Hundreds of Editable Cut & Paste Report Card Comments to Save You Time & Your Sanity

meaningful report card comments pdf

This Cut & Paste Report Card Comments Bundle contains all the right phrases and words you need to communicate effectively with parents.

Simply locate the phrases you need, tweak them a bit, and then cut/paste them into your desired work document. Such a time saver!

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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


Report card comment writing time is dreadful, and you’d rather it be over already.


You always find yourself trying to brainstorm the “just right” words and phrases.


You wish you could have the comments done for you and just tweak them a bit.

Well, You’re In Luck My Friend.

Now You’ve Got a Chance to Have Hundreds of Cut & Paste Report Card Comments Right at Your Fingertips!

Save hours of time by not reinventing the wheel.

Have a resource of well-written comments to use as your base.

Spend your time instead on other important tasks.

Feel a sense of relief that you don’t have to start from scratch!


Cut & Paste Report Card Comments Bundle

Hundreds of well-written report card comments that you can simply tweak and then cut & paste into your own work document.

Yes, this simple yet powerful resource is ‘da bomb!

meaningful report card comments pdf

What Makes these Report Card Comments Different?


Any Curriculum

These comments can be adjusted to fit most school curricula.

All Subjects

Included are comments that cover a variety of subjects – even distance learning.


Microsoft Word Format

You can edit and tweak these useful phrases to your hearts’ content.

Comments Include…

  • reading strategies & skills
  • reading comprehension
  • fluency
  • vocabulary
  • phonemic awareness/phonics
  • general writing skills
  • writing conventions
  • writing process
  • handwriting
  • math problem solving
  • general math comments
  • science inquiry
  • science concepts
  • science tools
  • social studies comments
  • needs improvements/next steps
  • absences
  • behavior/conduct
  • end-of-year/final comments
  • openings/introductions
  • closings
  • report card comment narratives

Just-Added Bonuses!

Distance Learning Comments

If you’re teaching remotely, you’re definitely going to need a set of comments for distance learning. I’ve got you covered!


Report Card Comment Narratives

Use these paragraph-style comments as the foundation for all of your report card comments.


ESL Report Card Comments

Support your ESL learners by documenting their language proficiency accurately. These research-based comments get the job done!

Hey! I’m Missi…

I’m so excited to share with you this resource of report card comments that I’ve collected over the years as a classroom teacher.

Report card writing time is dreadful.

It was one part of teaching that I truly disliked because I was such a perfectionist and wanted each comment to be “just right”.

To make the task more tolerable, I’d recycle my comments year after year, only tweaking them to align with the needs and personalities of the current students.

Now I’m sharing my secret stash of report card comments with other educators because I know they’ll save you oodles of time.

It’s a resource you’ll definitely want to keep in your teaching toolkit.

So do yourself a favor and grab a copy.

And say hello to a lot less stress during report card writing time! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions…

For Which Grade Levels Are These Templates?

These report card comments were written for elementary-aged students – specifically 2nd through 5th graders.

However, early middle school teachers may find value in using them.

How Do I Access the Files?

After purchasing, you’ll immediately receive a link to download your Cut & Paste Report Card Comments Bundle, which you’ll download within a Word document.

To secure lifetime access to your purchase, immediately download it onto your computer device so that you have it on hand whenever you need.

Due to security reasons, the download link will expire 1 week from the date of purchase.

Do You Offer a Refund Policy?

Because of the nature of instant digital products, no refunds are allowed.

Are the Files Editable?

Yes, all of the comments are in a Word document.

How Many Pages Are Included?

You’ll have access to over 60 pages of editable report card comments.

How Large is the File?

The entire Word file is approximately 84 KB.

Have a Question?


Click the yellow “Have a question?” box in the bottom right hand corner, and I’ll respond as soon as I can!

Grab the Cut & Paste Report Card Comments Bundle!

meaningful report card comments pdf

Only $11

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