101 Popular Parent Teacher Conference Comments for Teachers

The following parent teacher conference comments serve as communication tools for you to use when you meet with parents to discuss their child’s academic progress and conduct. 

These remarks are best used as conversation-starters that lead into more detailed conversations about the student’s progress.

No matter the grade you teach, use these helpful remarks to improve the experience.

To make parent-teacher conferences even more painless, download the free and editable parent teacher conference comments form.

It’ll make preparing for conferences a breeze!

Parent Teacher Conference Comments

Following you will find a variety of quick yet effective parent teacher conference comments.

  • Excels with online learning
  • Completes assignments on time within Google Classroom
  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Takes the initiative to ask for help
  • Displays a strong stamina for reading
  • Reading above grade level
  • Fantastic work ethic
  • Reading on grade level
  • Submits assignments on time
  • Treats others with respect
  • Strives to improve
  • Work is neat and organized
  • Works well independently
  • Frequently applies reading skills when reading independently
  • Completes classroom job with efficiency
  • Particularly strong in (insert any skill, strategy, or behavior)
  • Progressing well in (insert any skill, strategy, or behavior)
  • Demonstrates self-discipline
  • Reviews work before submitting
  • Easily grasps new concepts
  • Transitions between activities without causing distractions
  • Respectful of peers’ thoughts and opinions
  • Requires little to no supervision to remain on-task
  • Clearly expresses ideas through writing
  • Exhibits logical and reasonable thinking
  • Doesn’t interrupt others
  • Follows instructions the first time
  • Actively participates in lessons 
  • Possesses great reading stamina
  • Works well in a group
  • Uses time wisely
  • Strategic problem solver
  • Puts forth maximum effort
  • Considerate of others
  • Works to full potential
  • Accepts responsibility for poor choices

Needs Improvement

  • Reading below grade level
  • Slow to ask for help
  • Struggling a bit in a remote learning format
  • Poor work ethic
  • Distracted easily with online learning activities
  • Requires practice in (insert any reading skill or strategy)
  • Has hard time applying reading skills in context
  • Assignments often submitted late
  • Needs constant reminders to stay on task
  • Struggles with grade-level vocabulary
  • Disrupts others when transitioning between activities
  • Struggles to express himself/herself through writing
  • Handwriting not neat
  • Shows difficulty in math problem solving
  • Excessive talking
  • Working to improve showing respect for others’ opinions
  • Frequently unmotivated, even with interactive activities
  • Likes to challenge classroom rules and procedures
  • Hardly participates in class discussions
  • Interrupts others often
  • Rarely applies reading skills when reading independently
  • Still needs development in (insert any skill, strategy, or behavior)
  • Progressing below grade level in (insert any skill, strategy, or behavior)
  • Often forgets to review work before turning in
  • Redirected often 
  • Struggles to grasp new concepts
  • Continuously needs help with (insert any skill or strategy)
  • Puts forth minimal effort
  • Trouble remaining seated for even short periods
  • Doesn’t use time wisely
  • Frequently blames others
  • Hard time collaborating with peers
  • Finds it hard to accept consequences of poor actions
  • Assignments often disorganized/messy
  • Displays very short stamina for reading

Next Steps

  • Should read each night for at least 15 minutes
  • Let’s meet again on this date:  ___________
  • Needs to attend after-school tutorials
  • Chunk work into smaller, digestible bits
  • Practice handwriting strokes
  • Catch up on late work so grades don’t suffer
  • With distance learning, still needs additional in-person support  
  • More accommodations may be needed
  • Make greater use of anchor charts 
  • Homework schedule in order to stay organized
  • Growth mindset exercises would be helpful
  • Needs extra help with (insert any skill or strategy)
  • Attend class more regularly
  • Increase reading stamina 
  • Arrive to class on time
  • Listen more actively
  • Perform work more independently
  • Participate fully in class discussions
  • Changing of seating arrangement
  • Be prepared with supplies for lessons
  • Utilize manipulatives in math
  • Read more books on or slightly above grade level
  • Complete all missing work for this quarter/semester
  • Strengthen homework work habits
  • Work more democratically with classmates
  • Chat less and focus more on work
  • Review basic math facts weekly
  • Bring agenda to school daily
  • Seek clarification when understanding breaks down
  • Make effort to review work before submitting
  • Tutoring sessions in (insert subject area) would be beneficial
  • Time management system to stay on track
  • Apply feedback when working on new assignments
  • Study spelling words for a least 10 minutes each evening

Editable Parent Teacher Conference Comments Form

parent teacher conferences comments form
parent teacher conference cheat sheet

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You’re All Set With These Parent Teacher Conference Comments

No longer stress out trying to figure out how to communicate well during parent-teacher conferences.

These parent teacher conference comments serve as fantastic conversation-starters and will help make your parent-teacher conferences a success.

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