7 Awesome First-Week-of-School Activities for 4th-Grade

Set students up for success from day one by implementing engaging first-week-of-school activities for 4th grade.

The first week of school holds great importance as it serves to break the ice, alleviate any nervousness, and reduce the anxiety that students may be experiencing.

By implementing first-week-of-school activities for fourth grade, you communicate to your fourth graders that while the classroom is a place for learning, their feelings and comfort are valued as well.

Within this post, you’ll discover some of the best fourth-grade first-week-of-school activities that have proven to effectively engage students and instill excitement for the upcoming school year.

Incorporating these activities into your back-to-school agenda will undoubtedly set a wonderful tone for the start of the school year.

First-Week-of-School Activities for 4th Grade

1. Create a Self-Portrait.

Encourage your fourth-grade students to showcase their creative side by having them draw self-portraits of themselves.

Afterward, have them write one or two paragraphs that describe their creations.

After completing their self-portraits and written descriptions, provide an opportunity for the students to share their drawings with their classmates.

Consider assembling all the self-portraits and descriptions on a dedicated back-to-school bulletin board.

The resulting display will be a vivid portrayal of your fourth-graders’ individuality and collective spirit, creating a lasting reminder of the remarkable potential that lies within your classroom.

2. Do an Arts and Crafts Activity.

A fantastic way to kick off the first week of school with fourth graders is by engaging them in an exciting arts and crafts activity.

Have them try their hand at crafting using basic materials such as paper plates, recycled items, or even crafting their own pet rock.

See art activity ideas for the first week of school.

Origami is another option. Consider having students work in pairs to create a simple origami structure.

3. Complete a Back-to-School Word Search.

A word search proves to be an ideal choice for fourth graders during the first week.

This activity involves providing students with a fun-filled word search puzzle that incorporates relevant terms like school subjects, friendship, goals, and more.

As students locate the hidden words, they not only hone their vocabulary but feel a sense of classroom camaraderie as they discuss their findings and collaborate to solve the puzzle.

Download back-to-school word search.

4. Play Ball Toss.

The Ball Toss activity helps students learn more about each other.

To get started, find a beach ball.

The teacher initiates by tossing the ball to a student. Upon receiving the ball, the student answers a question posed by the teacher.

These icebreaker questions should encourage personal sharing, enabling the class to learn more about each individual.

Now, the student who answered the question becomes the thrower and selects another student to toss the ball to.

As they pass the ball, they pose a question of their own to the chosen student. The receiving student then responds to the question.

This engaging cycle continues, with each student contributing both as a respondent and as a questioner.

5. Brainstorm Classroom Rules.

Engage students in open discussions about the characteristics they envision for a positive, respectful, and productive classroom where everyone is content and engaged in learning.

As they share their ideas, document these collective agreements, crystallizing their contributions into a set of rules that will collectively uphold the desired classroom environment.

Consider displaying these guidelines on an anchor chart which will serve as a visual reminder throughout the school year of their shared goals.

6. Write a Letter to the Teacher.

Have students craft a personal letter addressed to you, their teacher.

They may share their preferences, hobbies, treasured books, summer adventures, familial connections, beloved pets, or aspirations for the academic year ahead.

7. Do the Artifact Bag Activity.

Distribute small brown paper bags to each student, which they then take home to collect three to five artifacts that resonate with their identity.

These artifacts may symbolize their interests, experiences, and/or hobbies.

On a designated day, each child will have the opportunity to share the stories behind their chosen artifacts with the class.

Final Thoughts On 4th-Grade First-Week-of-School Activities

Your students’ school year will be a great one. Ensure that by introducing engaging them with a variety of first-week-of-school activities for fourth grade.

These activities aim to ignite excitement about the upcoming school year while helping students become familiar with the classroom, you as their teacher, and their fellow classmates.

This early engagement establishes a positive mindset for the rest of the year, setting the stage for a successful academic journey for all of your 4th-graders.