6 Popular Fiction Text Features Students Should Know

Looking for a list of fiction text features? If so, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Generally, fiction books don’t contain as many text features as non-fiction books.

However, the ones they do have are essential for students to understand so that they comprehend the fiction text fully. 

Following are the top 6 fiction text features that readers will encounter as they explore fiction books.

But first, let’s explore a few facts about text features fiction style.

Are Text Features in Fiction Books?

Text features are usually mentioned within the context of nonfiction books, but fiction books have text features, too. 

When teaching students about text features, it’s important to teach them both nonfiction and fiction text features.

What Are Fiction Text Features?

Though fiction books may sometimes include text features most commonly found in nonfiction books, the main fiction text features are chapter headings, illustrations, quotation marks, table of contents, title, and title page. 

Fiction Text Features List

Following you will find fiction text features examples.

Chapter Headings

In fiction books, chapter headings represent the title of the chapter. The title serves as a clue to the main idea of the chapter. 

fiction text features


Pictures in a fiction text are often drawings or illustrations. They help the reader visualize the scenes that are occurring within the pages of the book. 

fiction text features

Quotation Marks

Quotation marks emphasize the exact words of a character in a book. The reader must note that when a new speaker talks, a new paragraph begins.

fiction text features

Table of Contents

Located at the beginning of a book, the table of contents outlines each section of a book.

It provides the title plus the page number on which the chapter or section can be found. 

fiction text features


The title is the main idea of the entire story or text selection. It is located at the beginning of the fiction book, on the cover or title page.

fiction text features

Title Page

The title page shows a book’s title, author, illustrator, and publisher. It may include an image that represents the main idea of the fiction book.

fiction text features

Final Thoughts: Fiction Text Features

Now you know the main text features of fiction books.

Next time students read, encourage them to point each out and explain how it helps them comprehend the book better. 

See these free online books for kids where teachers and students can explore text features of fiction books together.

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