intangible rewards are better than tangible rewards.

42. Nonfiction books are more interesting than fiction books.

43. Convince your parents to give you money to buy a book.

44. Persuade the teacher to extend recess for an extra 10 minutes.

45. Children should be able to have cell phones for emergencies.

46. Classroom helper jobs should be rotated every month.

47. Persuade the teacher to teach outside today.

48. P.E class is more interesting than art class.

49. The class should take a field trip every week.

50. Brain breaks should be done with each lesson.

51. Persuade your sibling to play a board game with you.

Final Thoughts: Persuasive Writing Prompts for 4th Grade

Now you have an assortment of fourth grade persuasive writing topics for students to use during writer’s workshop.

For support, teach students how to respond well to persuasive writing prompts for 4th grade.

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