53 Incredibly Helpful 4th Grade Report Card Comments

It’s report card time, and you’re seeking fourth grade report card comments.

Providing feedback to students and parents can be time-consuming, so save time by using these subject-specific 4th grade report card comments.

Within this post, you will find report card comments for students in fourth grade that cover the subjects of math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and behavior.

Fourth Grade Report Card Comments: Math

1. ______ struggles in (insert math skill).

2. … can become more confident and relaxed in math class if he focuses on studying a few key concepts such as _____ and ______. I will provide extra study materials if needed. 

3. ______ excels in math class.

4. … enthusiastically participates in math discussions.

5. … always turns in math homework on time.

6. Math is his strongest subject, and my only concern is that he is not challenged enough at this level of math.

7. ______ has a positive attitude about math and always tries his best.

8. Despite his best efforts, he is still struggling in math class, and I am concerned.

9. I would like _____ to put more effort towards practicing ______ and ______ at home every night so that he does not fall behind.

10. ______ appears completely disinterested in math class.

11. Even though … is more than capable of achieving his math goals, he has a hard time paying attention for longer periods of time. Please discuss this with him.

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Fourth Grade Report Card Comments: Reading

1. ______ becomes easily frustrated when a reading task is challenging for her.

2. To improve her confidence plus reading skills, I recommend that _____ take some time to read aloud at home every night and discuss what she has read with you.

3. ______ interprets figurative language very well.

4. ______ is a marvelous reader.

5. … reading comprehension is her greatest strength, and she is already reading far beyond her grade level.  Now the goal is for her to read more advanced texts. I can suggest reading materials if needed. 

6. ______ needs to do better at choosing books on his appropriate reading level.

7. ______ has been struggling with reading comprehension and is currently reading below her grade level.

8. I want to see … succeed and would be more than happy to help provide extra reading materials to help her improve.

9. It would be helpful for _____ to develop a wider range of vocabulary.

10. ______ is sufficiently able to read grade level appropriate reading material.

11. I believe … is capable of pushing herself a bit further in reader’s workshop.

12. ______ chooses books that are too difficult or simple for her.

13. ______ appears to have no interest in reading. She is capable of reading at and above her grade level but is not putting in the effort to do so. Please discuss this with her so that she does not fall behind. 

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Fourth Grade Report Card Comments: Writing

1. ______ needs to improve his penmanship. I suggest that ______ slow down and take the time to write neatly and properly.

2. ______ uses lots of vivid details to help the reader visualize the main idea of the writing piece.

3. ______ is an excellent writer.

4. … has an excellent understanding of the spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules that we have been learning recently.

5. … has excellent handwriting and takes the time to write cleanly and neatly.

6. ______ is a good writer and applies writing skills with ease.

7. Though ______ brainstorms lots of great ideas, she has a hard time developing one of them into a complete writing piece.

8. ______ develops her writing ideas well, but it is difficult to read her writing at times due to frequent grammatical errors.

9. ______ has perfect handwriting skills. His handwriting is neater and more legible than most computer fonts.

10. … is still struggling with the mechanics of writing including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. He would benefit from Daily Oral Language exercises.

11. ______ follows the steps of the writing process to complete a writing piece.

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Fourth Grade Report Card Comments: Science

1. ______ excels in science class. Like any true scientist, she is excited, curious, and eager to learn about the world around her. I hope to continue fostering this love of science.

2. ______ works hard in science class but is still progressing slowly. Are you available to meet with me after school some time next week to discuss her progress and how we can help her succeed?

3. ______ consistently follows the steps of the scientific method when conducting a science experiment.

4. ______ has an adequate understanding of scientific concepts for his or her grade level.

5. ______ is underachieving in science class. Although she is perfectly capable of academic excellence, she seems to be unmotivated to do the work that is required of her to succeed. 

6. _____ actively participates in science class.

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4th Grade Report Card Comments: Social Studies

1. ______ excels in social studies. He is excited plus eager to learn about history and other social studies subjects.

2. ______ has been working hard to improve his work in social studies.

3. ______ works hard, and has a good attitude about learning. However, he struggles with social studies. He needs extra help, and I am happy to provide him with extra study materials.

4. ______ seems unmotivated to learn social studies topics.

5. … does not pay attention or complete his homework assignments. Please discuss this with him so that he does not fall behind in social studies.

6. While ______ appears to be putting forth his best effort during social studies lessons, he is still struggling. To remedy this issue, I am providing extra study materials.

7. _____ actively participates in social studies discussions and projects.

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4th Grade Report Card Comments: Conduct/Behavior

1. ______ has a positive attitude, and I love having her in class.

2. … is a positive role model for other students.

3. ______ has a hard time working independently.

4. ______ should raise his hand and ask more questions when he does not understand something.

5. ______ consistently puts forth her best effort when completing assignments.

6. ______ is sometimes rude to teachers, staff, and other students. Please discuss this with him.

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Wrapping Up: Fourth Grade Report Card Comments

Now you have a ready-supply of helpful 4th grade report card comments that save time and frustration.

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