28 Funny Attention-Getters That Focus Students Fast

When it’s time to get students’ attention, do so with humor by incorporating a few funny attention-getters. 

While you may already have a collection of classroom attention-getters that work, add variety to the mix with fun attention-getters that prompt students to giggle and smile. 

Why Use Funny Classroom Attention-Getters?

A solid classroom management system is essential for classrooms to run like well-oiled machines. 

Though some type of structure is needed in any classroom, things don’t need to be so rigid all the time. 

A light-hearted approach to some tasks makes the classroom community feel safer, more nurturing, and more productive. 

That’s why funny attention-getters make a great addition to your list of classroom attention-grabbers. 

These fun verbal and non-verbal actions get students and kids of all ages to take notice quickly and effortlessly. 

If you’re ready to help students transition from one activity to the next in a fun way and with minimal interruption, these funny attention-grabbers are for you.

Funny Attention-Getters

Here you will find lots of attention-getter examples for students. 

Thanks to all the teachers who submitted their original funny attention-getter ideas. Their names have been noted.

1. Teacher: “Pepperoni pizza…”

Students: “I’m gonna eat cha!”

Contributed by Riley B.

2. Teacher: “Chicken noodle soup…”

Students: “Warm my soul!”

Contributed by Sarah K.

3. Teacher: “Spaghetti and …”

Students: “Meatballs with hot sauce!”

Contributed by Jaycee P.

4. Teacher: “Broccoli and cheese…”

Students: “Yum, yum, delicious!”

Contributed by Tanisha J.

5. Teacher: “M&Ms melt in your mouth…”

Students: “Not in your hands!”

Contributed by Arturo V.

6. Teacher: “Takis and Doritos…”

Students: “Crunch, crunch, crunch, gone!”

Contributed by Stephanie P.

7. Teacher: “Beans and rice…”

Students: “With a little bit of spice!”

Contributed by Vivica W.

8. Teacher: “Hey banana…”

Students: “You’re so a-peel-ling!”

Contributed by Macy L.

9. Teacher: “Salsa picante…”

Students: “Deliciosa!”

Contributed by Karen E.

10. Teacher: “Baked potato…”

Students: “Fully loaded!”

Contributed by Rachel B.

funny attention getters

11. Teacher: “Lemonade with ice…”

Students: “So refreshing and nice!”

Contributed by Notie B.

12. Teacher: “Lunchtime, are you ready?…”

Students: “Time to fill my belly!”

Contributed by Tim W.

13. Teacher: “Dessert, dessert…”

Students: “I want to eat it first!”

Contributed by Rashida T.

14. Teacher: “Guacamole dip…”

Students: “Give me some chips!”

Contributed by Barbara M.

15. Teacher: “Howdy ya’ll…”

Students: “Howdy teacher!” 

Contributed by Luis P.

16. Teacher: “What’s up?…”

Students: “The sky!”

Contributed by Melanie G.

17. Teacher: “What’s the matter?…”

 Students: “Solids, liquids, gas!”

Contributed by Clement S.

18. Teacher: “Jupiter is (or any other planet)…”

Students: “Out of this world!”

Contributed by Brandis A.

19. Teacher: “Awesome…”

Students: “Possum!”

Contributed by Meagan O.

20. Teacher: “Lions and tigers…”

Students: “And bears, oh my!”

Contributed by Kim M.

fun attention getters
funny attention-getters

21. Teacher: “Hey kittens…”

Students: “Time to paws!”

Contributed by Silvia E.

22. Teacher: “See you later…”

Students: “Alligator!”

Contributed by Horace P.

23. Teacher: “Summer’s here…”

Students: “Sweatin’ time!”

Contributed by Tristan O.

24. Teacher: “That’s a wrap!…”

Students: “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Contributed by Farrah Y.

25. Teacher: “Close your mouth, open your ears!…”

Students: “Time to learn without tears!”

Contributed by Amy M.

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26. Teacher: “De nada!…”

Students: “Empanada!”

Contributed by Isabella G.

27. Teacher: “Zapatito roto…”

Students: “Cuéntame otro!”

Contributed by Marisol R.

28. Teacher: “Hasta la vista…”

Students: “Turista!”

Contributed by Ricardo A.

Final Thoughts On Funny Attention-Getters For the Classroom

Grab students’ attention quickly in a fun way by using a handful of these funny attention-getters that focus fast.

These fun attention-grabbers work well with any classroom management plan.

For more attention-grabbers that are fun to use, head over to TikTok to see what attention-grabbers teachers are using in their classrooms.