51 Excellent Opinion Writing Ideas for 3rd Grade Students

By the time students reach the third grade, they’re pretty certain about their likes plus dislikes, and they may even have some pretty solid opinions on certain topics. 

Give students an opportunity to express their views using these opinion writing ideas for 3rd grade students. 

Doing so is an interesting way to tap into their beliefs and preferences.

These opinion writing ideas for 3rd grade will help students put their thoughts onto paper and encourage them to support their beliefs using personal experiences and/or facts. 

Opinion Writing Ideas for 3rd Grade

1. In your opinion, what’s the best field trip idea for third-grade students?

2. What’s the best way, in your opinion, to address bullying in schools?

3. How do you think schools can make students feel safer?

4. To which local charity do you think third-grade students should donate? Why?

5. In your opinion, what is the greatest invention?

6. What is your opinion on children being given an allowance for completing household chores?

7. In your opinion, should homework be assigned every day?

8. If a student is disruptive in class, how should the issue be handled by the teacher?

9. What is happiness?

10. In your opinion, should students be required to read a list of books during the summer?

11. Do you think it’s necessary for students to wear school uniforms? Why or why not?

12. When is it a good time to tattletale?

13. In schools, should all sporting participants receive a trophy or should a trophy only go to the top three winners? Explain.

14. What are the best conditions for studying?

15. Is it important to learn cursive writing? Why or why not?

16. In your opinion, should students be allowed to have cell phones at school?

17. How can teachers encourage students to read more?

18. In what ways can students motivate themselves to meet their SMART goals? 

19. At what age should students start having more responsibilities? Explain why you think this.

20. Is the role of mom and dad equally important? Share your thoughts.

21. Should children be able to stay up late on the weekends? Why or why not?

22. What are the benefits of being assigned opinion writing ideas for 3rd grade?

23. In your opinion, should water be the only drink offered in schools? Why or why not?

24. Which vegetable is the tastiest and why?

25. In your opinion, what activities are better done with others?

opinion writing ideas for 3rd grade
opinion writing ideas for 3rd grade

26. What does it mean to be respectful?

27. Is it harder to be an only child or to have siblings? Explain.

28. If a group member doesn’t do good work, should that affect the other members’ grades? Why or why not?

29. Should recess be extended on Fridays? Why or why not?

30. In your opinion, what does it mean to be a good student?

31. Describe the best after-school extracurricular activity.

32. What is the best snack?

33. In your opinion, is daily reading actually beneficial? Why or why not?

34. What is one thing about your school that needs to change?

35. Which celebrity is a good role model to younger people and why?

36. In your opinion, are animals in the zoo more or less safe than animals in the wild? Explain.

37. What famous person is a poor role model for students and why?

38. Should PE classes be separated by gender? Why or why not?

39. How could you convince the teacher to give less homework?

40. Would you rather be able to run super fast or think quickly? Why?

41. What subject in school is the most difficult and why?

42. Describe the cutest outfit ever.

43. What’s best about being a kid vs. an adult?

44. Which Disney movie is the best and why?

45. In your opinion, which food item from the cafeteria tastes best and why?

46. How should the grade level raise money for the local charity?

47. Why is the custodial staff important to the school community?

48. Are video games, in your opinion, bad for children? Why or why not?

49. Is it better to fly or drive to a vacation destination? Why do you think this?

50. What’s the most beautiful place you have ever seen? What made it so special?

51. Why, in your opinion, do some people treat others unkindly?

Final Thoughts About Opinion Writing Ideas for 3rd Grade

Encourage third graders to share their stances on various topics using these interesting opinion writing ideas for 3rd grade students.

They’ll learn how to defend their viewpoints convincingly and respectfully.

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