41 Gratitude Writing Prompts: Great Ideas to Write About

To spark a spirit of thankfulness, utilize these heart-warming gratitude writing prompts.

In this day and age, it’s unfortunately common for individuals to lack expression of gratitude towards those who have loved, supported, and helped them along the way.

That’s why it’s helpful, and arguably essential, to teach students to be grateful.

It’s one of the virtues that we definitely want students to exhibit.

The gratitude writing prompts within this article jump-start the process.

Using these prompts, students will reflect upon how they show gratitude towards others, and they’ll also be able to evaluate how they receive gratitude.

So include in your writer’s workshop lesson plan this week a few of these delightful gratitude writing prompts.

Gratitude Writing Prompts

Here you will find a variety of gratitude writing prompts that even reluctant writers love.

1. Who are you most grateful to have in your life and why?

2. How do you show gratitude to people who have done something nice for you?

3. Today, what three things are you most grateful for and why?

4. Tell how you are grateful for your pet.

5. Write a poem about gratitude.

6. Create a list of 10 things that you can do to show gratitude to others.

7. Write a short story about a child who expresses gratitude to a mermaid for helping her.

8. Draft a letter to your parents expressing how much you are grateful to them for loving and supporting you.

9. Write a thank you letter to the custodians and cafeteria workers at your school acknowledging their efforts and expressing gratitude.

10. What actions demonstrate that someone is ungrateful?

11. Write an article for the school newspaper giving tips on how to show gratitude towards others.

12. Describe a family tradition for which you are most grateful.

13. Share some ways that you can show gratitude towards senior citizens.

14. Which of the five senses are you most grateful to have and why?

15. Tell about a time when you witnessed a person showing ungratefulness.

16. Which read aloud book are you most grateful that your teacher read to you? Why?

17. I am grateful for my family because…

18. As I reflect upon all the good things in my life, I am most grateful for…because…

19. In your opinion, should teachers, firefighters, police officers, and veterans be shown more gratitude? Why or why not?

20. Write about a time when someone showed gratefulness for a task you did for him/her.

21. What does it mean to be grateful?

22. Draft a thank you letter to a teacher or other mentor expressing gratitude for his/her support.

23. I am grateful for…because…

24. In your opinion, why is it important to show gratitude?

25. Think about a time when someone helped you solve a problem. How did you show the person gratitude?

26. Describe what comes to mind when you think of gratitude.

27. Which of your talents are you most happy to have? Why?

28. What type of actions make you feel like people are grateful for the kind things you do for them? How do you feel when gratitude is not shown?

29. Share a time when you felt really grateful.

30. Think about something that you have taken for granted in the past but now appreciate. What changed your mind about being more grateful about this person or thing?

31. What is an aspect of your health for which you are most grateful?

32. Write about what you appreciate about yourself.

33. Share what things make you most grateful about the country in which you love.

34. When someone is ungrateful, it makes me feel…because…

35. What are some of the benefits of responding to gratitude writing prompts?

36. Define gratitude.

37. Provide examples and non-examples of showing gratitude.

38. Summarize a really good book that you are grateful to have read recently.

39. Explain how gratitude and Thanksgiving are connected.

40. Design a bumper sticker to advertise gratitude.

41. Write a “recipe for gratitude.” Tell the ingredients, measurements, and provide the instructions.

Final Thoughts: Gratitude Writing Prompts

Now you have a collection of gratitude writing prompts that students can use to express their ideas about being grateful.

To reinforce the concept, review with learners examples of gratitude.

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