37 Awesome February Writing Prompts for Students

Recognize the special occasions, people, events, ideas, traditions, and holidays connected with the second month of the year using these fun and free February writing prompts.

Not only do these February journal prompts for kids reduce writer’s block, but they also instill a love for writing, encourage creativity, sharpen writing skills, and help students express their thoughts.

That’s why these February writing prompts fit well as part of your collection of writing activities.

So whether you’re seeking Valentine’s Day and February writing assignments or other February-themed literacy activities, this wonderful list of February writing prompts is sure to serve that purpose.

February Writing Prompts

1. Design a bumper sticker that celebrates the month of February.

2. Compare and contrast two holidays that occur in February.

3. Explain how to care for a class pet.

4. Draft a letter convincing your teacher to let students chew gum in class.

5. Write a letter persuading your parents to let you have ice cream for breakfast.

6. Share a time when you tried new food and were pleasantly surprised.

7. Draft a letter to a pen pal describing traditions in your country. Then ask about his/hers.

8. Create a story about a child who wins a kite-flying contest.

9. Compose a series of math word problems about pizza.

10. Write about life on a rainy day from the perspective of an umbrella.

11. What makes a good friend?

12. Describe the significant accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln.

13. If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?

14. Write a funny story about a cupid whose arrow breaks.

15. Explain the Superbowl to someone not familiar with the sporting event.

16. What new invention would you like to create and why?

17. Why do people say that kindness is contagious?

18. Create an acrostic poem using the word February.

19. Tell some ways that make February a unique month.

20. Write a short biography about a president (past or present) from your country.

21. Summarize the history and traditions of Mardi Gras.

22. Compare and contrast humbleness and pride.

23. Explain the concept of Leap Year.

24. Share an experience of attending a parade.

25. If an indoor plant could talk, what types of things would it say?

26. Rewrite the ending of your favorite fairy tale.

27. Write a story about a polar bear that lives in the Arctic.

28. Tell an experience of losing a tooth.

29. Persuade your principal to give students an additional week off for Winter Break.

30. Describe how your city looks during the month of February.

31. Write a letter to your best friend, telling how much you appreciate his/her friendship.

32. Summarize the benefits of responding to February writing prompts.

33. Pretend that your friend doesn’t know what to write about for Black History Month. Provide some ideas, and give examples of how you would elaborate on each.

34. Write a short biography about an African American from the past who does not receive enough recognition.

35. What are the best things about the month of February?

36. Describe your favorite Winter Olympics game.

37. Write a short story about a groundhog that never sees its shadow.

February Writing Prompts Calendar 2024

To access these prompts in PDF form, download the February writing prompts calendar.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a treasure-trove of delightful February writing prompts to use during writer’s workshop, as independent assignments, as bell work, or as homework.

Writing time just became a bit more exciting!

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