101 Great Morning Meeting Questions for Kids

Aid students in getting ready to learn using these helpful morning meeting questions for kids.

Lasting approximately fifteen minutes, morning meetings help students transition into learning mode.

This special time nurtures peer relationships, builds community, and provides insight for the teacher.

No matter the grade you teach, here you will find great morning meeting questions for kids that help your students start the day off well.

The questions are either funny, inspirational, or playful. And kids love them all!

So be sure to include a few of these meeting questions for kids in your morning classroom routine.

Morning Meeting Questions for Kids

The following list of morning meeting questions for kids builds community and cultivates connections among students.

1. What color represents happiness and why?

2. Do you consider yourself a humorous person?

3. What is your favorite thing to do at recess?

4. Would you rather be an only child, the eldest, or the youngest?

5. What career would you like to pursue when older?

6. What is an interesting non-fiction book you read recently?

7. What’s your favorite autumn outdoor activity?

8. If you could fly, where would you go?

9. What makes you unique?

10. Which U.S state would you like to visit and why?

11. Who is your real-life hero?

12. Which country are you most interested in visiting?

13. Do you prefer to walk or bike?

14. What is something you’re curious about?

15. How do you like to be called by friends?

16. What is one invention you can’t live without?

17. Who is the funniest person in your family?

18. Which season is your favorite?

19. What is one thing that annoys you?

20. Which classroom activity would you choose to never do again?

21. Do you make your bed every morning?

22. What do you like for dessert?

23. How can you show someone you care?

24. If you could write a book, what would be the topic?

25. How do you spend Saturday afternoons?

26. Describe the perfect birthday gift.

27. What emoji best describes how you’re feeling today?

28. Should there be assigned seating in the cafeteria? Why or why not?

29. Do you think it’s better to give or to receive?

30. What new toy do you want your parents to buy for you?

31. What’s your favorite holiday?

32. If you turned into a cat, want would you most look forward to doing?

33. When you have a bad day, what cheers you up?

34. What is your best personality trait?

35. Who is your favorite author?

36. What is your favorite blue object?

37. If you could trade places with any celebrity, who would it be?

38. What is something that makes you feel angry?

39. Which outdoor activity is best done with others?

40. Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction books?

41. Which indoor recess game is your favorite?

43. If you found $100 on the ground, what would you do?

44. What worries you?

45. Which school lunch item is your least favorite?

46. What’s your favorite specials’ class?

47. Would you rather spend the night in a haunted house or a house full of snakes?

48. What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

49. What’s more hilarious: mustard on ice cream or cereal on pizza?

50. What is one thing the teacher probably does not know about you?

morning meeting questions for kids
morning meeting questions for kids

51. What do you think of immediately when you hear the word funny?

 51. How do you get to school in the morning?

52. What’s the most delicious food?

53. Do you prefer online or in-person learning?

54. What’s your favorite smell?

55. How do you get home in the afternoon?

56. What’s your greatest strength?

57. If you started a band, what would be its name?

58. When is a time you showed courage?

59. What’s the best place you’ve ever been on vacation?

60. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

61. What is something that you don’t like sharing?

62. Do you think you’re more like your mom or dad?

63. What’s your favorite genre of music?

64. What did you have for breakfast?

65. Do you always try your best?

66. What’s your favorite after-school activity?

67. What’s your favorite educational quote?

68. When is a time you felt proud?

69. What characteristic do you love about yourself?

70. How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

71. When was the last time someone was kind to you?

72. What did you have for dinner last night?

73. What animal would make a horrible pet? 

74. If you could have lunch with any character from a book, who would you choose?

75. What classroom rule would you like to change?

76. What’s the hardest thing about being a child?

77. When is the last time you were kind to someone?

78. What do you have in common with one of your classmates? 

79. What do you like to do for fun?

80. Do you prefer sweet or salty foods?

81. What is something that you are thankful for?

82. What’s your favorite whole-class reward?

83. Where were you born?

84. What’s your favorite vegetable?

85. What’s your favorite thing to wear?

86. Do you consider yourself a leader?

87. What’s a color you don’t like?

88. What’s your favorite sports team?

89. If you could change one thing in your bedroom, what would it be?

90. What are you excited to do when older?

91. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

92. Do you prefer swimming in a pool or the ocean?

93. What are two adjectives that describe you?

94. What motivates you?

95. Are you organized or messy?

96. What foods are you allergic to?

97. What’s your favorite part of the school day? 

98. In your opinion, what’s the hardest school subject?

99. What are you going to have for lunch today?

100. What are you doing this weekend?

101. What bad habit do you need to break?

Final Thoughts: Morning Meeting Questions for Kids

Use these morning meeting questions for kids as part of your morning classroom management routine.

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