How to Make More Money as a Preschool Teacher: 11 Good Tips

If you’re looking for how to make more money as a preschool teacher, you’re in the right place. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of preschool teachers in the U.S. for the year 2021 was $30,210 per year.

So it’s understandable that preschool teachers are searching for ways to make more money.

There’s so much more preschool teachers can do besides working in early childhood education jobs.

Here you’ll find great ideas for generating extra income as a preschool educator. 

How to Make More Money As a Preschool Teacher

1. Obtain Additional Qualifications.

Pursuing additional schooling such as getting an early childhood education degree, master’s degree, and/or teacher certification can increase your job prospects and ultimately lead to higher-paying jobs in early childhood.

Preschool teachers with a teaching certificate who work in public schools are placed on the same salary schedule as the grade-school teachers in their districts.

See the best master’s degree options for teachers.

Getting additional qualities also means participating in professional development opportunities such as workshops, trainings, and conferences in order to gain new skills.

Doing so will make you more marketable as you search for new higher-paying positions.

See a list of free online professional development workshops for teachers.

2. Tutor.

Tutoring is a fantastic side job if you build a consistent clientele.

While your preschool little ones may not need much homework help, think about their older siblings or other children from the school in which you work.

Parents are much more willing to pay someone from an “inside circle” than a complete stranger.

If you do well,  you won’t have to work too hard booking new students because parents will come looking for you.

To make tutoring a profitable side gig, charge what you’re worth. Check out this tutoring pricing guide to help you do that.

If you don’t work at a school with grade-school children, market your services to parents of the preschoolers from your childcare center.

They may have older children or know of other families who could use your services.

Working for a Tutoring Service

Another tutoring option is to work for a tutoring service such as tutoring companies online.

Though the pay isn’t as good as private tutoring, you won’t have to find your own customers.

Tutoring school-aged children is a great way to earn extra money as a preschool teacher.

Get your search started by taking a look at careers at Tutor Time Learning Centers.

3. Teach English Online.

Working from home is the new normal. Teachers love it because you can make good money while in your pajamas.

And the great news is that there seems to be no shortage of online English companies at any given moment in time.

A quick search online yields several options, so do some research.

When wanting to know how to make more money as a preschool teacher, this is arguably one of the easiest online jobs to gain.

ESL companies to explore…

4. Provide Childcare to Families During Breaks.

Why not extend your services to families during summer or holiday breaks?

When school holidays roll around, some parents get a bit stressed because there’s a possibility they won’t have as many childcare options available.

That’s where you come in.

Offer your childcare services to those families so that mom and dad can continue their work schedule without issue or enjoy a much-needed vacation without the kids.

You could even charge a little more for this convenience. 

Taking care of others’ parental needs is a great way to earn extra money as a preschool teacher. 

5. Work in Public Schools or Private Schools That Pay Well.

If you’re really looking to make and save money, relocating from a daycare center to a grade-school setting will potentially increase your earnings.

In certain school settings, preschool and pre-k educators are generally paid according to the same salary schedule as grade-level educators. 

You will most likely need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to secure a position in these types of schools, but the pay and benefits offered are well worth it for many.

For preschool teachers who stress about living on an educator’s salary, employment at a public or elite private school is a path to living comfortably on a teacher’s salary.

This is one of the best secrets for how to make more money as a preschool teacher.

6. Say Yes to Additional Responsibilities.

At your childcare center, see if there are other roles that you can take on in order to increase your pay.

Becoming a lead teacher, curriculum director, or assistant to the Director may come with a higher salary.

7. Open a Teachers-Pay-Teachers (TpT) Store.

Start your own TpT store. 

Though it takes time and effort to begin making significant money, the earnings potential from TpT is quite good. 

Success depends on the amount of hard work, time, and effort you put into producing and marketing your products.

8. Freelance as a Writer.

If you have a knack for writing, consider freelancing as a writer for blogs. You could potentially bring in more income than what you make at your day job.

When learning how to make more money as a preschool teacher, this option tends to be very rewarding financially.

9. Start an Online Business. 

Take a current hobby, and put it online. 

Like freelance writing, starting an online business can be quite profitable. 

However, to earn extra cash as a preschool teacher with this job, you’ve got to be ready to put forth serious time and effort.

Do you have the desire to help/teach others about something you love or are you willing to solve a need?

If so, starting an online business may be a good fit for you. 

10. Work Towards Owning a Preschool.

Running and/or owning a preschool will potentially earn you more and provide you with more autonomy.

If you have lots of experience in the childcare industry, this is a natural progression.

Each state has its own licensing guidelines. So thoroughly research what’s needed in your city.

For those who want to know how to make more money as a preschool teacher with the greatest profits, this is the path to take.

11. Become an Educational Consultant.

You already have expertise in childcare, preschool curriculum, and child development. 

So why not leverage that knowledge and be a valuable resource to other preschools in your community?

If you’re interested in this option, check out this guide on becoming an educational consultant.

Wrapping Up: How to Make More Money as A Preschool Teacher

Whether you want to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit or make more money in your current job, this article provides you with some inspiration to kickstart your efforts.

Now you know how to earn extra money as a preschool teacher. With the right mindset and strategy, you’re on your way to earning more. 

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