7 Legitimate Work-from-Home Jobs for Teachers Looking for Options

Yes, there are legitimate work-from-home job options for teachers.

If you’re looking for legit ways to make money in education while doing it all from the comfort of your own home, keep reading.

These work-from-home side hustles for teachers can even be turned into a full-time income.

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Legitimate Work-from-Home Jobs for Educators

The first two work-from-home jobs for teachers have the lowest barrier to entry and allow you to start making money right from the comfort of your home relatively quick.

1. Teach English Online.

You’re a teacher, and unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard the rave reviews about teaching English online.

VipKid is the most popular choice to date, but there are lots of companies for teaching English online to kids and adults.

Keep in mind …

Just because you’re an experienced brick-and-mortar educator with years of experience and advanced degrees doesn’t mean you’ll be swooped up for online teaching with relative ease.

A legitimate work-from-home job teaching English to kids or adults is a different ballgame.

It’s a skill-set that encompasses more than just content knowledge.

Companies are often looking for a “specific thing” that either you have or you don’t.

From speaking with several VipKid instructors, many confess that the ability to be animated and extremely likeable are huge assets to getting hired.

Know your stuff but stiff as a board?

Then you probably won’t be a fit for that respective company or agencies similar to it.

BUT … as mentioned previously, there are LOTS of online teaching options available if working from home in this area of online jobs appeals to you.

Working from Home Teaching English to Adults

You always hear about teaching English online to kids, but what about teaching English to adults?

EnglishFirst (EF) is such an option.

With many online ESL companies, you market your own services. It can take weeks to build up a steady stream of bookings.

However, with EnglishFirst, the company books clients for you. You simply show up and teach.

The downside of teaching adults online is that the pay is usually less.

Overall, working from home as an ESL teacher requires finding a routine, a schedule (many working hours are done in different time zones), and a customer base that you can stick with.

How To Get Started Working from Home as an ESL Teacher:

On average, the application and interview process of online ESL companies takes at most a few weeks.

If you’re a teacher in need of money now, making money online teaching English is one of the quicker routes.

Here’s a short list of online ESL companies to get you started…

Pay rate with these companies ranges from $10 up to $25 per hour.

2. Work for Education or Freelancing Companies.

Virtual schools and non-profit organizations at times hire educators, contributors, and educational analysts to publish a steady stream of content, conduct research, or instruct students.

These work-from-home opportunities for educators don’t seem to be actively promoted online, but they’re listed here and there.

The company K12 is a virtual school that’s becoming more popular.

It advertises itself as an online school providing “a high-quality, personalized education experience” to students.

A former colleague of mine now works for this company as an administrator.

Though she admits it’s very tough work, she constantly gushes about how working from home can’t be beat.

Note that working for K12 is pretty much a full-time thing, but if you’re okay teaching in a K-12 setting in a complete virtual setting, this option may work for you.


Try educational resources sites or freelancing online agencies.

Educational resources websites sometimes look for contributors to write fresh content for the sites.

Freelancing websites, on the other hand, allow you to post your profile, market your unique skills (whatever they are; doesn’t have to be education elated), and work one-on-one with clients on terms that you and the client set.

Market any unique skills you possess such as translating, proofreading, virtual assistance, coding, etc.

Angle your talents/skill-set to attract new clients, make yourself stand-out among the crowd, and have patience.

So how can you get started?

How To Get Started Working from Home with Job with Education Companies or Freelancing Sites:

  • Apply to become a contributor for ReadWriteThink. This serves as a good experience to add to your education resume, too.

3.  Freelance As a Writer.

You’re a teacher, so it’s highly likely that you have decent writing skills.

That’s why another good and legitimate work-from-home job for teachers is freelance writing.

This is a potentially very lucrative option.

Essentially, you pick a niche, scope out online businesses in your chosen niche that need blog content published regularly, and you write content for that company.

The key is to choose a profitable niche such as technology or finance. These companies usually have greater budgets and are more willing to pay well per blog post.

Of course there is money to be made in other niches, but you’d have to do your research.

