51 Really Good Health Report Card Comments Teachers

If you’re seeking health report card comments, you’ve landed in the right place.

With health comments, you can properly assess a student’s level of health knowledge, physical education, and performance.

No matter the grade you teach, the following list of health report card comments will help you explain each student’s progress in health class.

Copy and paste the health report card comments or modify them to better fit your assessment of the student’s abilities.

Health Report Card Comments

Health Knowledge

  • Has a good understanding of basic health concepts.
  • _____ makes the connection between healthy eating and a healthy body. 
  • Shows a real aptitude for understanding complex health principles.
  • Easily memorizes new exercise/fitness/sports techniques. 
  • Continues to improve his/her knowledge of important health topics.
  • _____ exhibits knowledge of health-related concepts. 
  • _____ can describe the benefits of daily physical activity. 
  • Often forgets essential health terms and principles.
  • _____ understands the importance of sleep and rest. 
  • _____ understands and can explain the role of proper gear in preventing injury when playing games and sports.
  • _____ explains the importance of warming up and cooling down. 
  • _____ is able to locate sources of health information in books. 
  • Frequently needs clarification when discussing health topics.

Effort and Participation

  • Always tries his/her best.
  • Participates in all gym activities and games.
  • Assists with setting up and cleaning up equipment.
  • Has shown real improvement in his/her level of participation.
  • Actively participates in all sports and physical activities.
  • Is always ready to try a new physical activity or learn a new sport.
  • Shows real initiative when it comes to learning a new physical skill.
  • Puts forth good effort when working on health activities, projects, or assignments.
  • Has made significant improvements since the start of the year.
  • Occasionally attempts to avoid participating in class activities.
  • Uses excuses to try to get out of physical activities.


  • Shows up dressed and ready for gym class.
  • Arrives to class on time every day. 
  • Has made a strong effort to arrive on time and ready for class.
  • Never needs a reminder to be prepared for gym class.
  • Punctuality is great. He/she has not been tardy this semester.
  • Frequently arrives late to class.
  • Often arrives to class without the appropriate gym clothes.
  • Occasionally requires a few extra minutes to get ready for class.
  • Her tardiness has gotten in the way of her performance.


  • Maintains a positive attitude during competitive activities.
  • Exhibits positive conduct, no matter the outcome of a competitive game.
  • Is dedicated to working hard.
  • Always treats others with respect.
  • Works well with others during cooperative activities.
  • Is a great team player. 
  • Stays calm when dealing with frustrating moments.
  • Rarely lets his/her emotions get the better of him/her.
  • Always listens to instructions before attempting a physical activity.
  • Often gets angry when he/she fails to meet his/her own expectations.
  • Has displayed poor sportsmanship on several occasions.
  • Struggles to maintain his/her calm after losing a match. 


  • Physical skills have grown remarkably this year.
  • Meets the physical standards based on grade-level expectations.
  • Has worked hard to get in better physical shape.
  • Seems to lack the energy or motivation to perform physical activity.
  • Displays good stamina for physical activity but needs to slow down and pay attention to his movements.
  • Shows increased enthusiasm compared to the start of the year but should continue working on ___.

Final Thoughts: Health Report Card Comments

Now you have a ready supply of health report card comments to use when drafting comments for health and physical education classes.

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