17 Great Non-Food Birthday Treats for School Celebrations

Many schools have guidelines when it comes to what snacks are permitted for classroom parties. 

Due to student allergies and other reasons, some teachers decide to only allow non-food birthday treats for school parties. 

This idea may at first seem like a challenging task. However, there are many non-food birthday treats for school celebrations that you can contribute.

To make the process easy for you, I have included some great ideas to get you thinking about what non-edible treats you might like to bring. 

These classroom birthday treats are sure to delight even the pickiest students. 

Food is not always necessary for a great classroom party celebration!

Non-Food Birthday Treats for School

The following non-food ideas for school parties include minimal plastic classroom birthday treats that reduce or eliminate plastic clutter.

1. Mini Play-Doh

Get a hold of some of those mini Play-Doh containers, and give one to each student in the class.

Better yet, schedule time during the birthday celebration for students to create something with the Play-Doh.

2. Goodie Bags

Grab some of those cute little decorative bags that you can get from your local dollar store, and fill them with lots of fun trinkets.

The Oriental Trading Company has a ton of inexpensive options for filling birthday goodie bags. 

3. Stickers

While stickers may seem like boring birthday treats, what really matters is the type of stickers you get for students.

In this day and age, there are a variety of cool stickers that you can find that appeal to students.

Forget about stars and smiley faces, see some fun sticker ideas

4. Funky Straws 

If you’re looking for non-food birthday treats for school that students will actually use after the party celebration is done, check out this idea.

Visit your local grocery store to find packs of funky straws that make sipping fun.

Consider adding a juice box to this gift idea so that students may use the straw during the party. 

5. Pencil Toppers

Turn a boring pencil into a cool writing tool by gifting pencil toppers.

You can’t go wrong with this idea because pencil toppers not only make learning more exciting, but they motivate some students to put more effort into their work. 

6. Small Container of Bubbles

For outdoor non-edible birthday treats, contribute a small bottle of bubbles. 

Students love blowing bubbles, so give them time during the birthday celebration to go outside and do so. 

It’s good for them (and you!) to get some fresh air, blow bubbles, and socialize with friends. 

What a great memory this will be for the birthday student. 

7. Bookmark

If you would like to bring a gift that is practical and academic-focused plus attractive to students, consider contributing bookmarks.

Bookmarks come in a variety of different styles so it should be relatively easy to find some that are appealing to students.

If you have the time and desire, you can actually make bookmarks with just basic graphic design software and a printer. Afterward, laminate or cover them with contact paper. 

Not only is this birthday treat unique, but it encourages students to read. 

8. Slime

Slime is arguably one of the most popular non-food birthday treats for school.

During the birthday celebration, have students work in groups to make slime.

Encourage them to add food coloring or glitter to the mix to make the outcome even more interesting.

Afterward, give students a small plastic bag so that they can take some of it home.

The event of creating slime as a birthday treat is going to make this party celebration very memorable for students. 

9. Glitter Pens

Instead of gifting regular pens, why not give students glitter pens that sparkle when they write?

These pens are bound to be a hit and will be useful for class assignments (if and when permitted).

10. Party Favors 

For classic non-food birthday treats for school, consider giving students party favors.

Examples include mini magnifying glasses, bubbles, notepads, bouncy balls, and whistles. You can get these items at a party supply or dollar store in your local area.  

Oriental Trading Company also has a variety of party favors that are perfect for kid birthday parties.

To make things easy, consider filling a box full of party favors and have each student choose an item during the celebration.

11. Read Aloud

Prefer to give your time instead of something tangible? No problem. Sharing a read-aloud with the class is a great option.

Collaborate with the teacher to schedule a time (and book choice) that works well for all.

Try to choose a book that is engaging such as a joke book, trivia, poetry, etc. The goal is to keep students on the edges of their seats.

12. Backpack Decorations

Get hold of patches, stickers, key chains … anything that students may use to decorate their backpacks.

These items will serve as a memory from the party plus they are items that students will actually use.

13. Positive Affirmation Cards

For unique non-food birthday treats for school that support a growth mindset, give students a set of positive affirmation cards.

Make or buy a few sets.

Then divide all the cards into groups of five. For each set of five, hole punch the corner of each card and then connect them with a keyring.

So each student will receive five affirmation cards.

Encourage the children to recite the affirmations regularly in order to grow or maintain confidence and self-esteem.

14. Book of Puzzles

Promote critical thinking by giving students a book of puzzles.

This includes word searches, Sudokus, crossword puzzles, hidden picture puzzles, and any other type of puzzle students may enjoy.

The dollar store in your area may have a good selection. Alternatively, purchase puzzle books online in bulk as doing so is usually a better value.

During the birthday party celebration, students may solve some of the puzzles with classmates.

15. Erasers

You can’t go wrong with erasers because students will always need them.

However, instead of the usual pink erasers, try themed or seasonal ones in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

16. Friendship Bracelets

For participatory non-food birthday treats for school, give friendship bracelets a try.

The only materials needed are three pieces of colored string per student, safety pins (or something to hold the pieces of string together), and tape. 

After watching a tutorial on how to make friendship bracelets, students make their own. 

This enjoyable event will stay imprinted in students’ minds for years to come, and now they have a homemade party favor to take home. 

17. Coloring Book

You can make cool coloring books using simple graphic design software, or just grab a few books from a local dollar store. 

Keep in mind that coloring pages aren’t just for younger students.

Many older students love coloring, too. But if you’d like an alternative, consider bringing drawing books.

If you want to do more, add a set of crayons or colored pencils to the gift. 

Students may use their coloring books during the class party. 

Final Thoughts On Non-Food Birthday Treats for School

If food concerns are an issue when it comes to classroom birthday parties, opt instead for non-food birthday treats for school celebrations. 

These goodies are just as exciting for students, and better yet, no one will have to worry about violating any guidelines or dietary restrictions. 

What’s more, these non-food birthday treats double as party favors.

Classroom birthday parties can absolutely be a lot of fun without food!