25 Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Middle School

Hispanic Heritage Month offers an exciting opportunity for middle school students to engage in a series of enriching activities. 

We’ve gathered an inspiring collection of Hispanic Heritage Month activities for middle school students that aim to ignite curiosity, spark creativity, and celebrate the significant contributions of Hispanic individuals. 

These activities are designed to not only educate but also nurture a sense of unity and appreciation for the diverse heritage that enriches our society. 

Throughout this month-long journey, you’ll now have a variety of fun middle school Hispanic history activities to share. 

You’ll guide students in exploring, learning, and honoring the cultures that make up Hispanic heritage.

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Middle School Students

1. Organize a Cultural Cuisine Fair.

Organize a cultural cuisine fair where students learn about and sample traditional Hispanic foods from various countries.

Each student or group chooses a specific dish to research, prepare, and present to the class, highlighting its cultural significance and ingredients.

2. Set Up Cultural Exploration Stations.

Set up interactive stations representing different Hispanic countries where students can learn about traditions, language, and food through hands-on activities and displays.

3. Have a Language Exchange.

Partner with a local Spanish-speaking community organization to arrange a language and literature exchange.

Middle school students will connect with native Spanish speakers to practice conversation and learn about Hispanic literature. 

4. Create a Piñata.

Guide students in making their own mini piñatas, teaching them about the significance of this traditional craft in Hispanic celebrations.

5. Have a Dance Workshop.

Arrange a dance workshop that introduces middle schoolers to various traditional Hispanic dances like salsa, merengue, tango, or flamenco.

A professional dancer or instructor can lead the workshop, teaching students basic steps and movements while explaining the cultural significance of each dance style. 

6. Make an Instrument Craft.

Introduce students to traditional Hispanic music, allowing them to create simple instruments like maracas or guiros to experience the rhythms themselves.

7. Write Cultural Narratives.

Invite a guest speaker or community member to share folktales, myths, or legends from different Hispanic cultures.

Afterward, encourage students to create their own short stories inspired by these narratives. 

8. Do Flag and Country Research.

Assign students different Hispanic countries to research and present on, including flag design, geographical features, and notable landmarks.

9. Have an Arts and Crafts Day.

Hold a day of arts and crafts sessions where students explore various artistic techniques used in Hispanic cultures.

For instance, students may create traditional Mexican papel picado (decorative paper banners), design intricate Peruvian textiles, or paint Caribbean-inspired artwork.

10. Create a Hispanic Art Collage.

Explore Hispanic art styles and artists, then have students create collages or paintings inspired by their discoveries.

11. Create a Famous Hispanic Figures Poster Gallery.

Encourage students to research and create posters about influential Hispanic individuals who have made significant contributions in fields such as art, science, politics, and sports.

Display the posters around the school to create a gallery showcasing these accomplished figures.

12. Schedule a Cultural Dress Day.

Encourage your middle school students to dress in traditional Hispanic clothing or colors associated with Hispanic countries, promoting cultural pride and awareness.

13. Have a Rhythm Workshop.

Invite a musician or music teacher to lead a workshop highlighting the diverse musical genres of Hispanic cultures, such as reggaeton, mariachi, bossa nova, and more.

Students will learn about the history of these genres and even try their hand at playing simple instruments or composing their own short melodies. 

14. Host a Fiesta Cultural Fair.

Host a mini cultural fair where students can showcase their projects, crafts, and knowledge about Hispanic culture to their peers and families.

15. Do a Virtual Cultural Exchange.

Utilize technology to organize virtual cultural exchanges with middle schools in Hispanic countries.

Through video conferencing, students can share aspects of their own cultures, compare traditions, and engage in discussions about daily life.

This activity provides a unique opportunity for students to develop global perspectives and build connections with peers from different backgrounds.

16. Explore the Spanish Language.

Introduce students to basic Spanish phrases and expressions through interactive language games and activities.

17. Do Cultural Outreach.

Collaborate with local Hispanic community centers or organizations to plan a community service project that aligns with their needs.

This could involve participating in cultural events, volunteering for language tutoring, or contributing to a community garden.

18. Discuss a Film Screening.

Show a family-friendly film or documentary related to Hispanic culture, followed by a discussion about the themes and cultural insights depicted.

19. Participate In a Wax Museum.

Ask students to select a notable Hispanic individual, research their accomplishments and background, then embody them in a wax figure-style presentation.

Through this interactive experience, students gain a deeper understanding of the diverse contributions of Hispanic heritage to various fields.

20. Showcase Hispanic Inventors.

Highlight the remarkable innovations and contributions of Hispanic inventors by organizing a showcase event.

Encourage students to dig into the stories behind inventions and advancements, creating eye-catching displays that reveal how Hispanic inventors have shaped our world.

21. Host a Poetry Slam.

Have students compose original poems that celebrate Hispanic culture, history, or personal experiences.

In an engaging and supportive environment, students will perform their pieces, sharing their perspectives and insights while celebrating the power of language and creativity.

22. Participate In Cooking Classes. 

Middle schoolers will learn to prepare and appreciate traditional Hispanic dishes, discovering the significance of certain ingredients and cooking techniques

23. Complete a Fun Book Report.

Merge learning and entertainment with a creative twist on the standard book report.

Have your middle schoolers select a book written by a Hispanic author or focusing on Hispanic themes, then engage them in a variety of activities that encompass writing, art, and critical thinking.

See fun and creative book report ideas.

24. Play Spanish Language Games.

Middle school students participate in interactive activities that introduce basic Spanish vocabulary, phrases, and culture.

Through games such as bingo, charades, and word puzzles, students embrace the joy of language discovery while stimulating cross-cultural connections.

25. Make a Heritage Quilt.

Middle school students will make individual quilt squares representing different aspects of Hispanic culture, history, and figures.

When combined, these squares form a visually striking representation of the collective contributions and stories that enrich the fabric of Hispanic heritage.

Final Thoughts On Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Middle School Students

These activities provide middle school students with engaging and educational ways to learn about Hispanic heritage.

They’ll gain an understanding and appreciation for the diversity of cultures within the Hispanic community.