75 Fun Awards for Students That Focus On Silly Traits

As a teacher, you understand the importance of giving awards to students, but you’d like to add humor to the process of using fun awards for students.

In addition to recognizing accomplishments and positive attributes, fun awards for students highlight unique characteristics of students in a clever and respectful way.

The issue, however, is coming up with enough fun awards for students that focus on silly traits.

That’s where this helpful list of fun awards for students comes in. Now your search is done.

Celebrate the unique personalities and quirks of your elementary, middle, or high school learners with these fun awards for students.

Use for end-of-year ceremonies or any time during the school year when you wish to showcase learners’ cool traits.

Fun Awards for Students

The following fun awards for students are sure to humor, recognize, and create an ambiance of positivity.

  • Artfully Articulate – strategically knows how to wiggle his or her way out of a bad situation using words
  • Bathroom Sprinter – makes a beeline to the bathroom any chance he or she gets
  • Bubbly – always full of positive energy 
  • Busy Bee
  • Calculator Award – a student that everyone can always count on 
  • The Celebrity – his or her “artsy” handwriting is worthy of an autograph 
  • Captivating Comedian – draws attention by delivering jokes
  • Charismatic Comedian – innocently humors the class
  • Cheerleader – cheers everyone up when challenges arise
  • Chit Chat Maker – loves to talk, talk, and talk…to everyone
  • Cool as a Cucumber – doesn’t show much excitement about lessons or activities even though he or she is content with doing them
  • Crutch Award – a student that the class can always lean on for help
  • Curious George – very inquisitive
  • Dazzling Dancer
  • The Diplomat –  shows mastery in peaceful conflict resolution among peers
  • The Doodler – his/her notebooks or journals full of notes/sketches to and from friends
  • Duct Tape Award – a problem solver who knows how to piece it all together
  • The Eagle – soars high academically
  • Energizer Bunny – very active; has a hard time staying in his or her seat
  • The Giggler – laughs a lot 
  • Glee Award – a nice voice for singing
  • Glitter Award – shines brightly; peers like him or her to stick around
  • Grammar Police – easily and unapologetically points out grammatical errors in others’ writing
  • Great Debater – able to justify his or her reasoning with details and persuasion
  • Groovy Moves – dances well
  • Guru Award – highly proficient in a specified subject matter
  • Heart of Gold
  • Health Nut – eats healthy snacks
  • History Buff – knows random facts about historical or current events
  • Honest Abe
  • Human Clock – a student that constantly reminds the teacher of the time or of what’s next on the daily calendar
  • Human Megaphone – has a loud voice that everyone can hear clearly
  • The Joker – tells jokes; a bit mischievous
  • Kindness Countess
  • The King of… – a male student who is good at doing a particular thing
  • Legendary Laugh
  • Light Bulb Award – full of bright ideas!
  • The Lion – courageous
  • Mad Scientist – good with science experiments
  • Magazine-Worthy Desk – his/her materials are extremely neat and orderly inside of the desk or cubbie
  • Mellow Mind – has a calm spirit and demeanor
  • Ms. Frizzle or Bill Nye the Science Guy – LOVES science so much that he or she just might grow up to be a scientist or science teacher
  • News Reporter – always asking questions about what’s going on with other students; a tad bit nosy
  • Nuts for Learning – inquisitive and curious about various topics in all subjects
  • On the Ball Award – always on task; diligent in reviewing work for careless errors before submitting
  • Oscar Winner – pretty dramatic even when it’s not necessary
  • Passport Guy/Gal – loves adventure; wanders the halls when he or she should be in class
  • Patience of Job Award – Biblical reference
  • Peace Maker
  • Pencil Magician – proficient at losing pencils rather quickly
  • Picasso – blossoming artist
  • Purrfect Attendance
  • The Queen of… – a female student that is highly proficient at a particular skill or action
  • Quiet Storm – a student who is an introvert but is quickly assertive when he or she needs to be
  • Ray of Sunshine – always happy and in a good mood
  • Recycling Advocate – young “activist” who encourages and reminds the class to recycle for the good of the Earth
  • Robo-Kid– like a machine, this student is disciplined and always on task
  • Ruler Award – always goes the extra mile
  • Sensational Singer
  • Smarty Pants – almost always knows the correct answer or response to a question/statement; like to show off his/her intelligence
  • Smithsonian Award – takes the initiative to learn about new things
  • Social Butterfly
  • Space Cadet – daydreams; his/her mind wanders during class time…yet always knows the correct answer and completes work on time
  • Spunky Spirit
  • Story Teller Award – loves to tell the instructor what’s going on with everyone and everything; embellishes
  • Sweet & Spicy – kind to others but will defend himself/herself quickly if needed
  • Sweetie Pie Award – extremely generous and kind to all
  • Tech Boss – very skilled in using technological devices; learns new tech easily
  • Thinks Outside the Box Award – creative and inventive
  • Tough Cookie Award – resilient; overcomes challenges with determination
  • Walking Encyclopedia Award – knows a ton of facts about various topics
  • Wikipedia Award – often shares random facts about random things
  • Wise Owl Award – demonstrates logical reasoning
  • Word Wall Whiz – has a great habit of using the word wall to help with spelling
  • Worker Ant

Wrapping Up: Students Love These Mock Awards

Have fun showcasing wins, quirks, and personalities using these fun awards for students.

No matter the occasion, consider adding a bit of humor to the award ceremony using this list of silly titles and fun awards for students.

They’re perfect for all school ages … elementary, middle, and high school.

They can be used as funny awards for students in farewell or as funny awards for students in high school.

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