101 Interesting Topics to Write About

Students stumped for ideas and don’t have interesting topics to write about? If so, this list of great topics is definitely for them.

Writer’s block is real, and students can become easily frustrated when they don’t know what to write about.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of interesting topics to write about so that your students will never be at a loss for ideas. 

Not only are these topics fun and interesting, but they also help students develop writing skills, share personal experiences, express their thoughts, and stretch their imaginations. 

So take this list of interesting topics to write about, and include a few of the prompts in your writing lessons this week.

Interesting Topics to Write About

These interesting topics to write about are divided into the following categories: yourself, family, animals, sports, food, places


1. What hidden talents do you have?

2. If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?

3. What traits do you like about yourself? Describe them.

4. Describe some of the benefits of being yourself.

5. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? What steps can you take to improve your weaknesses?

6. How would your life be different if you were born 50 years in the past? 

7. What is a talent that you wish you had and why?

8. Write ten to fifteen facts that your teacher does not know about you.

9. As far back as you can, tell about your family tree or history.

10. Write about a time when you surprised yourself.

11. Tell about a time when you were proud of yourself.

12. What color represents your personality and why?

13. Why do you think some people become bullies? How can this issue be resolved?

14. Write a letter to your 50-year-old self, telling about your life as a kid and/or reminiscing about your childhood.

15. What can you do repeatedly without getting bored of it? Why is this action so exciting?

16. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

17. What is something that you absolutely love about your culture and/or ethnicity? Why do you love this aspect so much?

18. Tell about a time when you showed responsibility.

19. Would you rather be a cactus, sunflower, or rose? Why? 

20. What is something that you wish you could do now but are too young?

21. Share an interesting memory that you have from kindergarten.

22. Which emoji represents how you feel today? Why?

23. Describe your music preferences.

24. If you had to fill a time capsule (that will not be opened until 20 years later) with special artifacts from your life, what objects would you place in it and why?

25. Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

26. Why do you think some careers earn more or less than others?


1. Write one nice thing about each person in your family. 

2. Do you think it is better to be an only child or have siblings? Explain.

3. Write about a silly fight that you had with a sibling or best friend.

4. Compare and contrast your dad, uncle, and grandpa.

5. Tell about a time when you cooked a meal with your family, and it accidentally burned. 

6. Write about a game night with your family that turned really competitive. 

7. Share a Christmas morning memory that tops all Christmas memories!

8. Describe a time when your family ate breakfast foods for dinner.

9. Write about a family member that makes you laugh often.

10. Retell a funny story of you or someone in your family passing gas or burping out loud. (ha! ha!)

11. Who in your family is the most strict with you? Why do you say this?

12. Share a hilarious story that happened to you and a family member.

13. Write about a memorable weekend activity that started great but quickly took a turn for the worst.

14. Share the most memorable road trip you have had with your family. 

15. Tell about a time when you were frustrated with your family.

16. Retell a time when you made your parents mad.

17. Share a story about something nice a special relative did for you.

18. Share a special family tradition.

19. Write about when a family member taught you something.

20. Tell about a time when you disappointed your parents.


1. In your opinion, do pets help humans feel less lonely? Why or why not?

2. Why do you think people should or should not be vegetarians?

3. Write about the funniest animal trick you have seen. 

4. What animal would you like to be for a day and why?

5. Discuss the importance of animals in our world.

6. Write about a funny memory between you and your pet.

7. Tell about a time when you were bitten by an insect or other animal.

8. What is your favorite zoo animal and why?

9. Write what you think a typical day is like for a fish that lives in a fish bowl.

10. Describe a hungry snake. What does it do? How does it look? What actions does it show?

11. Write about a time when you were frightened by an animal.

12. Describe the life cycle of a butterfly.

13. What do you think it would be like as an ant? Explain.

14. Should dogs be allowed in restaurants if kept on a leash? Why or why not?

15. Write about a time when you saw or caught a lightning bug.

16. Share about the time you received your first pet. 

17. Are pets like family? Should they be treated like children? Why or why not?

18. Give the similarities and differences between amphibians and reptiles.

19. Write about a strange encounter that you had with an animal.


1. Write about a time you injured yourself playing outside.

2. Describe how to play your favorite game.

3. Compare and contrast an outdoor game to an online game.

4. Write a story about a typical day in the life of a basketball.

5. Share a time you beat a really good player at a game.

6. Write about a time when you were not picked for a team.

7. What is your absolute favorite board game and why?

8. Write about a time when you were a cheering fan in a stadium.

9. What is it like at your house during Super Bowl Sunday or the World Cup?

10. Why do you think it is important to have rules in sports and games?

11. Should genders be combined in professional sports? Why or why not?

12. What is the best P.E game or sport? Why?

13. Would you rather be the best player on a team that never wins or the worst player on a team that always wins? Explain your thinking.


1. Describe your favorite dessert. 

2. Write about the first time (that you remember) trying new food from another culture.

3. Tell the importance of eating healthy foods regularly.

4. Create a new cafeteria menu for the school. Make sure it includes all five weekdays.

5. What is for dinner tonight? You pick! Describe the meal in detail.

6. Compare and contrast juice and soda.

7. Describe water using all five senses.

8. Would you rather bring lunch from home or eat in the cafeteria? Explain your answer.

9. What is your favorite healthy food and why? 

10. Write about a new food that you tried and really liked.

11. Describe festival or state fair food. What makes it different from the types of food that you eat every day?

12. Should schools sell junk food to kids? Why or why not?

13. Imagine that you walk outside, and it’s raining grapes. Write what happens next.

14. Create your own pizza. What toppings are on it? Is there anything special about it?

15. What food represents you as a person? Explain.

16. What are the best foods to eat in the summertime and the best foods to eat during winter?

17. Tell about eating spicy or very hot food.


1. How can a museum be more entertaining and an amusement park more educational?

2. Do you prefer carpeted or bare floors? Why?

3. Tell about your first time riding in an airplane.

4. Are you happier in nature or in a city-like setting? Explain your choice.

5. Write about the first time that you remember visiting another country.

6. Would you rather go exploring deep in the ocean or the outer limits of space? Explain your choice.

Final Thoughts: Interesting Topics to Write About

Now your students have an assortment of interesting topics to write about; writer’s block is a thing of the past!

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