55 Easy and Quick General Report Card Comments for Teachers

It’s report card time, and you’re seeking general report card comments to save time.

You’ve landed in the right place.

The following general report card comments are perfect for use when discussing behavior or drafting comments during or at the end of the school year.

Though it’s often best to write more detailed comments, sometimes you just want or need something quick yet effective. These general report card comments serve that purpose for you.

Quick tip: Make any of the general report card comments positive or negative by using report card comment qualifiers.

General Report Card Comments: Academics

Save time during report card time by utilizing these quick copy and paste report card comments.


  • It is evident that _______ has a strong desire to succeed.
  • ______ is self-motivated.
  • ______ is very thorough with reviewing work before submitting.
  • ______ shows satisfactory progress in (insert learning objective). 
  • _______has shown considerable improvement in (insert learning objective) this school year. I recommend that she continues to work on these skills during the summer.
  • ______ shows great pride in her work.
  • _______ does not hesitate to ask for help when needed. 
  • _______ gladly seeks opportunities to improve her work. 
  • _______is progressing well in all subject areas. Keep up the good work!
  • _______has blossomed so much this school year. She has met grade-level expectations.
  • ______strives to improve his grades in order to master the learning objectives.

Needs Improvement

  • Though _____’s reading level improved significantly this school year, he still needs to improve his fluency and comprehension.
  • ______ doesn’t complete class assignments unless she has ample supervision. 
  • Please continue to practice with _______ (insert learning objective).
  • ______ homework is always submitted late.
  • ______ has a hard time completing work in a timely fashion. 
  • I suggest that _______attend after-school tutoring X amount of times per week.
  • _______ habitually submits work that is disorganized and illegible.
  • Even though _______requires accommodations on assignments, she is still capable of producing much better work than what she has shown recently.
  • _______ constantly needs reminders so that work is submitted on time. 
  • Though _____ is very capable, getting him to focus is a challenge.

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General Report Card Comments for Behavior/Work Habits


  • ______demonstrates self-discipline in her work habits.
  • Even when other students try to distract her, ________stays focused on her work.
  • ______is an energetic student who shows enthusiasm in all he does.
  • Although_______likes to display a tough exterior, she is a gentle spirit.
  • ______actively participates in class discussions.
  • ______meaningfully contributes to class discussions.
  • Even when the work is hard, ______perseveres without complaining.
  • ______works well independently.
  • ______eagerly lends a helping hand to a classmate.
  • ______completes assignments within the allotted time frame.
  • ______is exceptionally organized and is always prepared for class.
  • I have observed a noticeable improvement in ______work habits this semester. Great job!
  • ______shows patience and kindness when working as a team.
  • ______ easily takes accountability for his actions. 
  • ______ follows instructions the first time they are given. 
  • ______ is very responsible and takes ownership of her mistakes.


  • Even after repeated warnings, ______continues to (insert inappropriate behavior).
  • ______is easily angered.
  • ______has much potential, but she didn’t apply herself fully.
  • ______respects school property.
  • When others do him wrong, ______becomes vengeful.
  • ______rarely follows instructions the first time.
  • ______shows difficulty playing fairly with others on the playground.
  • ______refuses to apologize when she has purposely hurt others.
  • Though ______is great in sports, he becomes argumentative when he doesn’t win or get his way.
  • ______often interrupts the class by making silly noises.
  • ______frequent tardies disrupt the morning class flow.
  • ______ has difficulties paying attention but does respond well to being redirected.
  • ______ has a hard time being truthful when confronted with wrongdoing. 
  • ______ refuses to keep hands to herself. 
  • ______ has a slight tendency to rush through her work.
  • ______ struggles to work independently.
  • Even when given extended time, _______ fails to complete assignments.

Wrapping Up: General Report Card Comments

Now you have a bit more than 50 quick report card comments that you can use to share how well students are progressing academically and behaviorally.

Additionally, these general report card comments save time.

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