61 Excellent Narrative Writing Ideas

These interesting narrative writing ideas help to generate topics that tell a story.

Narrative writing is about personal experience. The stories can be entertaining, funny, sad, or heart-warming.

They may contain characters and dialog.

Yet the thing that all ideas for narrative writing have in common is that they focus on eliciting someone’s personal experience.

The narrative writing ideas here will jump-start the narrative writing process. Because we all have tons of memories to tap into, brainstorming ideas should flow nicely.

These ideas will encourage writers to share experiences, reveal their past emotions, and relive their feelings.

Narrative Writing Ideas

The following prompts can easily be turned into fiction narrative writing ideas or essay topics.

1. Tell about a time when you experienced a natural disaster. 

2. Write about a fun vacation memory.

3. Share an experience about a teacher who you will never forget. 

4. Retell a memory of when you received help. 

5. Write about a time when you injured yourself. 

6. How do you relieve stress?

7. Share a memorable time flying on an airplane. 

8. Tell about a time when you helped to prepare a meal.

9. Recount a nervous first day of school. How did you overcome the feeling?

10. Describe the best birthday party you’ve ever attended.

11. Write about a time when you discovered something that you should not have. 

12. Tell about the best day of your life so far. 

13. Retell an embarrassing memory.

14. Share everything you know about your culture. 

15. Tell about a time when you were in danger.

16. Write about a time when you resolved a conflict respectfully.

17. Describe an extracurricular activity of which you are fond.

18. Share something funny that happened to you recently.

19. Tell about how you met your best friend. 

20. Write about a new skill that you are learning.

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21. Talk about a trip that you will never forget. 

22. Share a memory about attending a sporting event, festival, or concert with family.

23. Tell about a time when you helped someone in need. 

24. Summarize a bonding experience with your family. 

25. Describe the most amazing school field trip you’ve ever taken. 

26. Recall a time when you felt scared.

27. Write about the most joyful Christmas day.  

28. Tell about the time when you learned how to ride a bike. 

29. Share a memory about getting lost. 

30. Write about a time when you won a prize.

narrative writing ideas

31. Retell a memorable day at the beach.

32. Describe a time when you overrated to a situation.

33. Tell about a mistake you made that taught you an important lesson. 

34. Summarize the time when you first received your pet. 

35. Write about a time when you helped someone learn something new. 

36. Tell about your worst day ever.

37. Share a story about something fun that happened at summer camp.

38. Summarize the characteristics that make you unique.

39. Recount a tough decision you had to make. 

40. Describe a time when you were very impatient.

41. Tell about a time when you used music to cheer yourself up.

42. When is a time you showed leadership? Share the experience.

43. Summarize a time when you felt disappointed in yourself. 

44. Recall a time when you were grounded. 

45. Share an experience of your team winning a game.

46. Tell about an April Fool’s Day joke that you played on a friend.

47. Share an experience of making a prank call to a friend or relative.

48. Retell a time when you felt that you were treated unfairly. 

49. Discuss the worst gift you’ve ever received. 

50. Write about having fun doing an outdoor activity with your family. 

51. Tell about any unique family traditions that you enjoy.

52. When is a time that you had to deal with bullying?

53. Share an experience that changed your life for the better.

54. Write about a day that you wish you could do again and tell why.

55. Tell about a time when you made a poor grade on a test.

56. What kinds of activities do you like to do alone?

57. Share a scary experience going to the doctor or dentist. 

58. Talk about the coolest Halloween costume you’ve ever worn. 

59. Tell what you like to do on Sundays. 

60. Describe your typical after-school routine. 

61. Retell the events of tasting a dish for the first time.

Final Thoughts On Narrative Writing Ideas

Never again wonder what personal experiences to write about because now you have plenty of narrative writing ideas at your fingertips.

If you found these ideas for narrative writing helpful, you might be interested in narrative writing activities.