51 Great Explanatory Writing Prompts

Motivate students to express how well they understand an idea or concept using these high-interest explanatory writing prompts.

These prompts help children express their thoughts with greater clarity plus build stronger writing skills, which is useful for any school subject.

Using these prompts, learners will practice clearly explaining a topic. They may even need to do research and organize their thoughts.

Following is a collection of explanatory writing prompts that students may use to sharpen their writing skills.

Explanatory Writing Prompts

1. Write the characteristics of the four seasons.

2. What are the main tourist attractions in your town?

3. Share the traditions of your culture.

4. Why is it important to eat healthy foods?

5. Explain the water cycle.

6. What are some exciting things that you learned this school year?

7. Tell the best ways to prepare for their first day at school.

8. How does technology make our lives easier?

9. Explain how Martin Luther King, Jr. impacted the world?

10. What causes someone to catch a cold?

11. Describe a jungle.

12. Explain the purpose of your teacher asking you to respond to explanatory writing prompts.

13. Write about an endangered species. Provide facts about the animal, such as its habitat and appearance.

14. What causes a tornado?

15. Explain safety measures people should take when riding a scooter.

16. Summarize the last book you read.

17. Describe your role model.

18. How would you spend the money if you won the lottery?

19. Explain how to care for a pet.

20. Tell about the most challenging task you accomplished this past week.

explanatory writing prompts
explanatory writing prompts

21. What qualities do you look for in a new friend?

22. Share the benefits of being invisible.

23. If you were president, what issues would you address and why?

24. Explain your favorite hobby.

25. Describe the ideal reading spot.

26. If you were to start a business, what would it be and why?

27. Explain why your classmates should read a book that you recommend.

28. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of living in an urban, suburban, or rural area.

29. Describe a historical event that changed the world forever.

30. Share the benefits of mastering a second language.

31. Summarize study skills that students need in order to be successful academically.

32. Tell the benefits of travel.

33. Describe a desert.

34. Compare and contrast the Internet and a newspaper. 

35. Describe the life cycle of a frog.

36. Explain how to subtract multiple-digit numbers.

37. Tell why going to college is important. 

38. Write a short biography about a famous person from history.

39. How can someone stay fit?

40. Tell the duties of the Executive Branch of the United States government.

41. Describe healthy menu options.

42. What is the biggest threat the world faces and why?

43. Explain what makes your favorite sports team so great.

44. Describe the duties of your classroom helper job.

45. Tell what it means to be a good citizen.

46. Explain Field Day.

47. What are the differences between nonfiction and fiction books?

48. How can people protect the oceans from being contaminated?

49. Share facts about your school.

50. Explain how to get ready for school.

51. Explain why the leaves change colors in autumn.

Final Thoughts: Explanatory Writing Prompts

Now you have an assortment of explanatory writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

For support, teach students how to respond well to these prompts.

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