37 Excellent Informational Writing Prompts for 5th Grade

Motivate students to show what they know using these informational writing prompts for 5th grade. 

What Is Informative Writing for 5th Grade?

Informational writing assignments prompt fifth graders to think logically rather than creatively. 

These essay writing topics challenge students to communicate ideas that are factual and/or research-based. It’s a great opportunity to introduce research topics

Furthermore, with informational writing, fifth graders strengthen their ability to differentiate what is true versus what is not.

True statements can be credited to a credible source and supported with evidence. 

As a result, 5th graders build strong writing skills plus writing confidence as they respond to these informational writing prompts for 5th grade students. 

So why not include a handful of these interesting informational writing prompts for 5th grade students in your writer’s workshop lessons for the week?

Informational Writing Prompts for 5th Grade

1. What are the effects of too much air pollution?

2. Explain the life cycle of a butterfly. 

3. Think about your favorite author. Give examples of recurring themes in his/her books. 

4. Tell the purpose of paying taxes. 

5. What is the importance of responding to informational writing prompts for 5th grade?

6. Describe the Sahara Desert.

7. Write a city guide that informs tourists about all the hotspots in town. 

8. Talk about a day in the life of a principal (or other occupation). 

9. Compare and contrast space and the bottom of the sea. 

10. Describe how fifth graders can use study skills to support academic success. 

11. How can residents prepare for natural disasters?

12. What do the colors and designs on your country’s flag symbolize?

13. Explain how to solve a math word problem. 

14. Write the steps involved in making orange juice. Start with picking the orange from the tree until it ends up in a supermarket. 

15. Tell why the leaves change color during the fall months.

16. Write everything you know about Antarctica.

17. Create a school brochure telling facts about your school. 

More 5th Grade Expository Writing Prompts

18. Write a short biography about a person in history who has made a big impact on how we live today.

19. Give the causes and effects of a tornado.

20. What are the rules for writing a haiku?

21. Explain to someone who lived 150 years ago how a cell phone works. 

22. Provide examples and non-examples of mischief. 

23. Write a letter to a student in the grade below you, informing him/her of what to expect next school year.

24. What is the purpose of a zoo?

25. Tell the benefits of having house plants. 

26. Explain the three branches of government. 

27. Pretend that you are a meteorologist. Give the weather forecast for the next three days. 

28. State the benefits of learning a second language. 

29. What is the difference between a T-shirt and a blouse?

30. Write an article for the school’s newsletter offering information about ways to entertain oneself without technology.

31. Summarize a good book you read recently. 

32. Explain the water cycle. 

33. Write about a big event happening in the world right now. 

34. Describe healthy habits that keep people fit. 

35. Share all the different mediums that people use to consume current events. 

36. What are some causes and effects of air travel?

37. Explain how to add fractions. 

How Do You Write a 5th Grade Informational Paragraph?

When writing a 5th grade informational paragraph, it’s helpful to begin with an outline.

  • The first sentence is your introduction which states your topic.
  • Then write a few sentences that provide more detail about the subject.
  • Afterwards, finish your informational paragraph with a concluding statement.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a ready-supply of informative prompts to add to your collection of 5th grade writing resources.

Before assigning these informational writing prompts for 5th, it might be helpful to review informative expository writing with students.

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