61 Great Holiday Writing Prompts for Students

Motivate students to reflect upon and celebrate the most festive days of the year using these fun holiday writing prompts.

These prompts instill a love for writing, strengthen writing skills, and encourage self-reflection.

Even reluctant writers respond positively to these holiday writing prompts!

So matter the time of year, if it’s a holiday to be celebrated, you can use these holiday writing prompts as part of your writing activities.

So why not pencil in a few of these school holiday writing ideas into your lesson plan this week?

Holiday Writing Prompts

1. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

2. Retell the best holiday vacation you ever took.

3. Compare and contrast two holidays.

4. Holidays are special because…

5. Create a holiday greeting card for a loved one.

6. What are some of your favorite things to do during the Christmas holiday season?

7. Write two math word problems with a holiday theme.

8. What is your favorite part of Halloween and why?

9. Describe the last costume that you wore for Halloween.

10. Write a scary story about a Jack-o-Lantern.

11. What type of decorations do you like to use for the holidays?

12. Write about the best holiday party you ever attended.

13. Design a bumper sticker to advertise your favorite holiday.

14. What are you most thankful for during this holiday season and why?

15. Describe a Thanksgiving holiday feast.

16. Which holiday is most meaningful to you and why?

17. Write a letter convincing your parents to take you to a holiday parade.

18. Compose a poem about your favorite holiday.

19. Summarize a holiday-themed book you read or heard recently.

20. Santa Claus lost his reindeer. What animal will he use to pull his sleigh and why?

21. What is your favorite way to spend a holiday break?

22. Explain the history of Christmas.

23. Is it better to receive or give gifts? Why?

24. The best part of the holiday season is…

25. Summarize the traditions of your favorite holiday.

26. Write about a time when you attended a fun holiday festival.

27. Explain how to make a fun holiday arts and crafts activity.

28. Write a diary entry from the perspective of an elf.

29. The best gift that I ever received during a holiday is …

30. Describe a typical holiday with your family.

31. How does responding to holiday writing prompts deepen your appreciation of holidays?

32. Explain how Santa gets into a home without a chimney.

33. Imagine that you live on Candy Cane Lane. Describe what the neighborhood looks like.

34. What are the pros and cons of not traveling during the holidays?

35. Write a grocery list for the Easter bunny.

36. You need to find the perfect holiday gift for a family member. What is the gift, who receives it, and why?

37. What is your favorite holiday song? Explain why you like the song.

38. If you could visit another country for the holidays, where would you go and why?

39. What is your least favorite holiday food and why?

40. You get to create a new holiday tradition. Explain how you would celebrate the tradition.

holiday writing prompts
holiday writing prompts

41. Imagine you’re home from school due to a snow day. How will you stay entertained?

42. Create a list of things that people can do for those who are less fortunate during the holidays.

43. Write a new version of the classic Christmas story The Night Before Christmas.

44. Imagine Santa is sick and can’t deliver presents. Offer advice on how he can solve this problem.

45. Write a story that explains the history of Santa’s elves.

46. Would you rather be a snowman, reindeer, or elf? Why?

47. Describe a typical Easter holiday experience for you.

48. What activities are best for celebrating Black History Month?

49. Write about some ways to show love and friendship to family plus friends on Valentine’s Day.

50. Explain why New Year’s Day is a special occasion.

51. What is your least favorite holiday tradition and why?

52. Without telling its name, describe your favorite holiday plus tell why you like it so much.

53. Share how your family prepares for the holidays.

54. My favorite holiday food is…because…

55. Write a story about two children who wander into a town made of gingerbread houses.

56. Write a haiku with a holiday theme.

57. What holiday tradition do you look forward to each year and why?

58. Try to list as many holidays as you can. Write a short description of each holiday that you list.

59. Summarize your favorite holiday movie.

60. Convince someone to donate to a local charity during the holiday season.

61. Describe what your town looks and feels like during the Christmas holiday season.

Final Thoughts

These holiday writing prompts spark creativity, develop writing skills, and encourage students to share their experiences.

So pencil a few of these holiday writing prompts into your instruction this week.

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