Food Writing Prompts: 27 Fun Ideas to Write About

Even your most reluctant writers will enjoy responding to these fun food writing prompts. 

Writing about food is a great creative writing exercise, as it often requires the writer to explain a variety of senses. 

Discussing food may involve describing its appearance, texture, smell, and taste. 

These high-interest food writing prompts help students of all ages sharpen their writing skills and express their thoughts. 

Use these 26 food writing prompts for fun writing ideas.

Fun Food Writing Prompts

Find here a collection of engaging food writing prompts for elementary, middle, and high school students.

1. What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite? Where does it come from?

2. Do you know how to prepare any meals? If so, what meals can you prepare? If not, write about some of the meals that you would like to learn how to make.

3. What is the worst food you have eaten in your life? Why did you dislike it? Describe the experience of eating the food in detail.

4. Write about a time that you ate a special meal with your family. What did you eat? Where did you eat? What made the meal special?

5. What is your favorite type of sandwich? Explain how you make it, including the ingredients needed for the sandwich. You should also discuss why it is your favorite sandwich.

6. Fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your health. Create a list of fruits and vegetables that you like and dislike. Explain why you like or dislike each item.

7. Tell about your favorite restaurant. What do you normally order and how often do you go?

8. What is your favorite dessert or snack food? How often do you eat it? Why do you enjoy it so much? Describe the taste and texture of the food.

9. If you could only eat one meal or food item for the rest of your life, what would you eat? Why?

10. What food would you like to try for the first time and why?

11. Do you enjoy your parents’ cooking? Which parent is the better cook? What meals do they typically prepare?

12. Are you a picky eater or do you eat anything served to you? Why do you think that you are picky or unfussy about food?

13. What does your family eat on Thanksgiving? Try to describe all the foods served throughout the day, including dessert, drinks, and snacks.

14. Does your family prepare any special meals or snacks for Halloween, Christmas, or any other seasonal holiday celebrated around the world?

15. Do you enjoy going to the supermarket to buy groceries? What do you like or dislike about grocery shopping? What food would you buy if you wrote the shopping list?

16. Most kitchens have a variety of utensils and tools for preparing meals. List as many kitchen items as you can think of and a description of what each item is used for.

17. Do you have any food allergies? If so, what foods do you need to avoid?

18. Imagine that you manage a restaurant. Create a menu for the restaurant. Provide a short description and a price for each item on your menu.

19. Create a meal plan for seven days. Include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Do you think that your meal plan is healthy, unhealthy, or balanced?

20. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Why?

21. Research the cuisine of another culture or region. Write about the types of meals that people typically eat. Include as much detail as possible.

22. Certain foods help you stay energized and focused throughout the day. What foods do you think that you should eat for energy and focus?

23. What foods should you never feed to a cat or dog? Research the topic and write a report.

24. Imagine that you are preparing for a long hike through the woods. The hike will take three days to complete. What food will you bring for the trek? Include enough food for all three days.

25. Are there any foods that you eat when you feel sad? Or happy? Why?

26. Imagine that you need to cook a meal for an ogre. Write a recipe for the meal. Include a list of ingredients and describe the steps involved in preparing it.

27. Write two or three food writing prompts that you think your teacher might like.

Ideas for using these food writing prompts include independent writing practice during writer’s workshop, morning work, as homework, or as early finisher activities.

Additionally, as support, teach students how to respond well to these food writing prompts.

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