15 Free Parent-Teacher Conference Forms That Save You Time

If you’re looking for simple parent-teacher conference forms, find them here. These forms support you in having successful conferences with students and parents.

Towards the bottom of this post, download a free set of parent-teacher conference forms.

Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

and Scheduling Sheets

If you’re not having parents sign up for parent-teacher conferences electronically, post the Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule form outside of your classroom and have guardians sign-up for an appointment as they drop-off or pick-up their kids.

Have guardians record their signature on the Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-In sheet once they arrive for their appointments so that you have documentation of attendance.

parent teacher conference scheduling sheet
parent teacher conference forms
parent teacher conference sign-in sheet
parent teacher conference forms

Glow & Grow Forms

Before parent-teacher conferences get under way, have students document their successes and areas of needed improvement using the Glow & Grow sheets. There’s a student and teacher version.

Teachers may want to use their version as a guide during parent-teacher conferences. Students may also do the same.

glow and grow student worksheet free pdf
glow and grow student teacher documenation form

Parent-Teacher Conference Invitation and Reminder Forms

Send out the invitations a week or two before conferences, and send a reminder a few days before a parent’s conference date.

parent teacher conference invitation free
parent teacher conference reminder form

Anecdotal Observation Sheets

Use the Anecdotal Observation sheets to record your observations of student learning throughout the year.

These forms serve as a great reference during parent-teacher conferences when discussing a child’s academic performance and behavior patterns.

anecdotal recording sheet for teachers
blank anecdotal record sheet for teachers free

Parent Phone Call Template

If you need to conduct a conference with a parent via phone, use this script as a guide.

parent phone call template script for teachers
phone script for teachers and parents

Documentation Forms

Keep good documentation of parent contact and of those students who are working below grade level.

parent contact form pdf
student documentation sheet special education struggling

How Parents Can Support Their Child at Home Guides

Guide parents and guardians to support their children at home using these essential parent-teacher conference forms: List of Study Skills and 10 Ways to Support Your Child’s Learning.

If time permits, briefly review the purpose of the forms with parents, and provide them a copy of each before they leave the conference.

list of study skills for elementary kids pdf
parent teacher conference tips how to support your child at home

Parent-Teacher Conference Evaluation and Thank You Forms

Your parent-teacher conferences will improve year after year if you seek feedback on what went well and what didn’t.

Consider distributing the Parent-Teacher Conference Evaluation Form and thank you note a day or two after meeting with parents.

parent teacher conference evaluation form
parent teacher conference forms

Free Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

Now you can access a copy of these editable conference forms via Google Slides or in PDF format.

Using these forms, your parent-teacher conferences will be a success.

All the best