65 Delightful Friendship Writing Prompts

Whether you are teaching about friendship or want to reinforce the importance of being a good friend, these friendship writing prompts come in handy.

The benefit of these writing prompts about friendship is that students will show little hesitation responding to them since most have some type of personal connection with friendship that they’d love to share.

This means that they have experiences from which to draw, allowing them to reflect upon and evaluate those friendships.

So not only do these friendship writing prompts reinforce the idea of friendship and the importance of it in our lives, but they help students think critically, express ideas, and practice writing skills.

Even reluctant writers move their pens to these engaging prompts!

So include a few of these friendship writing prompts in your writer’s workshop block this week.

Friendship Writing Prompts

1. Share what type of fun indoor and outdoor activities you like to participate in with your best friend.

2. Provide specific examples and non-examples of what it means to be a good friend. 

3. When you see your friends outside of school hours, what types of activities do you all like to do to pass the time? Describe them. 

4. Draft a how-to guide that explains how to support a friend who is feeling sad.

5. In what ways can you show support to a friend who is going through a hard time?

6. Why is it beneficial to respond to friendship writing prompts? How does doing so make us better writers and friends?

7. Write a short story about you and a friend planning a winning strategy for the science fair.

8. Design a bumper sticker to advertise friendship.

9. Have you ever had a “fake friend”? If so, tell about it. If not, describe the characteristics of a fake friend. 

10. Would you rather have a pet or human as a best friend? Explain.

11. Write a book recommendation for your best friend, and explain why you believe he/she will enjoy the book. 

12. Compare and contrast a friend vs. a best friend. 

13. Share about a time when you had a disagreement with a friend. What was the issue, and how did you two resolve it?

14. Explain the importance of having friends in your life.

15. Over time, you begin to observe that a friend is really mean towards others. How do you handle the situation? Do you stay friends with this person? 

16. Write a story about a beautiful friendship between a cat and a bird.

17. If you were planning the perfect birthday party for your best friend, what would it be like? Describe the games, activities, food, entertainment, etc. that you would have. 

18. Write the characteristics of a fantastic friend. 

19. Draft a letter to one of your best friends, telling him/her how much you appreciate the friendship. 

20. Write a short story using these words: friendship, dedication, contest, secret

21. Would you rather have one loyal best friend or a bunch of “lukewarm” friends? Explain your choice.

22. If you could choose any character from your favorite read aloud book to befriend, who would it be and why?

23. Write about the most amazing thing that you have ever done for a friend. 

24. Can a sibling be a best friend? Why or why not?

25. Imagine that you have a friend that is very afraid of something. What would you say to to help him/her cope?

friendship writing prompts

26. Write about a fun experience of participating in a contest, science fair, or talent show, etc. with your bestie. 

27. Describe the best gift you’ve ever received from a friend. 

28. Tell about a time when you became upset with your best friend. What caused you to become upset, and how was the issue resolved?

29. Think about the earliest friend that you made. Tell about that experience.

30. Imagine that you and your best friend are a superhero duo team! What are your superpowers, and how do you two use them to help others?

31. Describe your mother or father’s best friend. 

32. Write a letter to a peer who is having a hard time making new friends at school. What advice do you give to him/her?

33. Share about a time when a friend hurt your feelings. How did you overcome the hurt?

34. Explain the consequences of having a friend who is a negative influence. 

35. Brainstorm all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter, 7-letter, 8-letter, and 9-letter) that you can create using the letters in the word friendship. 

36. Compare and contrast a friend vs. an acquaintance. 

37. Draft a thank you note to a friend who gave you a birthday or holiday gift. 

38. You and a friend get locked inside a dinosaur museum overnight! Write about the adventures you two have during that time. 

39. Share an adventurous tale about you and a close friend. 

40. Write a letter to a friend who lives far away in another country or state. Share what’s happening in your life and ask about his/hers. 

41. Describe the differences and similarities among you and your friends. 

42. Write about a friend who has made a positive impact in your life. 

43. If a group of your friends was trying to persuade you to break a rule, how would you handle the situation?

44. Explain step-by-step to a friend how to play your favorite outdoor game. 

45. If you could be best friends with any famous person, who would it be and why?

46. Write about a time when you apologized to a friend for hurting him/her.

47. Draft a fictional story about two friends who go on a journey to find the end of a rainbow.

48. If you saw a friend being bullied, how would you help?

49. Describe friendship.

50. Pretend that you are spending the day with a friend on a farm. Write a short story about the adventures you two have on the farm.

51. Describe the benefits of having a pet as a best friend.

52. Some people “buy” friendship. Why do you think they do this? What are the pros and cons of doing so?

53. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P – Create an acrostic poem focused on the word friendship.

54. Write an article for the school newspaper giving tips on how to be an awesome friend. 

55. Would you ever tell a friend’s secret? Why or why not?

56. Describe what you would do if your best friend all of a sudden became friends with your enemy.

57. Share about a time when you had to end a friendship. What happened?

58. What are some things that you and your friends could laugh about all day long? Why are these topics so funny to you?

59. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe one of your friends.

60. Write a funny story about a group of friends who have a secret language or handshake.

61. Which color would you choose to describe your best friend, and why?

62. Draft a few friendship writing prompts you think your teacher may like.

63. Pretend that while working on friendship writing prompts during class, a friend wants to cheat off your paper. How would you respond, and why?

64. In your opinion, why do you think it’s hard for some people to make friends?

65. Explain the benefits of having very few friends. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have an assortment of friendship writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

For a fun activity to accompany these prompts, try making friendship bracelets with student.

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