51 Wonderful May Writing Prompts (w/ Printable Calendar)

Celebrate the themes, events, ideas, people, and traditions connected with the fifth month of the year using these wonderful May writing prompts for students.

Not only do these May writing prompts eliminate writer’s block, but they also

  • Sharpen writing skills,
  • Increase love for writing,
  • Spark the imagination,
  • Deepen knowledge, and
  • Provide students with an opportunity to reflect upon personal experiences.

No matter the grade you teach, you’re sure to find a May writing prompt here to serve your needs.

So why not pencil into your lesson plans a few of these marvelous free May writing prompts?

May Writing Prompts

1. Describe some fun things that you like to do during the month of May.

2. Explain the difference between May the month and may the verb.

3. Share what is unique about the English language.

4. Describe what the outdoors looks like during the spring season.

5. What fun learning activities does your class do during the month of May?

6. Write about a usual day in the life of a teacher’s coffee mug. 

7. Tell the importance of staying physically fit. 

8. In your opinion, what are the best things about the month of May?

9. Come up with a social media hashtag for the month of May. What events, ideas, symbols, and celebrations will be associated with your hashtag and why?

10. If you had the choice, how would you redesign your bedroom?

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11. Write a letter to the school nurse, thanking her for her service. 

12. Compose a poem about the month of May. 

13. Create a fun brain break that your teacher may want to use between lessons. 

14. Write a Mother’s Day letter to your mom (or other female relative) sharing how much you love and appreciate her. 

15. Draft a story that includes these words: May, flower, shower, bloom, insects

16. How can residents show respect to trees and other plants?

17. Describe the consequences of not being organized. 

18. Share a memorable experience you had visiting a relative or a relative visiting you. 

19. Convince your family that planting a garden is a good idea. 

20. Using your senses, describe a strawberry. 

May writing prompts
May writing prompts

21. Pretend that you are the principal. Make a broadcast of the school’s weekly announcements. 

22. If you could learn to play an instrument, which would it be and why?

23. Write a story about a sea turtle that befriends a pirate. 

24. Imagine that you are the King or Queen of a country. What rules would you put into place so that there is always peace?

25. Do you prefer to bring lunch from home or to eat in the cafeteria? Explain your choice. 

26. Compose a poem about May flowers. 

27. Share your favorite school event from this school year. 

28. Describe a hamburger using all five senses. 

29. In what ways can citizens show honor and respect to veterans?

30. Explain how to care for a plant. 

31. Write a letter to the students in the grade level below you, informing them of what to expect next school year. 

32. What are the benefits of responding to May writing prompts?

33. Summarize how to use study skills to improve academic performance.

34. Tell what you are most looking forward to doing during summer break.

35. What does loyalty mean to you?

36. Describe the pros and cons of having siblings. 

37. Write about any significant goals you accomplished this school year. 

38. Share the benefits of riding a bike. 

39. Plan a Cinco de Mayo celebration. What activities will you have, which types of food, where will it be, and who is invited?

40. Write a paragraph about your family history.

41. Compare and contrast yourself now vs. the beginning of the school year.

42. Tell the difference between a pie chart and a bar graph.

43. What activities are you looking forward to participating in next month?

44. Summarize the key lessons you’ve learned this school year.

45. Write a letter convincing your friends to make healthy food choices during the vacation months.

46. Compose a haiku about the month of May.

47. In a relay race, would you rather run first, last, or in the middle? Why?

48. Tell about a time this school year when you overcame a big obstacle.

49. Write five opinions and ten facts about the month of May.

50. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being great), how would you rate your school year and why?

51. Draft a book recommendation of a read-aloud book you heard recently.

May Writing Prompts Calendar

You’re all set to use these amazing May writing prompts as writing activities during writer’s workshop.

If you would like a PDF of these prompts, download the May writing prompts calendar printable.