51 Delightful Ocean Writing Prompts

Celebrate the sea, ocean animals, the beach, and marine life using these engaging ocean writing prompts and ideas.

These creative prompts not only reduce writer’s block, but also stretch the imagination, improve writing skills, and instill a love for writing.

That’s why these ocean writing prompts and topics make a perfect addition to your collection of writing prompts.

So try a few of these delightful ocean-themed writing prompts this week.

Ocean Writing Prompts

Following you will find a variety of ocean writing prompts that even reluctant writers love.

1. Give characteristics of an ocean.

2. Use figurative language to describe the ocean.

3. Which activities are best done in the ocean? Tell about them.

4. Write a story about someone who rides waves in the ocean.

5. Explain how the ocean has a calming effect on people.

6. Compare and contrast a stormy vs. a calm ocean.

7. Imagine that you are a sea creature. Write a story that involves you getting lost in the coral reefs.

8. Draft a story about an adventure at sea.

9. Write a story about a family that takes a cruise.

10. If you could interview a mermaid, what questions would you ask and why?

11. Draw a picture of a submarine. Then write a few sentences that describe it.

12. Write an essay that discusses the beauty of the ocean.

13. Draw and write about a seahorse.

14. Sketch a picture of your favorite ocean animal. Write a few words to describe it.

15. You arrive home to find an octopus sleeping in your bed. Write what happens next.

16. The ocean is…

17. Sketch a picture of what it looks like under the sea. Now describe your drawing. 

18. Compare and contrast an ocean and a river.

19. Share five facts about your favorite ocean creative. Tell why it is your favorite sea animal.

20. Using the five senses, describe the ocean.

21. Write about a memorable moment that you experienced while visiting the ocean.

22. Draft an article for the school newspaper giving tips on how to care for the ocean.

23. Create a story that involves you and your best friend or sibling exploring the ocean in a submarine.

24. Compare and contrast a jellyfish versus a starfish.

25. Write a story centered around these words: waves, tsunami, fish, beach, ocean

26. After doing research, write five to eight facts that you learned about the ocean.

27. You discover that you can breathe underwater for 24 hours. Share what types of adventures you experience.

28. Write a story about a ruler of the underwater world.

29. Imagine that you live in an underwater cave. Describe your surroundings and also a typical day in the ocean for you.

30. Pretend that you are a citizen of AquaFresh, an underwater world. Describe this magical place.

ocean writing prompts
ocean writing prompts

31. Characters: mermaid, Setting: underwater cave. Complete the story, providing a problem and solution.

32. Describe safety tips people should follow when swimming in the ocean.

33. One time when I was at the ocean…

34. As you’re swimming in the ocean, you meet a mermaid. She tells you about her life underwater. Retell her daily life. 

35. Write 10 words related to the ocean. Then compose a poem including these words.

36. A school of fish lives in the ocean near a local beach town. Describe a day in their life including any challenges they may face.

37. The three best things about the ocean…  

38. You’re a scientist who has just discovered a new sea animal. Describe it.

39. Draw and write about a sea turtle.

40. Draft a descriptive paragraph about your favorite ocean animal.

41. Create a story about a dolphin dancing in the moonlight with his sea creature friends.

42. A friendly octopus dwells in the ocean near your local beach town, and he’s itching for adventure. Describe a day in the life of this octopus.

43. Sketch any ocean animal. Then describe your drawing.

44. Write about how the earth would be with no oceans.

45. You discover a hidden cave in the depths of the ocean as you’re scuba diving. Share what you find inside.

46. As you are swimming in the deep parts of the ocean, you notice a treasure chest nearby. Complete the story.

47. Imagine you’re floating in the middle of the ocean. Describe your experience at sea. 

48. Write a story about a day in the life of a shark.

49. You’re sitting on the beach relaxing. Using your five senses, describe what you see.

50. Compare and contrast any two sea animals.

51. Create any story you want about the underwater world.

52. Write a story about being lost at sea.

Final Thoughts: Ocean-Themed Writing Prompts

Now you’re all set to celebrate the ocean using these fantastic writing prompts and ideas.

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