33 Top Quality Informational Writing Prompts for 4th Grade

Encourage learners to show what they know using these informational writing prompts for 4th grade students. 

What Is Informational Writing for 4th Graders?

Informational writing assignments require students to think logically rather than creatively. 

This type of writing challenges students to communicate ideas that are factual and research-based. It’s a good opportunity to introduce research topics

What’s more, with informational writing, fourth graders learn to distinguish between what is true and what is not.

Factual statements can be supported with evidence and credited to a credible source. 

Thus, fourth graders will build strong writing skills and confidence as they respond to these informational writing prompts for 4th grade. 

Whether you’re seeking 4th grade STAAR expository writing assignments, 4th grade essay topics, or simply informative expository writing ideas, here you will find what you need.

So as you’re planning your writer’s workshop lesson plans for the week, be sure to include a few of these engaging informational writing prompts for 4th grade.

Informational Writing Prompts for 4th Grade

1. Describe your after-school routine. 

2. What are some of the safety measures that fourth graders should follow when riding a bike?

3. Explain the life cycle of a frog. 

4. Think about your favorite author. Give examples of recurring themes in his/her books. 

5. Describe the duties connected with your classroom job.

6. Write a short biography about a significant person in history.

7. Explain how to play tetherball.

8. Talk about a day in the life of a teacher.

9. Write about the different bodies of water that exist in the world. 

10. Describe your morning routine. 

11. Explain Field Day to someone not familiar with the event.

12. Provide examples of nonfiction text features, and explain how they help readers comprehend better. 

13. Share what you think it means to be a good citizen.

14. Write the characteristics of a farm. How is it different from a city?

15. Using the five senses, describe your favorite flavored ice cream. 

16. What is the importance of responding to informational writing prompts for 4th grade?

17. Explain to a 100-year old how to write and send an email. 

18. Detail a few study skills that fourth graders can use to support academic success. 

19. Share the advantages and disadvantages of owning a pet. 

20. Write an article for the school’s newsletter offering tips on how to care for a pet. 

21. Summarize your favorite TV show episode. 

22. Why is it important to attend school? Provide specific reasons. 

23. Tell the similarities and differences between an apartment and a house. 

24. How can someone become a better reader?

25. What are the similarities and differences between fiction and nonfiction books?

26. Explain an Easter egg hunt to a child who has never participated in one. 

27. What is a thesaurus, and how do you use it? 

28. Share what it means to be a good friend. 

29. Write a letter to your parents, informing them that you have reached all of your SMART goals. 

30. Describe a rainforest. 

31. Tell what responsibilities or duties you have as a member of your family. 

32. In what ways can people care for the environment?

33. Tell how to play your favorite recess game. 

34. Compare and contrast two outer planets. 

How Do You Write a 4th Grade Informational Paragraph?

To write a 4th grade informational paragraph, start with an outline.

The first sentence is your introduction which states your topic.

Then you follow with a few statements that explain, or inform, in more detail about your topic.

Finally, summarize your findings or thoughts with a concluding sentence.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a collection of informative prompts to add to your collection of 4th grade writing educational resources.

It might be helpful to first review informative writing with students before assigning these informational writing prompts for 4th.

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