33 Spectacular June Writing Prompts for Students and Kids

Whether you’re teaching summer school or living in a part of the world where school is still in session, these spectacular June writing prompts are sure to come in handy as you plan June writing activities.

Incorporating June daily writing prompts into your writing instruction highlights the events, ideas, activities, holidays, and themes connected with the month of June.

Additionally, these June writing prompts inspire a love for writing, build writing skills, spark imagination, and encourage self-reflection plus critical thinking.

No longer will students wonder what they should write about in summer.

So try out with kids and students these delightful June writing journal prompts that celebrate the sixth month of the year.

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June Writing Prompts

1. Create a game that involves flipping a coin 100 times. 

2. Write the best things about the month of June. 

3. Compose a funny story about a kid who glides down a river in a doughnut boat. 

4. Would you rather hike in the forest or swim in the ocean? Explain your choice. 

5. Write a story about two friends taking a hot air balloon ride. 

6. Describe the benefits of gardening. 

7. Create a new ice cream flavor. Describe it. 

8. Share the memory of how and when you met your best friend. 

9. Explain the pros and cons of summer vacation. 

10. Write a letter to your teacher, trying to convince her/him to allow the class to write in pen during math. 

11. Compare and contrast popcorn vs. corn on the cob. 

12. Describe what your town or city looks like during the month of June. 

13. Tell the similarities and differences between summer and winter clothing. 

14. What do the colors and designs on your state flag represent? 

15. Compose a poem that feels happy. 

16. Why is it important to eat veggies on a regular basis?

17. Write an article for the school newspaper, encouraging students to eat vegetables every day. 

More June Journal Writing Prompts

18. Explain what makes your dad (or father-figure) so great. 

19. Share an experience of going on a picnic. 

20. Describe the best outdoor activities to do in June. 

21. Share your favorite memory from a past summer.

22. Brainstorm a social media hashtag for the month of June. What ideas does your hashtag represent? 

23. If you could choose any color to represent your personality, which would you choose and why?

24. Write about a memory of losing a tooth. 

25. How would your life be different if you lived 100 years ago?

26. Tell about a time when you forgave someone for mistreating you. What happened, and how did things end?

27. Design a cool new pair of sunglasses. Make a quick sketch, and then describe them. 

28. Explain why someone would say that June is the best birthday month. 

29. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a beach towel.

30. What fun things does your family like to do in June?

31. Share about a time when you felt really bored during a summer vacation. 

32. In your opinion, what are the benefits of responding to June writing prompts?

33. Compose a haiku about a topic related to the month of June.

34. Would you rather skateboard, bike, or ride a scooter? Explain your choice.

Final Thoughts

You’re all set to celebrate the traditions, special events, and memories of June using these fun June writing prompts.

If you would like a free printable (PDF) of these journal prompts, download June writing prompts calendar.

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