9 Spectacular Halloween Reading Activities [Free Download]

Celebrate this spooky season while still learning using these fun Halloween reading activities that students absolutely love.

These Halloween reading activities reinforce literacy skills, improve comprehension, encourage collaboration, and engage learners.

So pencil into your weekly lesson plan these fun Halloween reading activities, perfect for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.

There’s no need to stray from regular instruction during this fun-filled time of the year.

Fun Halloween Reading Activities

1. Halloween Task Cards

Practice context clues and inferring using fun Halloween task cards.

Suggestions for using the free context clues Halloween task cards below…

1. Use the task cards as a literacy center, independent skills review, or homework.

2. Consider having students circle context clues and/or record prior knowledge that helped them to answer the cards.

3. If learners need support, vocabulary cards are provided. Have them match each with the correct task card.

Halloween reading activities

2. Rivet Game

This fun “guessing” game focuses on vocabulary acquisition and can be used with any book.

During this activity, children are essentially “riveted” by the anticipation of guessing words and validating their predictions about the words’ meanings.

See the full instructions of how to play Rivet.

3. Literature Circles

Grab a few fiction and nonfiction Halloween texts.

Then place your learners into groups of 4 or 5, assign each a literature circle role, and guide them in participating in book clubs.

4. Reading Buddies

Participate in reading buddies with another grade level.

Though any grade-level combination works, ideally, 2nd/5th, Kinder/3rd, and 1st/4th grade pairings work best.

All books should target the lower grades’ reading levels and be Halloween-themed, with a mix of fiction and non-fiction texts.

See this list of Halloween books for kids.

5. Foldables™ Projects

Turn a Halloween book or activity into a project. After reading, students create a fun Foldable™ project independently or with a partner.

These multi-dimensional graphic organizers are kinesthetic tools that help learners organize and analyze information.

Elementary kids really love creating them, so include them as one of your Halloween reading activities.

6. Prove It Reading Strategy

This strategy is an excellent method for blending holiday themes such as Halloween with literacy.

While reading any text, readers are encouraged to refer back to the text they’re reading in order to find evidence that “proves”, or supports their responses to comprehension questions.

See how to play Prove It, an engaging, high-energy literacy strategy that even reluctant readers enjoy.

7. Reader’s Theaters

Integrate Halloween and literacy using reader’s theaters. Kids love these low-prep plays that improve reading comprehension and fluency.

Add a bit more fun to readers’ theaters plays by having students create simple props.

After a few practices, consider having learners present the play to another classroom so that they’ll be motivated to do their very best reading.

8. Anticipation Guides

Take any nonfiction Halloween text, create a simple anticipation guide for it (or search online for one already created), and have learners make before reading and after reading predictions.

This Halloween reading activity is simple, and keeps kids focused on learning.

To create your own, see these anticipation guide examples. You’ll also be able to download a free template.

9. Fun Research

Assign a Halloween vocabulary word to pairs of students, and have each pair research the origins of how that term became associated with Halloween.

Afterwards, the pairs will share their discoveries during author’s chair.

Halloween Reading Activities They’ll Love

Keep learning as the main focus during the holidays with the help of these exciting Halloween reading activities.

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