7 Great First Week of School Activities for High School Students

If you seek first week of school activities for high school students, you’ve landed in the right place.

As a high school teacher, you want to establish a positive and structured classroom community from day one.

That’s why it’s imperative that the first week back to school is planned well.

Planning enough good activities for the first week of high school can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’re sharing with you some of the best high school first week of school activities that are sure to engage, break the ice, and set a positive vibe in the classroom.

What’s more, incorporating engaging activities such as these during the first day and the first week back helps high schoolers transition into school mode, builds camaraderie among classmates, and instills a sense of belonging in the larger high school community.

Teachers and high schoolers will both benefit from the following activities for the first week of high school.

They pave the way for a productive and exciting school year.

First Week of School Activities for High School

1. Write a Letter to Your Future Self.

For this activity, students will write a letter to their future selves, which they will revisit at the end of the school year.

The letter should be written from the perspective of the first day or the first week of school, capturing their thoughts, goals, and emotions at that time.

They should reflect on what aspirations they have and what objectives they hope to achieve throughout the year.

Once the letters are collected, they will be stored away until the end of the school year, when students can revisit them.

By reading their letters, students will be able to observe how their feelings have evolved or remained constant over time and determine whether they have accomplished the goals they set for themselves.

2. Play a Trivia Game.

Create trivia questions related to the school, its history, teachers, students, and any other cool facts.

Now divide the students into small groups, and have them collaborate to answer the questions.

For more interaction and excitement, play an online Jeopardy version.

This creative approach not only encourages students to learn about their school but also serves as an excellent icebreaker, sparking fun and natural engagement during the first week of school.

This is one of the best activities for the first week of high school because it creates lasting memories.

3. Work On Bell Ringers.

Bell ringers are short activities that high school students complete as soon as they arrive at class.

These brief tasks are designed to help students transition into a learning mode and give teachers time to prepare for the main lesson.

Incorporating bell ringers into the classroom management routine from the first week of school allows students to become familiar with the concept.

By assigning bell ringers early on, students will know what to expect each day when they enter the classroom.

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4. Attend a Pep Rally or Assembly.

Having a pep rally or assembly is a fantastic way to rev up school spirit and bring high school students together.

Pep rallies are instrumental in energizing and exciting students about the upcoming school year, sparking a sense of enthusiasm and motivation.

The event serves to pep up their spirits and ignite their determination to achieve their goals throughout the academic year.

5. Fill Out a Questionnaire.

Getting to know your high school students on a personal level is vital for effective teaching.

Providing a questionnaire during the first week of school is an excellent way to gather valuable information about their interests, aspirations, and goals for the school year.

By understanding students’ personalities, hobbies, academic goals, interests, and aspirations, you will be able to create a more personalized and supportive learning environment.

This knowledge will also enable you to tailor your teaching strategies to better engage and motivate them.

6. Do an Origami Activity.

Engaging high school students in origami and encouraging them to share their creations is a fantastic and enjoyable first-week activity.

Working in pairs, students will collaborate to complete the origami projects.

Afterward, each pair may want to showcase their unique origami figures, compare their designs, and appreciate the creativity of their peers.

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7. Participate In Orientation.

Orientation is a great way for high schoolers to learn about the school’s policies and procedures.

It is also a good time for students to meet their teachers and classmates.

Whether they are new to the school or returning students, an orientation helps create a common understanding and prepares them for the upcoming academic year.

Along with the school-wide orientation, conducting an orientation specifically in your classroom is beneficial for getting students acquainted with your classroom rules, procedures, and expectations.

Final Thoughts

The first week back to school is a make-it or break-it time.

You’ve got to establish the atmosphere you want in the classroom during this time so that students feel welcome, excited, and ready to learn.

These well-crafted activities for the first week of high school serve the purpose well.

By utilizing them, you will set the tone for a great school year.