41 Food Writing Prompts: Fun Ideas to Write About

Even your most reluctant writers will enjoy responding to these fun food writing prompts. 

Writing about food is a great creative writing exercise, as it often requires the writer to explain a variety of senses. 

Discussing food may involve describing its appearance, texture, smell, and taste. 

These high-interest food writing prompts help students of all ages sharpen their writing skills, stretch their imaginations, and express their thoughts. 

So use these food writing prompts for fun writing ideas and more.

Food Writing Prompts

Find here a collection of fun food writing prompts that even engage reluctant writers.

1. Describe your favorite food.

2. Write about a time that you tried a new food, and it turned out to be quite disgusting.

3. Share how to prepare a special meal.

3. What is the worst food you have eaten in your life? Describe the experience of eating the food.

4. Write an advertisement for your favorite food product.

5. Describe the ultimate ice cream sundae.

6. Tell the pros and cons of hunting for food.

7. Share about a time when you ate a special meal with your family.

8.Explain, step-by-step, how to make a sandwich.

9. Write the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables every day.

10. Describe your favorite restaurant.

11. You have been put in charge of planning a special meal for dinner. Describe your menu.

12 Without telling its name, describe your favorite dessert.

13. If you could only eat one meal or food item for the rest of your life, what would you eat and why?

14. What food would you like to try for the first time and why?

15. Write the pros and cons of cooking instead of eating out.

16. Tell the characteristics of a picky eater.

17. Compare and contrast honey and sugar.

18. Describe all your favorite Thanksgiving foods.

19. Share an art project idea that you can make out of food.

20. Compare and contrast a supermarket and a gas station.

food writing prompts
food writing prompts

21. Explain all the benefits of owning a garden.

22. Invent a new flavor of ice cream. Describe it.

23. Imagine you turned on the kitchen faucet one day and chocolate milk poured out. Write what happens next.

24. Provide examples and non-examples of healthy food.

25. List as many kitchen items as you can think of, and write a description of each.

26. In what ways can people with food allergies cope?

27. Imagine that you manage a restaurant. Create a menu for the restaurant. Provide a short description and a price for each item on your menu.

28. The headline reads, “Food Fight Breaks Out in Local Restaurant!”. Write the news story.

29. Create a healthy meal plan for seven days.

30. Using the five senses, describe ice cream.

31. State the similarities and differences between food from your culture vs. food from another culture.

32. In your opinion, what are the best foods and beverages to keep people energized? Why?

33. What foods should you never feed to a cat or dog and why?

34. Describe your life as a worm living inside an apple.

35. Imagine that you are preparing for a long hike through the woods. The hike will take three days to complete. What food will you bring for the trek? Include enough food for all three days.

36. What are the benefits of responding to food writing prompts?

37. Summarize the lunch break you had today.

38. Write a few similes or metaphors to describe a lollipop.

39. Give instructions for making a popcorn necklace or bracelet.

40. Describe the most delicious birthday cake you’ve ever eaten.

41. As you’re responding to one of the food writing prompts, your eraser turns into a lollipop! Write about what happens next.

42. Describe the perfect breakfast.

43. Write a grocery list for a witch.

44. Compare and contrast two fruits or two vegetables.

45. Would you rather have pepperoni pizza with licorice on top or popcorn with ketchup? Why?

46. Write a few math word problems that involve food.

47. Describe a bumper sticker to advertise being vegetarian.

48. Share the pros and cons of being a vegetarian.

49. Describe a watermelon to someone who has never seen or eaten one.

50. Convince your parents to take you to a food festival next weekend.

51. Write an article for the school newsletter convincing students why avoiding junk food is a good idea.

Final Thoughts: Writing Prompts About Food

Now you have a ready-supply of food writing prompts to use for various purposes.

As an extension activity, do a few food activities and crafts.

For more food writing prompts, see turkey writing prompts.