Writing Prompts for Kids

Here you will find thousands of exciting, interesting, and fun writing prompts for kids and students of all ages.

These prompts cover a variety of topics so you’re sure to find a theme to fit whichever topic you’re seeking.

What Are Some Fun Writing Prompts?

Write about a day in the life of a dog superhero.

Would you rather eat ice cream with mustard or pizza with spinach? Why?

If your cell phone came to life, what would it say to you, and what would it do?

Describe a song that reflects some part of your life.

Share a story about the funniest memory that you have about this school year.

What Are Good Writing Topics for Kids?

Good writing topics for kids include pets, school, family fun, holidays, and space.

See 1,000 + great writing topics for kids below.

Writing prompts for kids and students of all ages ❤