How to Become a Tutor for Elementary Students: 7 Easy Steps

Tutoring is a great part or full-time job that does not require a lot of money or experience in order to get started.

A healthy market that is always in need of dedicated tutors is elementary schools.

Many elementary students need support with academic subjects such as reading, writing, and math.

Additionally, some may need assistance with projects and other types of assessments.

If you’re looking for how to become a tutor for elementary students, whether a reading tutor or any other type of tutor, this article is for you.

Here you will find the best 7 steps for how to become a tutor for elementary students without the stress and overwhelm that normally comes with starting a business.

How to Become a Tutor for Elementary Students

If you desire to tutor elementary school children in person or as an online tutor, the following tips will help you to get started.

1. Decide which subjects you want to teach. 

There are several factors that will help you choose subjects to tutor that fit with your skill set.

✓ Is there enough demand? You might be a great artist, but the demand for art tutors is practically non-existent, so you’re not likely to get many clients if this is your area of choice.

✓ It’s important to find subjects with enough demand for tutoring to sustain your business. Subjects like math, reading, and special education seem to have a never-ending supply of students requiring assistance.

✓ Leverage the power of specializations. Are you a math or a reading specialist?

✓ Consider whether or not you have the necessary knowledge to tutor a particular subject area.

Essentially, you need to evaluate your skill-set and research market demands in your areas.

Also, consider what qualifications you can leverage.

Holding a college degree, having teacher certifications, and/or being a graduate of a prestigious university (such as an Ivy League ) will be marketable and beneficial to you.

2. Choose an age group. 

Consider which age groups will be best served by your experience, knowledge, and temperament.

Elementary school-aged children include students from kindergarten up to fifth or sixth grade.

Each level presents its own unique challenges and rewards.

Lower elementary kids are still focused on strengthening their basic math and literacy skills.

Third graders are usually preparing for their first year of formal standardized testing, while fifth-graders are transitioning to middle school and may need more academic support with relatively complex subject material.

When it comes to knowing how to become a tutor for elementary students, self-reflection about your preferred age group is important.

3. Decide on the geographical area you’ll serve. 

You’ll likely want to provide tutoring services close to your home, but it might be much more lucrative if you’re willing to drive to other parts of town or work online.

✓ If your intention is to work out of your home or to meet students at a single location, such as the public library, consider how far the average client is willing to travel.

✓ Thirty minutes tends to be about the maximum most will drive.

✓ Pull out a map, and draw a rough radius around the equivalent to a 30-minute drive in order to zero in on your tutoring area.

✓ Willing to drive to your students? If yes, then consider how long of a trip you’re willing to take. Take the time and cost of your transportation into account. This will probably have a big impact on the fees you charge.

4. Determine your pricing structure. 

Pricing is a very important decision that will require a moderate amount of market research.

You may want to charge by the hour or offer package deals.

✓ Tutoring rates vary dramatically depending on several factors such as location, experience, demand, and subject area.

✓ Look at prices charged by comparable tutors. Take a look at their advertisements or website. You can even call and inquire about prices. You’ll quickly get a good idea of the average rate other tutors are charging.

5. Market and promote your business. 

Marketing is arguably the most important factor when learning how to become a tutor for elementary students.

✓ Consider how parents will search for a tutor. They are likely to either approach the student’s teacher or guidance counselor for a recommendation. Some may look online.

✓ Contact the schools in your area, and let them know about your tutoring services.

✓ Think about other places elementary kids and their parents spend time like the local library, community center, sporting venues, or even the local grocery store. Hang flyers in those locations with your contact information.

✓ Tell everyone you know about your tutoring business. Let the world know what you’re offering.

✓ Grow your network. Nurture relationships with teachers, parents, and schools in your community. Doing so will help you to acquire new clients and retain the ones you have.

✓ If you want to supercharge your marketing efforts, consider advertising online using social media. Though there is a learning curve involved, the return on your investment can be quite profitable.

6. Get organized. 

Knowing how to become a tutor for elementary students involves more than just the actual tutoring side of things.

There are accounting and business sides that absolutely need your attention regularly.

As soon as you get your first tutoring students, start keeping track of your business income and expenses plus tutoring paperwork.

✓ Keep all of your relevant records and paperwork organized. This includes session notes and progress reports.

✓ Have a consistent billing system. It’s up to you whether you want parents to pay before or after the session. It’s helpful to pick one or the other and be consistent.

✓ Keep track of your revenue and expenses. You’ll have to pay taxes, and staying up to date is much easier than trying to recreate the past from memory. Keep all your receipts along with accurate records. This would include any gas expenses, your mileage, and any materials you purchase.

When it comes to knowing how to become a tutor for elementary students, don’t underestimate this step.

7. Enhance your business. 

As you’re learning how to become a tutor for elementary students, ask yourself how you can make your business better and more profitable.

There are likely to be challenges along the way, whether it’s scheduling, difficult parents, or the students themselves.

✓ Find solutions that limit future challenges.

✓ Set aside a few minutes each week and brainstorm ways you can take your business to the next level.

✓ Network with other tutors, either online or in person, to gain insight about tips and tricks others use to grow their elementary tutoring business.

How to Become a Tutor for Elementary Students: Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a tutor for elementary students online?

To become an online tutor for elementary students, first choose a tutoring platform and establish a profile.

Follow the recommendations by the company in acquiring new elementary tutoring students.

How to become a tutor for elementary students as a high school student?

To get started with tutoring elementary kids as a high school student, first reach out to teachers, family, neighbors, and friends who may need your assistance with their own kids.

How do you tutor an elementary student?

To tutor an elementary student, first speak with the child’s teacher to determine which academic areas need addressing.

Then create engaging, grade-appropriate activities and lessons that target those weaknesses.

What qualifications do you need to be a tutor?

To become a tutor of elementary students, you ideally need a high diploma. A college degree or some level of college is most desired.

If you tutor through a company, a background check and experience working with children may be required.

How do I start tutoring?

To start tutoring, look within your social circle first. Are there any elementary students that you know of who could use your help?

Network with schools, teachers, and parents in order to grow your reputation as an elementary school tutor. This is the best way to build a private tutoring business.

Can I tutor online without a degree?

There are tutoring companies online that don’t require a degree to tutor students.

Of the online tutoring companies that you’re interested in pursuing, explore each one to discover if it requires a college degree.

Final Thoughts On How to Become a Tutor for Elementary Students

A tutoring business can be a great way to supplement your income. With enough clients, you might even be able to turn your tutoring business into a full-time income!

There are many busy parents desperately seeking tutoring services for their children so that they reach their academic goals.

So learning how to become a tutor for elementary students can be incredibly valuable.

See more tips for starting a tutoring business.