39 Opinion Writing Prompts for 5th Grade Students

Empower fifth graders to embrace their opinions, preferences, and beliefs using these engaging opinion writing prompts for 5th grade students.

In the process, these writing prompts will also activate critical thinking and sharpen their writing skills.

Opinion Writing Prompts for 5th Grade Students

Nurture fifth graders to share their thinking using these 5th grade opinion writing prompts.

1. In your opinion, should distance learning be the primary way to learn with in-person school only an option?

2. Do you think it’s important for individuals to learn a second language? Why or why not? List at least 2 reasons to support your opinion. Add meaningful evidence to support your thinking.

3. Pretend that the school has to cut one program. Should it keep art or music class? Share your opinion.

4. In your opinion, what’s the best board game? What makes you think so?

5. What is your opinion about school extending into the summer? For or against? Share your opinion.

6. Are school uniforms beneficial to student learning? Share your thoughts.

7. In your opinion, is it better to be too hot or too cold? Explain your thinking.

8. What place, in your opinion, is the best vacation destination to visit? What makes you think so?

9. If the government decided to ban all sports with the exception of one, which sport should remain and why? Share your opinion.

10. What is your opinion about traditional books versus audiobooks? Which is better for learning?

11. In your opinion, should virtual learning be offered to all students from now on? Or do you believe that every student should be learning in a classroom at school. Why?

12. Do you prefer to sit-in on parent-teacher conferences? Share your opinion.

13. Is it wise to mandate all fifth graders to write their assignments in cursive? Why or why not?

14. Should standardized tests be required in schools? Why or why not?

15. Which do you prefer: tap or bottled water? Explain why one is the better choice.

More 5th Grade Opinion Writing Prompts

These 5th grade opinion writing prompts inform teachers about fifth grade students’ mindsets and knowledge regarding certain subjects.

16. Should shoppers be required to bring their own grocery bags?

17. Is it better to be really smart or very kind? Explain your opinion.

18. How do you feel about families growing and raising their own food? What’s your opinion about doing this?

19. Are there really any good reasons to give homework everyday? Share your opinion.

20. In your opinion, should the school day be shorter? Why or why not?

21. Do you believe that fifth graders are responsible enough to use cell phones during class time? Why or why not?

22. What are your thoughts on smoking? Should it be illegal? Why or why not?

23. Should the school have an A, B, C, D, F grading system or simply Pass/Fail? Share your thoughts.

24. Do you feel that everyone should donate money to a charity at least once a year? Why or why not?

25. What is your opinion about what makes a good friend? What qualities should be present?

26. In your opinion, should sports be segregated by gender? Why or why not?

27. What are the pros and cons of being a young child versus a teenager? Share your opinion.

28. Should children be allowed to watch scary or violent movies? Why or why not?

29. Which school subject, in your opinion, will be most useful to you when you grow up? Why?

30. In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge of being a boy or a girl?

31. Which Disney movie, in your opinion, is the most entertaining? Why do you think so?

32. In your opinion, who has the harder job: your teacher or the principal? Why do you think this?

33. Which specials’ class do you prefer? Why?

34. What is one gift that you believe anybody would be happy to receive?

35. Should homework be given to students who are performing exceptionally well in fifth grade? Why or why not?

36. Is it possible that one’s opinion can change over time? If so, how do opinions change?

37. In your opinion, is college a necessary next step after graduating from high school?

38. What type of pets, in your opinion, are best for children who are allergic to fur?

39. Do you feel that homework actually helps you learn more or is it just another frustrating task? Share your opinion.

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