51 Letter Writing Prompts: Fun Ideas to Write About

If you’re looking for fun letter writing ideas, take a look at these friendly letter writing prompts.

Due to technological advances, letter writing is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

However, this unique skill is still very much needed and appreciated in the world.

Using these prompts, not only will learners enjoy writing for a real purpose, but they’ll also benefit by having improved writing skills.

So pencil into your writer’s workshop block this week a few of these letter writing prompts for students.

Letter Writing Prompts

1. Write a letter to your mom or dad sharing all the things you love about her/him.

2. Write to a friend who lives far away, sharing something cool that happened in your city recently.

3. Draft a letter to a friend asking what they have been up to lately.

4. Write a letter to the principal thanking her/him for being a great role model.

5. Write a letter to your pen pal who lives in another country, asking her about special traditions, foods, activities, etc. in her country. Share traditions, foods, and activities from your country, too.

6. Draft a letter to your teacher, thanking her/him for teaching you.

7. Write a diary entry about the first time you met your best friend.

8. Write a “Dear Mom” letter to your mother. Tell her how much you appreciate her.

9. Draft a letter to a relative, sharing how much you miss them. Tell what activities you’re excited to do with them once when you see each other again.

10. Write a letter to someone thanking him/her for teaching you a valuable lesson.

11. Write a goodbye letter to a classmate or friend who is moving to another city, state, or country.

12. Write a letter of apology to someone you hurt.

13. Write a letter to Santa Claus, telling him everything you want for Christmas.

14. Your friend missed your birthday party because she was sick. Write a letter explaining that you understand..

15. Draft a letter to your teacher persuading him/her to give less homework.

16. Write a letter to a friend that is written in a secret code.

letter writing prompts
letter writing prompts

17. Write a letter to your principal convincing her to change a school rule. Give reasons why the change would be good.

18. Draft a letter to the owner of an amusement park offering ideas for a new attraction.

19. Draft a letter to your favorite author, sharing why you enjoy reading his books.

20. Write a letter to your teacher, convincing her why you should be chosen for a particular classroom job.

21. Write a letter convincing the teacher to get a class pet.

22. Write a letter to your pet, telling it how much you love and appreciate it.

23. Draft a letter to a friend or loved one who lives far away telling her some things that have been happening with you lately.

24. Write a letter to a friend telling her all the sites you want to see when you visit her.

25. Write a letter to a classmate who is feeling down, offering advice about how to cheer up.

26. Write a letter to a firefighter, police officer, or other public servant thanking them for their hard work.

27. Write a letter to yourself 20 years into the future. What would you like to share with your older self?

28. Write a letter to your teacher, telling her/him some unique things about yourself.

29. Draft a letter to your grandparents, asking them about how school life is different now compared to when they were students.

30. Write a letter to someone who you admire.

31. Write the chef of your favorite restaurant. Thank him/her for creating amazing dishes and providing great services. Then offer one piece of helpful feedback.

32. If you’re trapped on a deserted island, what message will you write to put in a bottle?

33. Write a letter from the perspective of a pig, cow, or turkey persuading humans not to eat it.

34. Draft a letter to a friend explaining how you got your nickname.

35. Write a letter to a younger student telling him/her what to expect when he/she gets to your grade level.

36. Imagine that you recently had bad service at a restaurant. Write a letter of complaint to the manager.

37. Write a letter to your local politician, persuading him/her to start a clean-up campaign for the community.

38. Write a sweet Valentine’s Day letter to someone you love.

39. Write a letter to a close friend, sharing how much you appreciate the friendship.

40. Draft a message to the people who will be alive 150 years from now. What do you want them to know about what life is like now?

41. Write a letter sharing what type of career you’re thinking to pursue after high school.

42. Draft a letter to your parents sharing a goal that you have and the steps you will take in order to reach the goal.

43. Write a thank you letter to someone in history who made a huge impact.

44. Write a letter for the school newspaper persuading classmates to donate to the local animal charity.

45. Draft a letter for a fitness magazine sharing the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

46. Write a letter to a classmate explaining the importance of responding to letter writing prompts.

47. Write a letter to a friend detailing an amazing trip you took.

48. A new student will be arriving at your school next week. Write a letter telling him/her what to expect.

49. In your opinion, what’s the benefit of responding to letter writing prompts?

50. Compare and contrast a friendly letter and a business letter.

51. Explain how to write a good letter.

Final Thoughts: Letter Writing Prompts

Now you have a treasure-trove of fun and friendly writing letter prompts to use for various writing activities.

If needed, review with students the essentials of letter writing before giving these prompts.