101 Powerful I Am Affirmations for Students

Affirmations are powerful statements that have a huge impact on students’ learning. 

That’s why it’s helpful to incorporate I am affirmations for students into daily instruction. 

What’s the purpose of student affirmations?

Affirmations are sentences that grow one’s mindset in a positive way. These phrases motivate and inspire students to do their very best and reach their goals. 

The idea is that reciting affirmations on a daily basis will eventually influence students’ thoughts and behaviors. 

See the science behind repeating positive daily affirmations.

This is the reason why schools are weaving into their curriculums a variety of I am affirmations for students. 

Powerful I am affirmations for students …

  • Motivate learners to get good grades
  • Change negative behaviors into positive ones
  • Keep students focused
  • Influence students’ subconscious mind

No matter the grade you teach (elementary, middle, or high school), the following I am affirmations for students from teachers will serve your classroom needs well. 

I Am Affirmations for Students

Whether you seek powerful affirmations for getting good grades or law of attraction affirmations for students, these I am affirmations for students will serve you well. 

1. I am a student full of imagination and creative ideas. 

2. I am not in competition with other students because each journey is unique. 

3. I am a good influence on younger students.

4. I am cooperative during group assignments and games.

5. I am able to adapt to changes because I realize change can be good.

6. I am happy to say “good job” or “congratulations” to students who deserve it. 

7. I am diligent in how I complete class assignments.

8. I am able to take ownership when I have done something wrong.

9. I am open to constructive criticism from teachers and peers. 

10. I am committed to following my action plans until I achieve my SMART goals. 

11. I am accepting of my strengths and weaknesses. 

12. I am curious and inquisitive about the world around me.

13. I am safe to share my ideas and thoughts with the teacher.

14. I am intrinsically motivated to accomplish tasks. 

15. I am ready to accomplish great things today.

16. I am willing to try new things.

17. I am resilient because I don’t allow obstacles to deter me. 

18. I am mindful of how my words and actions affect others. 

19. I am healthy because I fill my mind and body with good things. 

20. I am affirmations for students benefit me greatly. 

I am affirmations for students
I am affirmations for students

21. I am able to find a solution to any problem that comes my way.

22. I am patient with others. 

23. I am able to recover from setbacks because I have a growth mindset. 

24. I am confident in my academic abilities. 

25. I am intuitive and listen to my inner voice.

26. I am grateful to my teachers for helping me achieve my goals. 

27. I am responsible for my success in school. 

28. I am respectful to others. 

29. I am a good citizen who inspires other students to exhibit good behavior.

30. I am disciplined at keeping my hands and feet to myself. 

31. I am strong enough to triumph through any challenge. 

32. I am careful to review my assignments before submitting them. 

33. I am capable of accomplishing all of my SMART goals.

34. I am kind to classmates, peers, and teachers. 

35. I am dedicated to my studies because I want to excel in school.

36. I am positive that this school year will teach me many new things. 

37. I am forgiving of other students who have wronged me.

38. I am going to crush the standardized tests.

39. I am a great friend who shows support and kindness. 

40. I am enthusiastic about all the progress I am making. 

41. I am deserving of good grades because I study hard. 

42. I am able to show myself grace. 

43. I am a peacemaker who avoids unnecessary conflict. 

44. I am in the driver’s seat of my success. 

45. I am respectful to my teachers and parents. 

46. I am in control of my thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

47. I am open to listening to differing viewpoints on a topic.

48. I am a valuable member of the classroom community. 

49. I am full of potential. 

50. I am accountable for the work I do in class. 

51. I am full of amazing ideas that deserve to come to fruition.

52. I am responsible for taking care of my belongings. 

53. I am focused because distractions keep me from reaching my goals.

54. I am creative and unique. 

55. I am a student with a growth mindset. 

56. I am a responsible group member who carries my weight.

57. I am good at performing my classroom helper job

58. I am energetic and excited about all the learning I’m doing this school year. 

59. I am important, valuable, worthy, and deserving.

60. I am surrounded by supportive teachers and staff.

I am affirmations for students
I am affirmations for students

61. I am empowered with the knowledge that will help me to excel. 

62. I am a goal-getter who reaches for the stars. 

63. I am able to be trusted with important tasks and information.

64. I am destined to make a difference in the world. 

65. I am talented and gifted in my own way.

66. I am improving daily.

67. I am equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. 

68. I am a hard worker who always puts forth my best efforts. 

69. I am honest with my actions and words. 

70. I am courteous to bus drivers, cafeteria workers, teaching aides, and parent volunteers.

71. I am fair to classmates and strive to be inclusive. 

72. I am proficient at reading books at my appropriate level. 

73. I am reliable and can be depended on when someone needs a helping hand. 

74. I am a good problem-solver. 

75. I am able to control my anger when upset. 

76. I am capable of managing my schedule so that I get all of my homework done on time.

77. I am thoughtful toward others’ accomplishments and wins. 

78. I am meant to do great things in life.

79. I am a good listener who shows empathy toward others. 

80. I am goal-driven because I have so many ideas to share with the world. 

81. I am persistent in the face of challenges. 

82. I am able to exercise self-control. 

83. I am a competitor only to myself because every student’s journey is different.

84. I am on time to school every day because I care about my education. 

85. I am resourceful because I know how to seek solutions to problems. 

86. I am organized and take pride in keeping my desk tidy.

87. I am able to pursue whichever career interests me. 

88. I am optimistic about the future because I never give up.

89. I am a good team player when participating in group work, competitions and/or classroom games. 

90. I am an active participant in class discussions because my contributions matter. 

91. I am a student with good manners. 

92. I am brave enough to defend myself against those who try to dim my light.

93. I am caring towards classmates, pets, and plants. 

94. I am considerate of others’ feelings because I can put myself in their shoes. 

95. I am a strategic decision-maker because I realize my choices have good or bad consequences.

96. I am generous to classmates who need assistance with a task. 

97. I am determined to be the best student that I can be. 

98. I am committed to my education because I want to learn as much as possible. 

99. I am prepared each day that I walk into class.

100. I am receptive to the feedback my teacher gives. 

101. I am friendly to other students in my school. 

Final Thoughts On I Am Affirmations for Students

Encourage students to tell themselves every day how smart and capable they are by utilizing I am affirmations for students.

These powerful statements will change their school lives for the better.