The difference between freelancing sites and freelance writing

Freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork serve as third-party sites.

Basically, these platforms set up the structure and clientele that enables you to sell your services.

Though you still have to market your skills and compete with other individuals offering the same services as you, these platforms offer you access to hundreds, even thousands of potential clients … all in one convenient place.

Because of this, they take a cut of your profit margin.

On the other hand, with freelance writing, you work for yourself.

You’re responsible for building your own platform and looking for your own clients.

Clients pay you directly for your time and work; there is no middleman.

How To Work from Home as a Freelance Writer:

If you’re serious about working from home, sign up for a free class to learn how to start a profitable freelancing business.

4. Open a Teachers-Pay-Teachers Store.

If you’ve got the dedication and drive to consistently create quality content on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), you can make very good passive income.

Imagine making money online while you sleep.

Teachers Pay Teachers has afforded a significant number of hard-working teachers to finally work from home, creating digital products in their PJs.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

To make TpT work, start slowly.

None of those TpT top sellers were a success overnight or even after a few months.

Selling on TpT is a long-term investment.

It’s a lot of work upfront, but the rate of return is as high as you desire. 

TpT is one of the best platforms for teachers who want to work from home while creating passive income.

Put in the hard work now, and then let the work make more money for you.

Following is some insight regarding what separates the top sellers on TpT from those just dabbling …

  • Quality products that serve a consumer need
  • Product covers that are visually appealing
  • Clear and comprehensive product previews
  • A good number of quality products (at least 50)
  • Fair pricing of items that seems “just right”
  • Responding to customers‘ feedback/making adjustments to products accordingly
  • Consistency with creating new products and/or keeping older resources up-to-date
  • Strategic marketing on platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Going over-and-beyond to be a great seller

Do you think you have want it takes to be a successful seller on TpT?

How To Start Working from Home with TpT:

Take a look at this beginner’s guide to selling on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Remember, there’s a significant learning curve to selling on TpT. 

So have the right mindset, and be in it to win it.

5.  Start an Online Business/Blogging.

Working legitimate jobs from home as a teacher is made possible in this day and age because of the Internet.

And it all started with blogging.

This method of making money online arguably takes the most effort and time but has good income potential.

And I’m not just talking about starting a teacher blog.

I’m talking about starting an online business about any topic you enjoy plus one that serves a need.

Like TpT, blogging and/or launching an online business is a major learning curve.

How To Work from Home as an Online Business Owner/Blogger:

6. Tutoring

Tutoring is another excellent work-from-home job option for teachers.

Via the power of technology, you no longer have to physically have students come to you or you go to them.

Market your tutoring services online by launching a YouTube channel, Facebook page, or even a website.

Showcase your skill-set by providing tutorial sessions on these social media platforms. Doing so positions you as the expert, and with time, you’ll gain clients.

A tutoring business, whether full-time or part-time, is a really great work-from-home option that can pay off if done right.

How To Launch a Tutoring Business:

7. Social Media Manager

This last work-from-home job option rewards you well if you’ve got the right skill-set.

A good number of educators who blog and/or run a Teachers Pay Teachers store utilize social media such as Pinterest and Facebook to promote their products.

If you’re one of those individuals, why not leverage that skill-set by offering social media digital marketing services to business owners in other niches?

Many online business owners simply want to focus on customer interactions, not marketing.

They’ll gladly pay for a digital marketing expert who has the ability to expand the company’s reach via social media.

So if that’s something that you know how to do or are willing to learn, go for it.

As an added bonus, this legitimate work-from-home job for teachers generally pays well because it’s in the marketing niche.

Any time you help people make more money, you potentially earn more.

How to Create a Work-from-Home Job as a Social Media Manager:

Courses on Facebook Ads and Pinterest as marketing vehicles abound online. So do your research.

Begin with Udemy.

You’ve Got Legitimate Job Options For Working From Home

Legitimate work-from-home jobs for teachers do exist, but like any job, you’ve got to put in the grind to make it work.

With time, you can make a decent part-time (or even full-time) income right from the comfort of your home.