18 Great Fifth-Grade Writing Activities

You’ve just found the best fifth-grade writing activities!

Fifth-graders have accumulated a wealth of writing experiences throughout their time in elementary school, establishing a strong foundation in writing.

With this solid literacy base in place, fifth grade offers a unique opportunity to engage them in enriching writing activities that not only build upon their existing knowledge but also encourage them to explore writing at a more profound level.

The 5th-grade writing activities that you find here will guide and inspire fifth graders in their writing journey.

These activities encourage them to venture into new writing territories, experimenting with various styles and approaches.

Using these engaging and fun writing activities, fifth graders will sharpen their writing skills and elevate their analytical abilities.

Fifth-Grade Writing Activities

1. Character Diaries for Historical Figures

Ask students to research historical figures and write diary entries as if they were those figures.

This 5th-grade activity supports historical understanding and the ability to embody different perspectives through writing.

2. Letter-Writing

The art of letter writing comes alive as 5th graders learn to express their thoughts and emotions effectively through personal and persuasive letters.

Whether penning a heartfelt note to a friend, advocating for a cause, or crafting a formal letter, students explore the power of words to connect, influence, and communicate.

3. Math Word Problem Creation

If you want to integrate math into your 5th-grade writing activities, try this writing exercise.

Fifth graders will use their imagination to draft math problems that involve real-life scenarios.

They must be able to articulate problems clearly, provide relevant information, and challenge their peers to solve these brain-teasing puzzles.

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4. Advertisement

Ask your fifth-graders to create persuasive advertisements for fictional products or events.

This activity allows students to experiment with language, imagery, and persuasion techniques, enabling them to understand how words may be used effectively to influence consumer choices.

5. How-To Manual

Teaching the art of instructional writing, this activity empowers 5th graders to compose step-by-step guides on various tasks or activities.

From crafting origami animals to making a simple recipe, students learn to break down complex processes into clear instructions, making it easier for readers to understand how to complete a particular task.

6. Book Recommendation

Encouraging reading engagement, 5th graders become literary critics as they write persuasive book recommendations.

By summarizing plots, discussing themes, and sharing personal insights, students practice the art of convincing others to read the books they enjoy.

7. Quotation Response

Promoting reflection and critical thinking, this activity prompts 5th graders to respond to thought-provoking quotes with written explanations of their interpretation.

Through these responses, students sharpen their ability to connect abstract concepts to real-life situations, while strengthening their writing skills by articulating their viewpoints clearly.

8. Movie Poster

Fifth graders will create enticing movie posters accompanied by captivating taglines and summaries.

Guide students in completing this project using this movie poster example with a rubric.

9. Typing Challenge

Have some fun by hosting a typing challenge.

Through timed exercises or creative writing tasks, students will increase their typing speed and accuracy, simultaneously reinforcing their writing skills.

10. Newspaper Editorial

Invite students to write editorials about current events, issues, or topics they’re passionate about.

This activity encourages them to express their opinions persuasively, while also improving their research skills, critical thinking, and argumentative skills.

11. Alternate Endings for Historical Events

Have students choose a significant historical event and create alternative endings for it.

If time permits, have students share their endings with the class.

12. Literary Analysis Book Clubs

Organize small groups where your fifth-grade students read and analyze the same book.

They will discuss themes, character development, and plot intricacies, culminating in individual essays that demonstrate their ability to analyze literature in-depth.

This is a great activity for your more advanced learners.

13. Digital Storytelling

Introduce technology by having students create digital stories using multimedia elements like images, audio, and video.

This activity combines writing with technology skills, allowing students to explore narrative techniques in a digital format.

14. Research Reports with Visual Aids

Assign a research topic and guide students in creating comprehensive research reports enriched with visual aids like charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Students will learn how to present complex information in an effective way.

15. Debates and Persuasive Speeches

Divide the class into groups and assign debate topics.

Students will research and prepare arguments, then engage in friendly debates or deliver persuasive speeches.

16. Poetry Anthologies

Writing activities for fifth grade students should ideally include some poetry tasks.

Explore various forms of poetry by having your students create their own poetry anthologies.

Have them write original poems and select famous poems, showcasing their understanding of poetic genres, styles, and themes.

17. Interview-Based Profiles

Encourage students to conduct interviews with family members, teachers, or community members.

They will then write profiles or biographies based on these interviews, refining their interview techniques and transforming personal stories into interesting narratives.

18. ABC Booklet

Students choose a thematic topic (ideally related to a current theme of study) and then write words representing each letter of the alphabet.

These words, selected for their uniqueness and relevance, are then paired with well-crafted descriptions and illustrations, creating a personalized alphabet booklet.

Through this process, fifth graders expand their vocabulary while exercising their research skills.

Final Thoughts On Writing Activities for Fifth Graders

These 5th-grade writing activities offer opportunities for your students to explore new writing genres, express themselves in creative ways, and of course improve their writing skills.

Using these activities, you’ll ensure a well-rounded writing experience for your students.