53 Delightful Nature Writing Prompts for Students

If you’re seeking nature writing assignment ideas, try these nature writing prompts.

These writing prompts about nature fit well as part of a nature unit or as a component of an activity performed outside in nature.

Furthermore, these nature writing prompts reduce writer’s block, improve writing skills, and spark creativity.

So why not include a few of these delightful prompts into your writer’s workshop block this week?

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Nature Writing Prompts

1. Write what fun activities do you like to do in nature.

2. Think about your favorite place in nature. Using the 5 senses, describe it. Why do you like it so much?

3. Describe your favorite season of the year. Why is it your favorite?

4. Write a short story that takes place in the rainforest.

5. Write about how flowers and plants change the ambience of a place for the better.

6. Share the benefits of growing a garden.

7. What type of science experiments can your class do in order to explore nature?

8. Write about a day off from school due to a snow day.

9. You are going on a trip to an African safari! What experiences do you hope to have?

10. Compare and contrast the four seasons.

11. Write about a scary natural disaster experience that you’ve been part of or witnessed.

12. Create a story about what it would be like to climb the highest mountain in the world.

13. Among earth, water, ice, fire, and air, which do you believe is the most important and why?

14. Which season do you like best? Why?

15. How can politicians encourage people to recycle?

16. Describe a vegetable that you find absolutely disgusting. Then describe one that you love.

17. Explain why it’s important to have clean parks in our communities.

18. When the weather is scorching hot, what types of things do you do to stay cool?

19. How would life on planet Earth be different if there were no oceans?

20. What are some ways that people can show appreciation for nature?

nature writing prompts

21. Explain ways that people can protect Mother Earth from pollution and contamination.

22. How does responding to nature writing prompts build awareness for environmental concerns?

23. Share about a time when you went fishing.

24. Would you rather live in a hot or cold climate? Explain your reasoning.

25. Describe the perfect treehouse.

26. Write an article for the school newsletter telling students what actions they can take to protect the environment.

27. Recall an experience visiting a farm. Share what you learned.

28. Describe to a younger student the process of trees losing their leaves during autumn.

29. Compare and contrast a thunderstorm and a blizzard.

30. Go out into nature, and write about all the sounds, smells, feelings, and sights you experience.

31. What type of weather is your favorite and why?

32. Describe the most beautiful place in nature you’ve ever witnessed.

33. Imagine that you are on a raft in the middle of a river. What things do you see from the river that you wouldn’t normally see when on land?

34. The weather forecast is predicting a blizzard in the middle of summer. What will you do to prepare?

35. Write a story using these three words: desert, camel, mirage

36. If there were no grocery stores, describe how you would get food.

37. Invent a new vegetable or fruit. Describe it.

38. Write a story about a family of bears who live in the woods.

39. You are walking through the rainforest when all of sudden a tree starts yelling at you. Write what happens next.

40. Share a memory of going hiking.

41. As you climb a sunflower, you reach the top of the sky. Write about what you find up there.

42. Write a short story from the perspective of a sloth in a tree.

43. What are the benefits of responding to nature writing prompts?

44. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe nature.

45. Pretend you are a tree. Write about a typical day for you.

46. What are the benefits of being surrounded by nature?

47. While sitting under a tree, an acorn hits you on the head and you transform into a squirrel. Finish the story.

48. Explain how an island is formed.

49. Describe what’s it’s like to be in a storm.

50. In what ways can we keep our planet beautiful?

51. Tell about the strangest thing you’ve seen in nature.

52. Describe a rainforest.

53. Are humans doing enough to preserve nature? Why or why not?

Now you have a ready-supply of nature writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

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